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49 useful gifts for boyfriends he'll love (almost) as much as he loves you

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your boo? We’ve got you covered!
Woman passing a gift to a man in a living room
Kara Birnbaum/ TODAY

We know finding the perfect present for that special person in your life is a top priority, so we found some of the most thoughtful, cute and romantic gifts that your boyfriend will love.

Our list is full of goodies for the man you know and love. We’ve scoured the internet to find fail-proof gifts for boyfriends, from self-care essentials and kitchen gadgets to luxurious wardrobe essentials.

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Best fashion gifts for boyfriends

"Complex Presents Sneaker of the Year: The Best Since '85"

Sneakerheads will also appreciate exploring this page-turner coffee table book from Complex. The vibey publication explores sneaker culture from its inception (the release of Nike's first Air Jordans) to its relationship with today's hip-hop scene.

Carhartt Watch Hat

Carhartt’s watch hat is the headgear you see on everyone from hardcore hikers and fishermen to hipsters and A-listers. Its ubiquity comes from its cool minimalist style, low-maintenance acrylic that keeps your head impressively warm. Plus, it clocks in at an affordable price tag. The Watch Hat comes in nearly 20 solid shades, from pitch black to neon green.

Adventurist Classic Backpack

This gift will keep on giving — literally. Not only are these backpacks made with extra padding to protect all your boyfriend's belongings, but the brand will donate 25 meals to families in need for each backpack purchased. If you're not convinced, the brand offers free shipping for the backpack that has seven color options.

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

They'll toss all their old sweats aside after upgrading to this oh-so-soft pair from Vuori.

Timex Standard Chronograph Watch

Some may wonder what features a chronograph watch has — fortunately, we're here to tell you! Combining stopwatch and display watch capabilities, a chronograph watch opens the door to a stylish yet functional time-telling world.

UGG Ascot Leather Slipper

If your S.O. doesn’t already have a pair of go-to slippers for puttering around the house, introduce him to the glory that is Ugg’s fuzzy leather slipper with an outdoor-ready sole.

Nike Air Force 1 Low By You

If you want to take his style into your own hands, design him a pair of Nike Air Force 1s. From the color of the iconic swoosh to the laces, as well as the tongue of the shoe, this gift will be extra special because it was customized by someone he loves.

J. Crew Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Made from 100 percent cashmere, this collared sweater is soft, warm, lightweight and stylish, according to the brand. Your boyfriend will field all the compliments until you steal it for yourself.

Glerups Boot with Natural Rubber Sole

If you want to gift him a pair of shoes he'll wear 24/7, look no further than these boots. While mostly an indoor shoe, the rubber sole makes it suitable to wear outside for daily tasks like checking the mail or taking out the garbage. One Shop TODAY editor who bought this for their boyfriend said he never takes them off and sometimes even wears them in bed (though for cleanliness sake, maybe don't do that).

Best food gifts for boyfriends

Jacobsen Black Garlic Salt

For the most discerning of sodium fiends, there’s this intensely delicious condiment — a blend of flaky sea salt (hand-plucked from Oregon shores, of course) and super-tasty fermented black garlic.

Fly by Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

If your BF falls into the puts-spice-on-everything camp, then it is a statistical certainty he’ll flip over this crispy chili sauce. Fly by Jing’s vibrant Sichuan chili crisp is totally natural and made in Chengdu with heritage chilis, qingxi gong jiao (aka the province’s famous tribute pepper), and local Sichuan oil. What’s not in the jar is almost as notable: no chemicals, no gluten, no sugars and no GMOs.

WarShots Drinking Game

Looking for a fun gift? This WarShots Drinking Game brings an adult twist to the classic board game Battleship. Simply fill the provided cups with your desired drink and head to battle!

"F*ck, That's Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well," by Action Bronson

Your boyfriend's probably already a fan of the Queens-based rapper's albums, mixtapes and various Viceland shows. Now he can sink his teeth into Bronson's "devotional" of his favorite meals and moments throughout his travels around the five boroughs and beyond.

Brandless Butter Boards

Diehard foodies know the presentation is just as important as the meal itself. With this set, he can bring his TikTok butter board dreams to life at a cost that won't break the bank for you. It comes with ten pieces including a cheese knife set, julienne peeler and cheese grater.

Lodge Chef Collection Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Anyone who has a cast iron skillet can't get enough of talking about it, let alone using it. Convert your chef-aspiring boyfriend with this heavyweight pre-seasoned pan from Lodge.

Chalait Matcha Green Tea Powder

If he's trying to cut down on caffeine, gift him with this matcha green tea powder which will replace his usual afternoon coffee pick-me-up. "He really loves their ceremonial grade tins and stocks up on them whenever he can, but I like to save him the effort sometimes and send him surprise deliveries when he starts to run low," said one Shop TODAY editor about gifting this to her beau.

Red Clay Hot Sauce

There’s really no going wrong with a three-pack of damn good hot sauce. Red Clay’s cold-pressed, fermented hot sauces (original and verde) and spicy honey are made in Charleston using ingredients sourced from Southern farms.

Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit

Whether you're based in New York City or in the middle of nowhere, this breakfast kit will give your boyfriend all the tips and tools he needs to make bagels that are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. With cheese cloth, malt syrup, baking yeast and more included, the kit has enough materials for your loved one to craft a dozen bagels and over a pound of cream cheese.

Cocktail Shaker Set

From the master mixologist to the aspiring bartender, this cocktail shaker set comes with 11 pieces for all of your boyfriend's cocktail-making needs. The set is available in black, copper and silver, so you can match it to his kitchen's aesthetic.

Brooklyn Brew Shop IPA Kit

Is your man curious about home-brewing? This IPA-making kit is perfect for first-timers, with just about everything you need to make a one-gallon batch of brew at home — including a glass fermenter, thermometer, and a mix of grains, hops, and yeast. If there’s anything more satisfying than an end-of-the-day beer, it’s an end-of-the-day beer you brewed yourself. Grab it while it's still at its lowest price this season! Box of Winter Wonderland

He'll love this box filled with sweet and savory treats, wrapped in a wintery nut-themed decor. Snacks include peppermint malt balls, dried apricot, dark chocolate-covered espresso beans and roasted and salted almonds.

Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Mini Air Fryer

If he hasn't hopped on the air fryer trend already, it's about time for your boyfriend to step into the magical air frying world. This mini air fryer comes in four stylish colors and has four functionalities: air fry, bake, roast and reheat.

Olympia Provisions Game Day Grilling Pack

Bring tailgate season back to life in the backyard with more than two pounds of delectable sausage and charcuterie from a Portland, OR-based company called Olympia Provisions. Bless his grill (and your dinner plans) with 100 percent pork bratwurst, foot-long frankfurters, applewood-smoked kielbasa, garlic- and chili-spiked soppressata and spicy chorizo Navarre.

Global Classic Chef’s Knife

With high praise from professional chefs, bestselling cookbook authors, and other food-industry pros, Global’s G-2 is basically the best all-around knife out there. Made in Japan from rust-resistant stainless steel, the G-2 has a razor-sharp 8-inch blade that can handle everything from delicately slicing tomatoes to quartering a whole chicken.

Cuisinart Portable Grill

Level up your day adventure game with what very well may be the neatest little travel grill in existence. Cuisinart’s red gas grill is compact and easy to tote around for picnics, camping trips, and day hikes. The design features a porcelain grate for grilling, plus foldable legs and a handle to make it more portable.

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place's Always Pan is truly a gift for everyone. The pan's ceramic coating allows for easy cleanup, and its handle acts as a perfect resting spot for your messy spoons and spatulas. With two easy pouring spouts on two sides of the pan, your kitchen has no excuse to be messy.

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If your guy is on the nitro cold-brew bandwagon, then this gizmo is made for him. This brewer/keg demystifies the whole nitro coffee thing (and cuts nitro-coffee costs way, way down).

Katz's Delicatessen Pastrami Tour

For the boyfriend who wants to "have what she's having" or simply can't pass up a sandwich every time he passes a deli, gift him with this pastrami tour from Katz's Delicatessen. With sliced, whole and pastrami hash, he'll have enough pastrami to make over eight sandwiches. "I got this care package for him one Christmas and he almost cried," said one Shop TODAY editor.

Best unique gifts for boyfriends

Indoor Golf Vent Cover

When snow and ice on the ground prevent him from making a much-needed tee time, gift him with this vent cover that also doubles as a putting hole. Simply replace a floor vent with this cover and voila! Cabin fever remains a thing of the past, thanks to this handy invention.

Kiehl’s Scrub Soap

Nordstrom shoppers give this Kiehl's bar soap a hearty near-perfect five stars for its gentle exfoliation, light citrus scent and long-lastingness.

Honest Amish Beard Oil

This blend of natural and organic oils — avocado, apricot, jojoba and sweet almond among them — is a verifiable slam dunk for keeping beards soft and smooth. Those scraggly little flyaways won’t know what hit ‘em.

Perfect Pushup Rotating Pushup Handles

For the boyfriend who cares about his mental and physical health, these rotating pushup handles will reduce his joint strain and engage more of his muscles, according to the brand. With a strong average rating on Amazon, the handles are loved for their easy assembly, range of motion and sturdiness.

Hanz de Fuko Claymation Styling Clay

With more than 3,200 verified five-star ratings on Amazon, this styling clay should be a staple in your boyfriend's hair care routine. Not only will the clay moisturize his hair, but it will prevent hair loss and stops oil buildup, according to the brand. Customers stand behind it for its drying power, scent and value for money. What more is there to ask for?

Arctic Monkeys The Car Vinyl

A vinyl is a foolproof gift for the boyfriend who's always plugged in to the latest releases. Introduce him to something new or gift him a favorite like the newest Arctic Monkeys album that's featured on Rough Trade's albums of the year list.

"Dilla Time," by Dan Charnas

Another gift for the music lover, this book chronicles the life and impact of hip-hop producer J Dilla, regarded as the person who "reinvented rhythm."

Boost Your Spirits Cocktail Class

Date night just got a whole lot more fun with this cocktail class, where you both can learn how to make three new cocktails to have on your menu forever. Through this virtual class, not only will you learn how to make classic concoctions, but the history behind them as well, meaning you'll have facts to whip out next time you host.

Areaware Gradient Puzzle

We could all use a little extra soothing from time to time. This two-tone puzzle gradually shifts from aqua to sky blue, meaning you two can serenely zone out while piecing it together. All you need is a warm drink and David Attenborough-narrated “Planet Earth” playing in the background, and you’ve given the gift of ultimate relaxation.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Whether your boyfriend prefers to go camping or glamping, this hammock is a must-have item for his backpack. With more than 10 color options, the hammock is customizable, compact and comfy according to the brand. Join nearly 39,000 shoppers who have given the hammock a five-star rating!

Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Is your boyfriend more than passionate about his facial hair? This luxury shaving kit will provide him with all the tools he needs to keep his face looking fresh and sharp. It shines for its giftability, sturdiness and value for money, according to Amazon shoppers. Plus, it includes a safety razor with 10 razor blades, shaving soap, pre-shave oil, aftershave balm and more.

Snake Plant in Terracotta Planter

Help him be the plant parent you know he can be. On top of being an aesthetically pleasing addition to his space, this succulent is pretty much foolproof in terms of light and care.

God of War: Ragnarök

If he's a gamer, he's probably been looking forward to this drop all year. Two Shop TODAY editors said their boyfriends can't stop talking about it.

Onsen Bath Bundle

We hate to make assumptions...but there’s a good chance your dude’s towel situation is in need of a revamp. Go all in with this luxurious three-towel set (a bath towel, hand towel and face towel). All are made from a high-quality cotton that becomes softer and silkier with time (and is certified free from harmful chemicals) and features a super-absorbent and fast-drying waffle weave.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

Got a Yankees fan in your life? This leather-bound book compiles articles from The New York Times sports pages to capture the story of baseball. It makes for an ideal coffee-table-staple-slash-conversation starter for your favorite sports lover.

Sauvage Eau de Toilette

Dior uses earthy patchouli, spicy Sichuan pepper and a citrus twist of Italian bergamot to create pure swagger in a bottle.

Pendleton Plaid & Faux Shearling Throw Blanket

Whether he keeps it tossed over his favorite leather chair or rolled up in the backseat awaiting his next adventure, he’s sure to find plenty of uses for this classic plaid blanket, with soft shearling on the flip side.

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Whether he is a gym bro or a Beatles fan, your boyfriend needs a pair of AirPods if he doesn't have them already. With up to 30 hours of battery life and sweat and water resistance, these wireless earbuds are a gift that will improve your boyfriend's everyday life.

MasterClass Annual Membership

If they're eager to dive into gardening or want to brush up on their skateboarding skills, MasterClass has a course for every kind of learner.

Sonos One Smart Speaker

Sonos One projects clean, crisp, warm sound from an elegant and streamlined speaker that tucks in nicely to any space — kitchen counter, bedside table, entertainment center, or even the bathroom since it’s specifically designed to withstand humidity. Small but mighty, the smart speaker has built-in voice control (he can also control it through the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2, if voice command’s not his thing). Music is a major stress-reliever, so consider this the gift that keeps on giving.

Auto-Technica Bluetooth Stereo Turntable

This stereo set combines the technologies of both modern and vintage music into one great gadget that allows you to indulge in both. With a turntable that can play vinyls and the ability to connect your phone via Bluetooth, listening to their favorite tunes just got easier. "It's pretty foolproof to use, lightweight enough to transport and its Bluetooth capabilities allows us to easily connect it to our stereo system and soundbar for at-home date night jam sessions," said one Shop TODAY editor.