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63 gifts for the remote worker that'll improve their WFH setup

...or just get crumbs out of their keyboard.
Vivian Le / Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

Let’s be honest. The opportunity to work from home has many perks. From a super short commute to getting some extra zzz's, being able to work from home can potentially change your quality of life. That being said, working from home can also come with its own set of issues, too (think children screaming in the background of your Zoom meetings or the isolation that comes with working alone).

Below, we’ve rounded up 63 of the best sanity-saving gifts for people who work from home so you can easily get work done wherever you land (your desk, the couch, your bed...we’re not judging).

Best work from home gifts

Cleaning Gel Putty Kit

While this may look like the slime that young children love make a mess with, it does the opposite! Collect dust and debris that may have fallen into the small spaces between your keyboard keys with this gel putty. It's "easy to use," say many reviewers, who also love this product because there's "no leftover residue" when you're done with it.

Odistar Desktop Vacuum

This desktop accessory is well-loved thanks to TikTok, where clips of desktop vacuums have garnered more than 2 billion views. Reviewers love this cordless portable vacuum due to its convenience and the fact that it's the ideal tool for "quick clean-ups."

360 iPad Air Magnetic Tablet Holder

This magnetic iPad holder is able to bear 10 pounds of weight, meaning your tech won't take a tumble while you work away. It also rotates so you can use your device either horizontally and vertically. The construction is very good, according to one reviewer; another added that it "works like a charm."

Canopy x Laneige Bedtime Besties Aroma Kit + Water Sleeping Mask

If they own a Canopy humidifier or aroma diffuser, this four-piece set will punch up their relaxing routine. It includes three aromas to help them unwind (including Peppermint Twist, Lavender Dream and Spa Water), and also comes with a mini water sleeping mask to apply before bed.

Gatsby Chocolate Sea Salt Extra Dark (Pack of 6)

For the chocolate fiend out there, this six-pack of delicious, extra-dark chocolate will certainly satiate a sweet tooth. Not only do we love the taste, but the packaging and design of each chocolate square is ideal for gift-giving.

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Working from home means you don’t have to bring lunch to the office (or buy a pricey salad at the deli around the corner, either). This is a lovely gift for the remote worker who loves to cook a big pot of soup or stew to use as lunch throughout the week.

Jostyle Room Divider with Natural Bamboo

You’d be surprised by how much a simple room divider can benefit a workspace. On of our writers uses one and found that it’s a great way to block out distractions from partners who work in close proximity.

Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit

One of the hardest things about working from home is actually keeping your desk (and the surrounding area) clean. This is a great starter kit to help get your space spick-and-span so you can focus on the most important thing — work.

Shark HP201 Air Purifier MAX with True HEPA

Clean air is all the rage these days, and for good reason — our air is getting more polluted every day. This heavy-duty air purifier can be placed in any room of the house and clean up to 1,000 square feet without making a peep.

Oura Ring Gen3

Not only does the Oura Ring track your sleep, exercise and heart rate, but it also knows if you’ve been sitting down too long. Which, as we know, can be a big problem when working from home. The Oura Ring will send you reminders to get up and stretch your legs every so often, so that you can reach your movement goals by the end of the day.

Personalization Mall Namely Yours Personalized Pen Set

Small things make all the difference in a work from home setup. A personalized pen will leave them excited to write their next to-do list or thank you note.

Inchor Cord Organizer

For the person who can't work in a cluttered space, this cord organizer is a no-brainer. It will keep the various cords and cables they need to make it through the work day neatly organized and easily accessible at all times.

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing desk workers will love an anti-fatigue mat that will help they stay just as comfy on their feet as they would be in their chairs. This particular mat from Sky Solutions comes in over a dozen styles and four different sizes.

MindPanda Therapy Stress Balls

When things start to get challenging at work, they'll be grateful to have these stress balls on hand. The set comes with three balls, each with it's own theme, self-reflection questions, aromatherapy scent and resistance level.

Uncommon Goods Work From Home Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for the person starting a new work from home job because it has a few essentials they'll definitely appreciate as they get adjusted. It comes with three pieces: a mug covered in spreadsheet shortcuts, a deck of cards to provide things like encouraging career advice and a mute button so they can be absolutely certain whether their microphone is on or off during virtual meetings.

Gaiam Finger Massager

Long days spent typing away at the computer is bound to leave hands feeling tense. Everyone doesn't always have time or money to get regular massages, particularly hand massages, and this dual-sided roller massager makes it easy for them to de-stress and find a little bit of relief right at home at the end of the day (or in between especially long emails).

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

Remember those kiddos we mentioned earlier? As much as you love them, it’s okay to invest in a great set of noise-canceling headphones to block out the noise. This pick from Bose will definitely do the trick.

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

Everyone wants to look their best on a Zoom meeting — this video conference lighting kit from Lume Cube features adjustable brightness and color and includes a computer mount for hassle-free use.

Bloomscape ZZ Plant

If you haven’t been outside for days, fret not — adding plants to your home office or work area can instantly calm anxiety and bring the outdoors in.

Skechers BOBS Too Cozy Slipper

You really can’t be that stressed when you slip your feet into these super comfy slippers. Plus, who could be anxious after looking down at your feet and seeing the cute kitty face?

Marpac Yogasleep Dohm

If you need some serious noise-canceling, look no further than the Marpac Dohm. This product is the best for drowning out noise when you need it and is super soothing when you're trying to fall asleep, too.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Is there anything that keeps you saner than a morning cup of joe? We think not. This fun coffee subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who can’t live without their caffeine.

Blu Monaco Workspace Gold Desk Organizers

There’s nothing more stressful than a messy workstation. Get things back on track with this desk organizer, which comes in five colors and will save a lot of space on your desk.

Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock

Make things easy for yourself with an all-in-one charging station for your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. This pick from Logitech is a smart investment and will look super chic on a desk or bedside table.

Headspace Subscription

If you haven’t already heard about the incredible benefits of meditation, it’s about time you look into it more. A Headspace subscription is a perfect gift for anyone who is in serious need of more Zen in their life.

Skylar Candle Gift Set

Lighting a candle is always a great way to unwind. This gift set from Skylar allows you to gift the calming experience of basking in notes of rich vanilla and cappuccino.

Smeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle

You can’t indulge in a great coffee or tea without hot water — we love this fun '50s-inspired electric kettle from Smeg. It will look great on anyone’s kitchen counter.

Flexispot EC1 Electric Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage these days, and for good reason — they’re good for your back, as well as your overall health, too. This pick from Flexispot is a huge winner on Amazon with almost 8,000 five-star ratings.

Theralite Aura Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy is a great way to boost your mood during the darker, winter months. This is a great gift for anyone who needs some extra happiness in their morning routine.

Apothekary License To Chill Set

We love a good natural calming remedy — this trio from Apothekary features three powder blends (including Do Not Disturb, Chill the F* Out and Ashwagandha) to help you get super Zen during stressful times in your home office.

Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner

Make life easier with this scanner — it’s super sleek, takes up little to no room and will make working from home a breeze.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Got a friend or family member who is always heating up their coffee in the microwave multiple times a day? This pick from Ember will keep liquids hot for up to 80 minutes, so you can drink your morning coffee without another reheating trip to the kitchen.

Personalized Wood Desk Nameplate

Help others make their workspace official with this custom inscribed desk nameplate. Made of solid walnut wood, it can be laser engraved with your name, title or even an inspirational phrase to keep you going.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

If your home office is located in an area where the Wi-Fi is seriously lacking, this router will bring your desktop or laptop up to speed. Along with blanketing your entire interior with fast, reliable Wi-Fi up to 2,200 square feet, it also keeps your network secure with Protected Access and automatic security updates.

The Sill Button Fern

Add warmth to their workspace with a low-maintenance indoor potted plant. It doesn’t take up a ton of space, it can power through when they forget to water it and it's pet safe.

Computer Mouse Wiggler

This priceless device keeps their computer from timing out when they get up to go to the bathroom or when they just want to appear like they’re working really hard. Powered by any USB source, it will jiggle their mouse every four minutes (or at whatever interval they set) so their computer remains awake.

Oxo Laptop & Screen Cleaner

This handy little tool is a must-have for when electronics get gritty. Its soft brush cleans hard-to-reach spaces on keyboards and its microfiber pad gets rid of smudges on laptop, smartphone and tablet screens.

Qiaya Light Ring

Help them show off their best selves on video calls with this clip-on light. It has three feature-enhancing brightness settings to get rid of shadows that can make them appear sleep-deprived. Plus, it's rechargeable and comes with a USB cord.

AboveTEK Laptop Desk

Whether their workspace involves a table, couch or bed, this lightweight, adjustable model will raise their laptop to whatever height is most comfortable. Bonus: It can be stored completely flat when not in use.

Apple Pencil

For those who mark up lots of documents, take tons of notes or work in a creative field, this will be a welcome addition to their work toolbox.

IMAK Ergobeads Mouse Cushion

Think of it as a cushiony wrist pillow that will keep their hand in a healthy ergonomic position. Reviewers love that it’s got a non-skid base and is washable.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig's single-serve coffee maker gets the job done when you're in a time crunch and need a jolt of joe. With a sleek design, it also works as a chic piece of decor for your work space.

Brita Filtering Water Bottle

Even if they can’t congregate around a water cooler, they shouldn’t be deprived of fresh-tasting water. This 26-ounce, BPA-free bottle comes in five colors and is environmentally friendly: It can replace more than 1,500 single-use plastic water bottles per year.

Nekteck Electric Massage Pillow

This massager combats long hours hunched in front of a screen by easing muscle soreness in the upper back, shoulders and neck. It’s got a heating function, eight kneading nodes and three strengths so they can customize pressure.

Nina Ottosson Tornado Dog Puzzle

Those who have a WFH canine housemate know pets can be seriously distracting. This doggie diverter has four layers of rotating discs and compartments for hiding treats — so pets stay occupied and you can knock things off your to-do list.

Altavida Faux Mink Weighted Blanket

Imagine a next-level warm hug that also decreases stress. This weighted blanket will help keep users warm and calm, even when on a contentious call with a high-maintenance client.

Everlasting Comfort Foot Rest Pillow

Its memory foam core, washable cover and non-slip base all work together to promote good posture and maintain healthy circulation. Plus, no one will know it’s stashed under their desk during Zoom calls.

Urthbox Monthly Snack Subscription

When working at home, all those refrigerator drive-bys can lead to excessive snacking on empty calories. But this company will send them organic, all natural, non-GMO snacks to stock their pantry for a healthy afternoon pick-me-up.

Lomitech Electric Foot Warmer

When their commute involves 30 steps from the kitchen to their desk, why should they bother putting on shoes? That’s where this little number comes in: It heats up in just minutes and keeps feet warm for as long as you need it.

Best work from home gifts for her

Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

A mouse pad with a cool design just makes work that much more fun. This pick comes in 29 patterns and colors and has added wrist support for long nights doing work.

Imbōdhi Bōdhi Jumper

For the stay-at-home worker who also cares about the environment, this jumper from IMBODHI is a great gift. Made with sustainably sourced beechwood-based fabric from Lenzing, this do-everything-in-it jumper can be dressed up or dressed down. Plus, we love that it comes in eight sizes and 11 colors, too.

Papier Scallop Spine List Notepads

You know what will really ease stress when working from home? Writing down every single thing you need to get done. Use these fun notepads to help get your thoughts organized.

Rifle Paper Company Weekly Desk Pad

Give them a sweet desk planner that’ll make big projects and key meetings a priority.

Rifle Paper Co. 2023 17-Month Large Planner

A pretty paper planner is not only a great gift but a great way to keep you organized and stress-free.

Bellabeat Ivy

Track your activity, sleep, hydration, menstrual cycle and so much more with the Bellabeat Ivy tracker. Not only does it include a ton of features but it also looks incredibly chic (like a piece of jewelry) on your wrist, too.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks

On those stressful weekdays when you really haven’t gotten any sleep, reach for these luxe eye masks. They will instantly help depuff, calm and soothe your under-eye area for a wide-awake, rested look.

Birdies The Phoebe Slipper

Business meets casual with these slippers that will remind her of the flats she wears at the office. But instead, these "flats" are outfitted with a faux fur sole and can be monogrammed with an initial, making it a more personal and cozy gift. Reviewers love these slippers because they're equal parts "comfortable" and "stylish."

Best work from home gifts for him

Instant Pot Instant 4-in-1 Milk Frother + Steamer

Gone are the mornings of sad coffee. With this impressive 4-in-1 machine, they can whip up all the foam they want and turn otherwise boring brews into delightful lattes.

Desktop Billiards Table

For when they are hitting a wall or need a little break, this mini pool table will work to cure writer's block — or solve the dilemma of what to do with their hands during a meeting.

Chalait Matcha Green Tea Powder

If he's no longer riding the coffee train, gift him with this matcha green tea powder to replace his afternoon cup. It's also a Shop TODAY editor favorite.

Vuori Performance Joggers

There are really no other joggers as comfortable as these. Don’t be surprised if you have to look down at your legs to make sure you’re actually wearing something — that’s how comfortable and light they feel on the skin.

YETI Rambler Colster Drink Insulator

It’ll keep seltzers and soda cool without leaving water rings on their work documents. Plus, it comes in over 10 happy colors.