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50 Presidents Day trivia questions and answers

Brush up on your presidential knowledge with these fascinating facts.

As legend has it, a young George Washington once received an ax as a gift and proceeded to use it to chop down his father's cherry tree. When his dad happened upon the damaged sapling, the young lad confessed saying, "I cannot tell a lie ... I did cut it with my hatchet."

It's an enduring tale, but one that's never actually been verified. Yet, it remains one of the most common bits of trivia associated with America's original Founding Father.

In honor of Washington's birthday, which falls on Feb. 22, we've gathered a host of other fascinating Presidents Day trivia facts to give your executive knowledge a run for its money.

Read over these questions and answers to find out how much you really know about the leaders who've served in the highest office, along with fun facts on the White House, famous First Ladies and plenty of other U.S. history.

For example: Do you know how many rooms are in the White House, or which president only had an initial for a middle name?

How about this: Which president was involved in the "Teapot Dome," one of the most scandalous political affairs outside of Watergate?

To find out the answers to those and other facts, read on, and if by chance you know them all, then congratulations, you've won our vote for Presidents Day trivia champ.

  • Which Founding Father and future U.S. president wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence? Answer: Thomas Jefferson
  • According to George H.W. Bush, the ghost of which U.S. president was rumored to haunt the White House? Answer: Abraham Lincoln
  • Which Washington D.C. museum is home to the United States Constitution? Answer: The National Archives Museum
  • Which U.S. president taught law at the University of Arkansas? Answer: Bill Clinton
  • "Lady Bird" was the nickname for the wife of which president? Answer: Lyndon B. Johnson
  • In 1814, what executive structure was burned to the ground by British troops? Answer: The White House
  • Which two U.S. presidents have only an initial for a middle name? Answer: Harry S. Truman and Ulysses S. Grant
  • Martha Dandridge Custis is the wife of which president? Answer: George Washington
  • Which president's administration became known as "Camelot?" Answer: John F. Kennedy
  • What kind of crop did President Jimmy Carter and his family farm in Georgia? Answer: Peanuts
  • Which U.S. president went by the nickname "Dutch?" Answer: Ronald Reagan
  • Actor Paul Giamatti portrayed which U.S. president in the the 2008 eponymous Emmy-winning mini series? Answer: John Adams
  • Which U.S. president's favorite refrain was "Speak softly and carry a big stick?" Answer: Theodore Roosevelt
  • Other than Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, which sitting presidents died while in office? Answer: William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Warren G. Harding and Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Elected in 1923, who is the 30th president of the United States? Answer: Calvin Coolidge
  • A native of Hawaii, which city and island was Barack Obama born? Answer: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • After completing his time in office, which U.S. president picked up painting portraits of world leaders and heroes as a hobby? Answer: George W. Bush
  • Which president was a commanding general during World War II? Answer: Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Known as one of the most scandalous events in American politics, the "Teapot Dome" involved the bribery of which presidential administration? Answer: Warren G. Harding
  • With a difference of only 113,000 votes, between which two candidates is the closest presidential election in history? Answer: Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy
  • Which president was in office during the 1929 stock market crash, otherwise known as "Black Thursday?" Answer: Herbert Hoover
  • Actors Annette Bening and Michael Douglas star in what 2000 movie about a U.S. president who falls in love with a lobbyist? Answer: "The American President"
  • How many rooms are in the White House? Answer: 132
  • Which president officially gave the White House its name? Answer: Theodore Roosevelt
  • What is the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt's series of programs and projects instituted during the Great Depression? Answer: The New Deal
  • "Tabby" and "Dixie" are said to be the first cats to live at the White House. To which president did they belong: Answer: Abraham Lincoln
  • Who is the only U.S. president to have ever resigned from office? Answer: Richard Nixon
  • Who is the only single U.S. president to get married while in the White House? Answer: Grover Cleveland
  • Which two former presidents died hours apart on July 4, 1826? Answer: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
  • After being widowed, which president married his first wife's niece? Answer: Benjamin Harrison
  • An avid fan of bowling, which U.S. president had a one-lane bowling alley built in the White House? Answer: Richard Nixon
  • What is First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy's, maiden name? Answer: Bouvier
  • Who served as vice president during George H. W. Bush's presidency? Answer: Dan Quayle
  • Who is the first woman in history to run for U.S. president? Answer: Victoria Woodhull
  • What is the primary color of the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House? Answer: Yellow
  • The faces of presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt are carved into what massive South Dakota monument? Answer: Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • What's the maximum number of years a U.S. president can serve in office? Answer: 10
  • Which Washington D.C. monument suffered cracks and damage after a 2011 earthquake? Answer: The Washington Monument
  • Who is the only president to serve longer than two four-year terms? Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • After suffering a stroke in office, this president's wife, Edith Bolling Galt, essentially ran the executive branch of the government until the end of his term. Answer: Woodrow Wilson
  • After struggling with drug and alcohol dependency, which First Lady helped establish an addiction treatment center? Answer: Betty Ford.
  • Which iconic U.S. president was a licensed bartender and co-owned a bar/liquor store? Answer: Abraham Lincoln
  • Along with Alexander Hamilton, this president is considered the "Father of the Constitution." Answer: James Madison
  • What is Ulysses S. Grant's given first name? Answer: Hiram
  • Who is the only U.S. president to be elected from Pennsylvania? Answer: James Buchanan
  • Part of his lasting legacy, what is the name of the foreign policy James Monroe implemented to establish dominance in the Western Hemisphere? Answer: The Monroe Doctrine
  • Who is the only president to have served as both President of the United States and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Answer: William H. Taft
  • A member of the Whig party, which U.S. president was the last non-democrat or republican elected to office? Answer: Millard Fillmore.
  • This U.S. president is the first and only independent candidate ever elected to office? Answer: George Washington
  • Which president was nicknamed the "Little Magician?" Answer: Martin Van Buren