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These 32 bras for small busts actually fit — and you'll feel good wearing them

"Women owe it to themselves to find a bra that they love."
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/ Source: TODAY

If you're a very small-boobed person like me, you're probably well-acquainted with the fact that our bra options are especially limited at big clothing stores. You may also have heard more than once the common misconception that women with A, AA or AAA cup sizes don't need bras. Many times, even when we do buy a bra, it doesn't fit quite right: Either there's awkward gapping or constantly slipping straps or not enough shape. Even some women with B cups know finding bras that actually fit can be a painstaking endeavor.

But I'm here to tell my fellow small-boobed gals: With the right guidance, it's totally possible to find the bra that's equal parts comfortable, supportive and flattering for your bust. In fact, as proud members of the Itty Bitty Tata Committee, we deserve it.

"Women owe it to themselves to find a bra that they love," says Dora Lau, designer and CEO of Dora L International.

"Shopping for bras that provides [women with smaller busts] the perfect fit they deserve is a basic step in self-care that can leave [them] feeling empowered — put on that well-fitting bra and go live your best life!" echoed Tracy Freno, lead bra fit expert at Bare Necessities.

The journey to finding the perfect bra, according to the pros, starts with acknowledging that it's an investment of your time, not just your money, to find the right one for your particular set.

"Finding the best bra is so much more about fit than about the number and letter of a specific bra size," Freno says. Lau agrees: "Gravity is going to be a fact of life, and a well-fitting bra can help prevent stretching and sagging," she says.

To help you get started, we asked several bra-fitting experts for their tips on how to find the right bra that's tailored to your boobs. Then, see our pros' — and our small-chested editors' — favorite bras for small busts.

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How to buy a bra for small boobs

Our bra-fitting experts offered the following advice on shopping for bras:

  1. Comfort and fit. Understanding fit — particularly learning how to take your own bust measurements — is first and foremost, says Freno. "One of the biggest issues we see when women come to us for fit advice is that they are in the wrong size because they were incorrectly measured in a store," she explains. Courtney Killpack, CEO of Layton, Utah-based Bra Fittings by Court, strongly suggests visiting a professional bra fitter if you can. "They're expertly trained on how to fit smaller cups. They will be able to tell you what brands and styles will work best with your breast shape," she says.
  2. Big box retailers may not have the right bra size and fit. "What many stores will do is fit you into what they can sell you rather than what you should actually be wearing," says Freno. Killpack, similarly, says that the average salesperson may not necessarily have a professional fitter's specialized knowledge. "Most places like this will carry five to six cup sizes per band," she added, whereas independently owned or specialty lingerie and bra shops may have two or three times that. While you may save a few bucks at the department store, they likely won't have the high-quality materials and the durability (not to mention comfort) that bra-focused stores can offer, according to Rachel Klein, owner of the small-chested-focused intimates brand Lulalu, which designs its bras based on a long research and development process, as well as fit-testing on A-cup models.
  3. Know your brands. There are countless brands that make bras, so knowing the ones that make bras that fit your particular bust shape is key, Freno says. "For instance, someone with a shallow bust and petite frame should avoid brands who make bras for full-busted breasts or full-figured bodies, as they will not be the right fit for your shape," she explains. "It’s also important to buy from brands that tailor, grade and fit-test on smaller-chested women," echoed Klein.
  4. Shop for bra styles that you feel most confident and comfortable in. Surprisingly, Freno says that this is one of the most common issues her small-busted customers run into. "They have a vast selection of garments that could work for them, so sometimes the hardest part of their bra shopping process is just determining which they will feel most confident and comfortable in," she explains. For instance, some smaller-chested women may not necessarily need an underwire when a lacy bralette gives the same feminine and sexy vibe — and can comfortably take them from day into evening, Freno explains. "It all depends on your outfit and what activities you plan to wear your bra for."

Types of bras for small busts

It's smart to have several basics on hand that pair well with particular garments in your wardrobe.

  • Bralette: Freno often recommends a wire-free, unlined style to her customers with small breasts. "Bralettes are very comfortable and can be a great wardrobe addition for everyday wear. The frame of a bralette conforms to your natural shape," she says.
  • T-shirt bras: These typically underwired bras are designed to be comfortable, versatile and practically invisible under a T-shirt, according to Klein. Freno also mentioned these are a "must" for those looking for an everyday bra that still provides shape and uplift. "We suggest finding a style that has either a demi cup or a cup that sits lower to the breast tissue as to not overwhelm a smaller frame," she says.
  • Demi cup or balconette: "These styles are cut lower on the breast and provide lift," Lau says. Killpack also recommends this style for her small-chested clients. "Cups that aren't as full coverage tend to fit better...These are cups that aren't as full; they're considered half cups," she says.
  • Push-up: "These are popular and can enhance [breasts] by giving support within the cup," Lau says of this style that Freno also recommends. Lau added that the light push-up at the base of this type of padded bra can help fill any gapping between your breasts and the bra cup. Klein suggests a push-up that comes with removable bump pads for versatility — for instance, to create a non-push-up look or add boost to just one breast.
  • Underwired, unlined bras: "If she prefers something unlined but wants a little more structure than a bralette has, an underwire, unlined cup will provide a natural shape and support," Freno explains. This type of bra can appear in various styles, including unlined demi and push-up bras.
  • Wireless, lined bras: For something that has a similar supportive and flattering shape of an underwire bra without the wire, Klein recommends looking for wireless bras with soft foam cups.

Best bras for small busts, according to experts and editors


The Wacoal B-Smooth Bralette

Style: Wire-free, pull-on | Sizes: 32 A/B to 38 A/B | Support level: Light | Coverage: Full | Straps: Wide, non-adjustable

Freno shared a few favorites from her small-busted customers, starting with Wacoal's B-Smooth Bralette. Made of soft and stretchy microfiber (a blend of nylon and spandex), this bralette also has wide straps and a seamless construction that's designed to be easy to slip on, no hooking required. It also comes with removable foam inserts you can slip in for extra coverage and shaping.

It's a truly versatile bra, according to dozens of reviewers: easy yet just supportive enough to wear in the house, in the yoga studio or out on errands, and the biggest rave across the board is how comfortable it is.

Calvin Klein Invisibles Convertible Bralette

Style: Wire-free, pull-on | Sizes: 30 A/D to 42 B/C | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

Another Freno pick, this one is similar to Wacoal's B-Smooth in that this bralette is wire-free that's easy to slip on and wear for long periods, thanks to its soft and stretchy nylon-based fabric. Plus, it's bonded to offer a bit of extra support, but you won't see it due to its seamless construction that's "invisible under clothing" according to the brand and some reviewers. Removable modesty foam pads: Also included. This bra's straps, however, are slimmer, but are convertible and fully adjustable.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Triangle Bralette

Style: Lace, unlined, slip-on | Sizes: 32 A/B to 38 A/B | Support level: Light | Coverage: Light | Straps: Adjustable

Dani Musacchio, Shop TODAY's associate social media editor and size 34A, swears by her Hanky Panky bralette.

"Hanky Panky bras are so comfy. They're definitely more like bralettes, but it does look like they have padded options if you're into more support," she says.

It's even been featured in Shop TODAY with Jill Martin, which is how Musacchio discovered them. The delicate-looking triangle bralette is made with stretchy, soft lace, making it easy to pull on. It's also designed for small-breasted women, according to the brand, and it even comes with a cute little bow detail.

Pepper Ultra Fine Bralette

Style: Semi-sheer, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 30A to 40A | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Adjustable

As a 34AA, this is hands down my favorite bra to rule them all. I reach for my Tuscan and Black ultra-fine bralette more than any of my other bras — and trust me, I've tried plenty 34AAs and 36AAs bras out there.

Made from thin micro-fabric that still offers medium-level support without padding, this minimalist bralette comfortably hugs my boobs and gives them a lift without any fabric bunching. The deep V shape is also flattering on smaller busts. If you want a less sheer look, go with the black (although I've never had any modesty issues when wearing this under a T-shirt!).

T-shirt bras

Lulalu Microfiber Lace Print T-Shirt Bra

Style: Plunge, lightly lined, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 30AAA to 38A | Support level: High | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Adjustable

Freno recommends T-shirt bras for those that want the everyday wearability of a bralette, but with a little bit more structure and shape underneath a tee.

You'll see that specialization in this bra's specs: It's wireless and made from slightly stretchy, soft fabric that's comfortable enough for long wear, and the soft plunge style is flattering for small chests. It still offers structure and support, though, thanks to the flexible side boning.

From experience, this bra gives just enough boost to my girls underneath my T-shirt without any gapping (shocker!). Plus, the lace print (which doesn't feel like lace!) is super cute.

The Little Bra Company Yvonne

Style: Demi-cup, underwire, light push-up | Sizes: 28A to 36AA | Support level: High | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

Killpack likes this T-shirt bra that's more of a demi style for her clients with small chests. This bra from The Little Bra Company — which designs intimates specifically for those with petite, smaller frames — combines features of both T-shirt and demi bras: It's got the same seamless build that makes the former look practically invisible under T-shirts, while the little lace trim on the straps and back adds a nice feminine touch.

A bonus: The straps are convertible, and the cups have contoured push-up padding that gives a teeny boost to your bust to add to the flattering shape under a T-shirt.

Natori Pure Luxe Underwire T-Shirt Bra

Style: Underwire, contour cups, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 32B to 38DDD, 32 to 36GGG | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable

You've probably heard of the brand Natori from those who take bra fit and comfort seriously. This one, another Killpack recommendation, gives great support and shape to people with A or small B cup sizes. Built with underwire and contoured foam cups, this bra gives a little more coverage than the previous T-shirt bras we recommended, but still has that seamless build to make it inconspicuous under your favorite tee. The lace straps are a pretty touch — and adjustable, to boot.

b.tempt'd Future Foundations T-Shirt Bra

Style: Underwire, contour cups, hook-and-eye closure | Sizes: 30A to 40DDD | Support level: High | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

Similar to the Naori Pure Luxe, this Freno-recommended T-shirt bra by Wacoal is also built with wired foam contour cups in a flattering plunging shape. It's also made of soft and stretchy fabric that's built to be seamless under a tee. The straps of this demi-style, however, can be converted to a racerback for extra strap security. Plus, says one reviewer: "It was very comfortable with no gapping in the cups—great for those with smaller chest sizes."

Demi and balconette bras

Skarlett Blue Adorned Demi Cotton Bra

Style: Underwire, unlined, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 30A to 36DDD | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Adjustable

Both Freno and Killpack named Skarlett as one of their favorite brands for small boobs. This demi cotton bra, one of Freno's customer faves, is made from a stretchy and comfy fabric that's mostly 91 percent breathable Pima cotton. Unlike the previous T-shirt demi cup bras we recommended above, this pair is unlined; still, the cups are molded and their underwire gives enough shape and support. The super-delicate lace trim atop the cups is a flattering touch and frames the chest nicely.

Stella McCartney Lingerie Clara Whispering Balconette

Style: Underwire, lightly padded, back closure | Sizes: 32B to 34D | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Scalloped, adjustable

Shop TODAY editor and 34B cup owner Vivien Moon loves affordable bralettes and T-shirt bras as much as the rest of us, but during times she feels like splurging, she goes for Stella McCartney.

"The Stella bras are truly amazing, they're sexy but also not painful and mine have lasted me years but still look great," she raved. She calls Stella's balconette styles, like the Clara Whispering contour bra from the brand's lingerie line, "perfection."

This one is a vibrant cobalt blue that's a nice contrast to the delicate silk material and lace details, and it has scalloped straps that are "designed to be seen," according to the brand. Luckily, they're wider than regular spaghetti straps, meaning they're also comfortable.

Bare Effortless Front Close

Style: Lined, underwire, front closure | Sizes: 30B to 38G | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Racerback, front-adjustable

Many women are leery of bras with front clasps, especially because they have the tendency to feel tight and harder to close, but this one by Bare is truly "effortless," at least according to reviewers.

That sliding bar closure, combined the racerback design, helps with fit and strap security for those with small chests, and the foam lining of the no-seam underwired cups give that desired shape under your T-shirt and helps with any modesty issues.

"I don't usually go for front-close styles because they never seem to fit me quite right, but this style is different. The fit is actually perfect, and the bra in general is very comfortable," raved one reviewer.

Push-up bras

Bare Push-Up Without Padding Bra

Style: Lined, underwire, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 30B to 40H | Support level: High | Coverage: High | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

For structure and a lift, a good push-up bra will offer both the shape and support you're looking for. For small busts, Freno likes Bare's unlined pushup option. Instead, the bra is constructed with darted and vertical seaming, as well as inner foam side slings, to give that support and uplift.

Despite these bells and whistles, the bra is still comfortable, say reviewers, likely due to its soft, stretchy microfiber and lace material. It's also super-versatile with its four-column back closure and convertible stretch straps. And we'd be remiss not to mention the pretty and delicate lace that lines the under-bust and neckline.

Montelle Intimates Prodigy Ultimate Push-Up Bra

Style: Double-lined, underwire, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 32A to 38D | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

Killpack's push-up preference for small chests is the Intimates Prodigy by Montelle Intimates. This bra was designed for "ultimate drama," which means that it's says to add up to two cup sizes (and perhaps even cleavage!) thanks to the "pillow cup" design. If that's not enough, there's also double-layered side wings for an extra boost of support.

Got narrow shoulders? The brand says that due to the flexibility of the straps, which can be converted into either racerback or halter, you can customize to what fits your shoulder frame, and the occasion or outfit, best.

One reviewer on Montelle's site loves this bra, saying, "I am not well endowed and the Prodigy gives me enough boost and shaping so my clothes fit better and I feel more confident."

Wireless bras

Aerie Real Happy Wireless Lightly Lined Bra

Style: Lined, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 30A to 40DD | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

Sometimes (or maybe almost always, if you're like me), wireless is the way to go. Musacchio and Kate McCarthy, Shop TODAY's senior social media editor and 34B bust size holder, agree. Both pointed to Aerie's Real Happy wireless bras as one of their top choices when it comes to wireless. "It's a game changer," McCarthy says.

First and foremost, they're very comfortable, thanks to both its soft and stretchy lace-like material and its wireless frame. "Because there are no wires, I never get any poking or weird itching," McCarthy adds. Plus, we love and subtly sexy the pretty lace design. A caveat, though, according to reviews: The band runs small, so size accordingly.

"I've been wearing them for years and truly can't believe I used to wear bras with wires. What was I thinking?" McCarthy says.

True & Co True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra

Style: Removable lining, pull-on, plunge | Sizes: 30C to 40B | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

It was love at first sight when our Shop TODAY writer first tested a comfy True & Co. bra, and we still have nothing but even more appreciation for this seamless, versatile option. It's insanely soft, for starters, due to the True Body microfiber fabric — "the softest fabric in our collection," according to the brand. In addition to the bra being wireless, it basically feels like you're wearing nothing at all, our writer raved.

Take it, also, from two other small-busted gals: Vivian Le, Shop TODAY junior designer, and Jen Birkhofer, Shop TODAY's VP of Commerce. "They're literally the most comfortable," Le says, and Birkhofer agrees, adding, "Especially post-pregnancy, that’s all I wear."

Free People Ali Low-Back Seamless Bra

Style: Stretch, plunge, pull-on | Sizes: 32A to 36C | Support level: Low | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Spaghetti, non-adjustable

When Moon isn't splurging on her favorite Stella McCartney intimates, she goes for this seamless and wireless bra from Free People. She has it in three colors "because I am obsessed," she raves.

"It's great under shirts, and I love it for an open-back moment in a lower-cut shirt. It is truly so comfortable that I reach for it first before any other bralette," Moon adds.

The base-layer bra comes in so many cute colors (18, to be exact) that some reviewers say they even wear it alone as a cropped tank. But it does just as well as a loungewear piece (or a pajama top, as one reviewer who went to sleep with it says).

But crowning glory of this piece is how soft and stretchy it is. One reviewer wrote, "These have the softest fabric and so comfortable they feel like barely there bralettes." Another echoed, "It feels softer than a tee; no pulling or bunching."

Zella Restore Soft Lounge Longline Bra

Style: Lightly lined, pull-on | Sizes: XS to XL | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Full | Straps: Wide, non-adjustable

"This was another pregnancy purchase that I'm obsessed with and wear all the time," says Birkhofer of this longline wireless shelf bra by Zella.

The pull-on bra is made from comfortable brushed jersey that's partially recycled, and it's lined just enough to give you support for low-impact activity. The scoop neck front and the cute crisscross detail on the back will probably make you want to wear this outside the yoga studio, though. In fact, several reviewers claim they wear this as a crop top.

Just note, however, that this longline bra does run large, according to reviews. "It’s a loose shelf bra so not great for activities beyond yoga, but it’s super comfy and matches the vibe of the jogger/yoga pants," one says.

The Little Bra Company Erika Black

Style: Plunge, lightly lined, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 28A to 32D | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

This wireless pick from Killpack is also lightly lined, but gives a bit more structure than the previous two options. It's constructed for closer-set breasts, and we see that in the flattering deep-plunge shape with a subtly feminine lace border. It's also made of ultra-soft microfiber (both the cups and band), so we can see this being comfortable enough for everyday wear.

One rave review from the brand's website: "It is light, not overly padded, soft and supportive...My favorite feature is the fact that the straps can be converted to cross or be straight."

Bras with underwire

Lulalu Callie Lace Bra

Style: Hook and eye closure, bandeau, lightly lined | Sizes: 30AA to 42AAA | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable

The Callie is my favorite pick when I'm feeling fancy or want to wear an outfit with the bra peeping out. Thanks to the delicate two-layer lace detail combined with the cool bandeau style, I can do just that. It has just enough lining and structure, though, that I sometimes wear it as an everyday bra.

Though there is some metal hardware that gives The Callie a bit more structure than a bandeau or a wireless bra, that structure is lined with nylon, and it lacks side boning, so fit and comfort isn't an issue.

One reviewer put it this way: "The straps looks like suspenders, so it was so effortlessly cute pairing it under a blazer. I felt so chic and sexy...The design also didn’t dig into my skin."

Pepper Ultra Fine Unlined Bra

Style: Unlined, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 30A to 40A | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Low | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

If I'm going to wear an underwired bra, this — by bra company Pepper — is the one that I go for. The semi-sheer microfiber cups are unlined, so they feel super comfortable (the girls can breathe!), but the underwire gives enough support that I don't feel naked. It also gives me a great subtle uplift, not to mention boost of confidence.

I also love the plunge neckline, which helps accentuate that minor cleavage and is very flattering for my 34AA chest. And did I mention the convertible straps, too? (I've yet to use that feature, but the straps themselves are easy to adjust.)

Despite this being an underwire bra (a style I typically cannot make myself wear for longer than a few hours), this is comfortable enough for all-day wear. And I say that from experience.

Stella McCartney Intimates Black Underwire Bra

Style: Lace, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 32B* | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Light | Straps: Adjustable

Moon loves this piece by Stella McCartney Intimates. She says that it isn't always super difficult finding a bra that fits, being a 34B, but finding one that isn't "a torture device?" A little more rare.

Enter: this sensual yet comfortable underwire bra. "The lingerie is such high quality, the piece is stunning, it doesn't show under a tee and the underwire is never painful," she raves.

Indeed, it's easy to see why Moon has five of Stella's bras. This bra is marketed as an "everyday" piece — and it's true that it's comfortable enough to live up to the label — but its design is also elevated enough to work for various outfits, from casual to cool-girl to elegant.


Cora Convertible Strapless Bra

Style: Lightly lined, underwire, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 32AAA to 40AA | Support level: Full | Coverage: Full | Straps: Removable, adjustable, convertible

"When you need a strapless bra, look for a bra with a firm push-up at the base of the pad and with wires that are embedded in the pad for comfort," Lau advised. My choice that meets that criteria (yes, including comfort): Lulalu's Cora strapless bra.

Initially, I was shocked at how well this hugged my shape without feeling tight, and even more shocked that it didn't gap when I moved or bent over. I have the 34AA, and that and A cups include a small bump pad at the bottom of the cups to give me a little boost so I'm super confident in a tank or crop top without worrying about gapping. (The brand says that AAA cups have padding that's removable.)

Plus, it's constructed to be comfortable (key to a style of bra I'm always nervous about wearing out). That's all thanks to the soft cups made of microfiber, as well as the mesh band with flexible boning. And the ultimate test it passed, according to several reviewers' and my own experience: It stays up.

Gatherall Bra

Style: Backless, silicone | Sizes: Cup A to Cup DD | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Light | Straps: N/A

This is the one pick recommended by someone in Shop TODAY who's not small-chested, but she loves how it works so much she thinks small-chested gals will find it helpful, too.

"While I have bigger boobs, it works with smaller boobs because it creates 'the big illusion' and is a great backless option" says Jannely Espinal, SEO writer.

The sticky bra is made of washable and reusable silicone and, like other sticky bras, aren't designed for full coverage. Rather, they're meant to offer a backless and strapless solution for outfits and occasions that need it. The difference is, according several reviews we pored through, this one actually stays put and gives you the support you need regardless of cup size.

"It gives lift and some nice cleavage to my B cups and looks good under a T-shirt...Much nicer quality than other stickies that I’ve seen," one reviewer raves. Another writes, "Gave me the cleavage I never thought I had."

More bras for small busts, according to shoppers

Soma Enchanting Lace Demi Bra

Style: Lace side panel, lightly lined, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 32A to 40DD | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable, convertible

None of us actually enjoy wearing bras, so it helps if you have a little fun with it and rock a vibrant color or pattern. Take this leopard print demi bra from Soma, for instance. We're big fans of the lacy side panels and the memory foam cups that hug your curves, and love that we could rock it under a range of tops and dresses.

Rave review: "Perfect T-shirt bra but also one I will wear for everything. Can wear low cut tops, and can criss cross on the back. I like the shape it gives my small breasts (32B)."

Harper Wilde The Bliss Triangle

Style: Bralette, V-neck| Sizes: 30A to 36E | Support level: Medium| Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable

This bralette is great if you want that comfort and breathability, but also a little bit of lift. This one fits the bill, and all without an underwire or padding. The Bliss Triangle has a supportive wide band (the brand's proprietary design), made from a nylon fabric blend that's super soft, and is constructed in such a way that it won't show through your shirt, according to the brand.

Rave review: "This bra is my absolute favorite for V-neck shirts. I searched forever to find a low V bralette that goes over the head (I’m never going back to hooks) and has no visible seams or lace. I also love that the material is thick enough that it doesn’t show everything through thin T-shirts. ... I’m size 36A and the Large fits well."

Spanx Bra-llelujah! Lightly Lined Wireless Bra

Style: Wire-free, lightly lined, front closure | Sizes: 32A to 38C | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Wide, adjustable

Spanx is already a leader in the shapewear department, but they also excel when it comes to classic, no-frills bras. What makes their T-shirt bra stand out lies in its materials — it's designed with a patented all-hosiery back to smooth lingering lumps — and front closure design, leaving you with a flattering, bulk-free look.

Rave review: "I've been searching for a comfortable bra for a small bony 34A chest that's not a sports bra. This bra is perfect — no hook in back rubbing my spine, no painful underwire, and actually makes me look like I have boobs versus a flat chest."

Victoria's Secret Bombshell T-Shirt Pushup Bra

Style: Underwire, padded, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 32AA to 38DD | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable

You'll look like a low-key bombshell in the T-shirt version of the popular Victoria's secret push-up bra that has over 240 five-star reviews. In other words, it's still designed to increase your cup size up to two cups with the style's signature push-up padding. The difference is in the smoother and simpler fabric that'll make it invisible under tees.

Rave review: "I really love this style better than the other styles. Already purchased more in different colors! Fits comfortably and stays put." [written by 32AA reviewer] "I’m absolutely obsessed with the t-shirt version of this bra! Same push-up (adds two cup sizes) but smoother/fits perfectly under thinner clothes." [written by 32B reviewer]

Cuup The Balconette

Style: Unlined, underwire, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 30A to 36H | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Wide, adjustable

The silhouette of Cuup's popular balconette bra was made with your comfort in mind with sewn cups, darted seams, sheer power mesh and a lightweight underwire that practically feels like it's barely there. Over 2,500 verified reviewers have rated this style a perfect five stars, with several raving about its sophisticated look and fitted support.

Rave review: "This bra truly changed my life. I have a smaller chest, and bras aren't always necessary, but this bra makes me feel sexy, supported and at a great price point."

Knickey The Scoop Bralette

Style: Lined, pull-on | Sizes: 28A to 42DD | Support level: Medium | Coverage: Medium | Straps: Wide, non-adjustable

Bralettes should feel like a second skin, and this lightweight design from Knickey certainly does. The double-lined cups ensure that you get a smooth fit underneath clothing, and vertical bust seams help provide a touch of lift. Not bad for a bralette, right?

One note from several reviewers: It can run small, so if you're in between sizes, size up.

Rave review: "Gives a little bit of lift for my little set. Could be designed to look a less like a sports bra — all in all fits well and appears well made; the fabric is soft and comfortable." [written by a 34A reviewer]

Parade Dream Fit Triangle Bralette

Style: Lightly lined, hook and eye closure | Sizes: 32A to 44D, 32F to 38F | Support level: High | Coverage: Full | Straps: Adjustable

The ideal bralette should feel like you're not wearing anything at all. Fortunately, Parade's got you covered with its sustainable Re:Play material that's stretchy, cooling and practically weightless. It's also designed with "360-degree" stretch, according to the brand, so it moves with you. Shoppers with small busts agree with this sentiment, highlighting that they love how it provides equal parts comfort, support and flexibility.

Rave review: "Good supportive bra ... for itty bitty gals. Just wish it was a little more bralette-esque." [written by a size S]

Your bra-fitting questions, answered by experts

What bra styles are best for small boobs?

In short, all of the same styles that work for larger-chested people also work for those with small busts — if they're designed to fit properly and be comfortable, according to Klein. She added that especially for sizes AAA to A, there's even more flexibility within those styles. For instance, "wireless styles are extremely popular and offer plenty of support and shape with no underwire. Strapless styles are also popular as they don’t need uncomfortable bands with silicone to stay put," she explains.

What bra styles help prevent sagging for small breasts?

"A balconette style will sit lower on the chest and will help to provide lift — even those with small breasts don’t want sagging (NOT a good look for anyone!)," Freno suggests.

What if I can't visit a professional bra fitter?

If you don't live near a professional bra or lingerie fitter, Killpack recommends using free online bra sizing tools from bra experts and shops that specialize in bra fitting. For example, Killpack's shop, Bra Fittings by Court, has one that's based on over 15,000 women her team has professional fitted. "[It] will give you brand and style recommendations based on your interests, your breast shape and size," she says. There are also online bra retailers that offer similar tools, including Bare Necessities and Third Love.

What are some mistakes people make when bra-shopping for small boobs?

Choosing the wrong band size.

"The band is responsible for the majority of the support. While a smaller busted woman may not think she needs much support from her bra, increasing the band size affects the cup size and the straps," Killpack explains. You can tell if you need to change band sizes if the band either digs into your skin (it may be too small) or rides up your back (too loose), explains Klein.

For example, "women with small chests often have to size down to uncomfortable band sizes to get a smaller cup," she says.

Conversely, it's also just as common for small-busted women who come in wearing an A cup to wind up being C, D or DD cup because they went down band sizes, Killpack notes.

Confusion around cup sizes in relation to band sizes.

Something many small-chested women don't realize, Killpack says, is that one's breast tissue is on the side. That means one ends up having to go up cup sizes to get the bra underwire to fit the width of the breast. "You want at least a quarter-inch of space between your breast tissue and the underwire, making it so the bra is fitting comfortably on your body, and the underwire not digging into your breast tissue," she explains.

Furthermore, the straps will sit further apart on a 36B bra than on a 34B, Freno told us. "This is one of the top reasons for those slipping straps," she says.

Gapping cups is also something smaller-cupped women often experience, says Klein. "If an A-cup women's bra gaps, she might not even know AA and AAA cups exist! Even for a woman wearing a 34A where the cup is a good fit but the band is too tight, she would need a 36AA," she explains.

Shopping in the juniors' section — or the wrong section altogether.

This is the "no. 1 mistake" people make when looking for a small cup bra, says Klein. "They’re not designed to fit adult women and rarely work well," she explains. It could be related to the other common issue Klein sees often: "[People] not knowing AA or AAA exist and wearing bras with cups that gap or have bands that are too tight to compensate," she says.

Meet our experts

  1. Dora Lau is founder and president of Dora L International.
  2. Tracy Freno is lead bra fitter at Bare Necessities.
  3. Courtney Killpack is founder and owner of Bra Fittings by Court.
  4. Rachel Klein is the owner of Lulalu.