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14 finds for your self-care starter pack, starting at $13

From tea drops to an eye mask

If summer tends to be busy for you, it's important to still remember to make time for yourself. Vacations and beach days might not always feel relaxing, so finding other ways to set aside time for your wellbeing shouldn't fall to the wayside.

So, if you're looking for the tools that can help you get some much needed R&R, lifestyle expert Amy E. Goodman has everything you need for a little bit of self-care. Whether you enjoy retail therapy or prefer to indulge in your skin care routine, keep reading to discover all of the self-care essentials worth considering.

Self-care essentials

Tea Drops Party Pack

If you like to treat yourself to a hot cup of tea every now and then, these innovative tea drops can help to make the brewing process that much easier. Rather than using tea leaves and a bag, you can toss one of these drops in a hot cup of water and stir, then sip away.

GlamGlow Thirstyquench Liquid Leave-On Mask

If a few moments of peace means putting on a face mask and laying down in bed, you'll want to get your hands on this hydrating mask. Since it's a leave-on mask, it might just give you an excuse to spend the day relaxing. According to the brand, it's suitable for all skin types and can quench dry skin for up to eight hours.

Papier Wellness Journals

Journaling can help boost your mental health, experts told us. If you're ready to build the ritual into your morning routine, Papier makes journals that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. You'll find a spot to detail your thoughts, habits and check-ins to keep in tune with yourself.

Ostrichpillow Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Another one of Goodman's picks that can help you relax is this hot and cold eye mask, which can help relieve eye strain, muscle tension and stress, according to the brand. The weighted eye mask is also filled with clay beads, which the brand says applies a gentle pressure and blocks out light.

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Need some help putting your goals into action? Wishbeads designs jewelry to help you keep your goals within reach, so you can work on achieving them. Once you write your intention on a special slip of paper, you can roll it up and place it inside the bracelet and wear it daily as a fashionable reminder.

Wishbeads Intention Necklaces

The brand also makes necklaces that are just as thoughtful in design as their bracelets. The stones in the necklaces range from rose quartz to coral jade.

Onsen Towels

Have you ever thought about the role your towels and sheets play when it comes to your mood? Goodman picked these lightweight towels that feel good in more ways than one: The waffle weave keeps it airy while the soft cotton retains its shape and feel over time.

More self-care essentials

Kanjo Accupressure Everything

Goodman, whose husband is Taiwanese, says Taiwanese culture believes in the benefits of reflexology. Targeting specific pressure points can help relieve pressure all over your body, which can in turn help you feel more relaxed. This brand, however, is founded upon traditional Chinese Acupressure Medicine and makes several different tools that can help deliver the relaxing benefits you desire. Goodman loves the foot pain relief mat, since you can bring it anywhere from the kitchen sink to the bathroom vanity in order to take the pressure off of your feet while you're doing things about the house.

Pursoma Sweat It Out Body Bath Soak

Pursoma got a big boost after it was featured in Vogue, the Wall Street Journal and Goop, and now Goodman says the brand is "going mass" at an affordable price point. You can find their products at Target and Ulta for as little as $10. The line includes different kinds of products for different kinds of problems, including a "Sweat It Out" soak for sore muscles, a "Cleanse Your Mind" soak for an at-home relaxing spa experience and the "Digital Detox" soak to help you cleanse your mind after too much screen time.

Vanity Planet Outlines Facial Steamer

Not only does this steamer look pretty, Goodman says, but it actually works. It can be used as an at-home spa treatment to help give your skin a little bit of a glow and hydrates your skin by allowing the steam to seep into your pores.

Otherland Candles

Candles might already exist somewhere within the walls of your home, but Goodman says these candles from Otherland stand out from the rest. They're super fragrant (in a good way) and free from parabens, sulfates and synthetic dyes, according to the brand. Plus, you can create your own three-pack bundle to save some cash, too.

Chronicle Books Mindfulness Cards

Goodman received these cards as a gift and says they are "amazing." She uses the deck of 50 cards with her kids to prompt them (and herself) to reflect more often. They're organized into four categories — Rest & Balance, Insight & Awareness, Curiosity & Joy and Kindness — and offer an alternative to traditional journaling. Feeling Feelings Card Deck

To help support your emotional awareness and growth, Goodman says this deck is like a "toolbox for your feelings." The cards can start a healthy conversation that can benefit your mental well-being, but your purchase does some good, too — 50% of the net proceeds are donated to The Loveland Foundation, which helps bring opportunities and healing to communities of color.

Therabox Subscription

Get self-care delivered to your door each month with this thoughtful subscription service. Each box is curated by a therapist and includes everything from workbooks to tea, jewelry, candles and more.

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