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32 coffee accessories that experts (and our java-loving editors) can't live without

Elevate your at-home brew experience with these tried-and-true gadgets.
Target / H&M / Nespresso / Kara Birnbaum for TODAY

Coffee lovers know: Nothing can turn around a sleep-deprived morning or an afternoon slump like a good cup of joe. The glorious aroma, comforting warmth, happy little buzz — you name it — keeps us java enthusiasts at Shop TODAY coming back to our home or office coffee bar.

But to cut down on coffee shop trips and make the best brew from your kitchen, we asked the pros how you can make a truly great cup of coffee at home. Their response was unanimous: You should start with high-quality beans and a good grinder.

"Freshly ground beans is the most transformative change you can make to your home brewing," said Sam Barkley, co-founder and CEO of Home Brew Coffee Consulting, adding that the foundation of your coffee bar should be a high-quality grinder.

But beyond the basics, there are other coffee accessories and gadgets that will take your brew from middling to magical every time — whether you're a Keurig user, no-frills espresso drinker or pour-over aficionado. So go ahead, splurge (or not!) on your home coffee bar.

Here, our list of 32 coffee accessories and gadgets to make your cup just how you like it.

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Best budget coffee grinders

Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder

An older version of Hamilton Beach's unpretentious compact tool was the first electric coffee grinder that Adit Agrawal, founder of food distribution company AlcoEats, used before he moved to his current higher-end burr grinder. The intuitive gadget is very easy to use, and its sturdy stainless steel blades are powerful enough to make quick work of your coffee beans, seeds or spices. What's more, the grinding bowl is removable and is dishwasher-safe.

Cuisinart Electric Coffee Grinder

"I have this super affordable coffee grinder for my espresso machine and have also given it as a gift to my sister," Francesca Cocchi Zabloudil, Shop TODAY's Senior Partnerships Editor, raves.

She likes the grinder for its efficiency and that it takes up only a small amount of space on her counter. I'm also a fan of the measurement marks on its transparent lid, as well as its safety lock feature, which means you can't lift the lid while the grinder is in use. The only thing to note is that it's a bit hard to clean because the basin isn't removable (I just wipe it clean with a hand towel or paper towel).

BUDGET GRINDERS ALSO WORTH CONSIDERING: Krups One-Touch Coffee and Spice Grinder ($21), Mueller HyperGrind ($20), Rolway Electric Coffee Grinder ($14)

Best midrange coffee grinders

Porlex Mini Grinder II

If something manual and portable is more your speed (read: no cords to worry about!), go for a high-quality handheld coffee mill like the Japanese-made Porlex Mini, one favorite of Cafe Grumpy co-CEO and co-founder Caroline Bell.

What it doesn't have in electric power it makes up for in its construction: The durable and rust-resistant ceramic grinding mechanism, combined with its various grind levels (there are over a dozen), helps produce more even grounds. A bonus: It's designed to fit on top of the AeroPress, which is why Bell loves making a DIY gift set with the two, plus a nice bag of beans. (The Porlex Mini II can churn out 1.3 times more coffee grounds than its predecessor, according to the brand.)

Krups Silent Vortex

If hand-grinding your beans is a hard pass, Shop TODAY senior SEO editor (and "ride or die cold brew drinker") Jess Bender recommends the Krups Silent Vortex, which has cut her grinding time down to 10 to 15 seconds, tops. This is likely due to its power: The 1100-watt gadget uses so-called "vortex spin" technology that pulls the beans into the blades.

"It's also ridiculously easy to clean (the grinding bowl is dishwasher-safe!), barely makes a sound while it's operating and literally only has one button to control it," she raves.

Not only is the stainless steel bowl removable, but it also comes with a lid to seal your fresh grounds for storage.

Best high-end coffee grinders

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Agrawal has since graduated from his very first Hamilton Beach grinder. His current pick, the Cuisinart Supreme Grind, boasts a powerful stainless steel burr mill — a type of grinder that Josey Markiewicz, La Colombe's Senior Director of Cafe, says is a must-have for anyone serious about coffee.

This one features nearly 20 grind levels, from super-fine to very coarse. After the machine reaches your desired grind, it stops automatically. This grinds enough for anywhere between four to 18 cups of coffee.

Baratza Burr Coffee Grinder

"If you're thinking of springing for a quality electric grinder, our preferred home brand is Baratza," Barkley says. While this model may seem pricey, caffeine connoisseurs love it for a variety of reasons: It offers fine, medium and coarse grinds, it doesn’t leave a big mess, and it has a small footprint on your counter.

Plus, Barkley's team likes the company behind the tool: "They are dedicated to repairing, refurbishing and remarketing their products; all of this lets us know that they stand behind their gear," he explains.

Best sugar dispenser

Tablecraft Sugar Pourer

Bell highly recommends this simple glass sugar pourer "if you want to bring that coffee shop or diner vibe into your at-home setup," she says. The pourer is not just all retro vibes, though — it holds 12 ounces (one cup) of sugar and is made of thick, durable glass. The stainless steel lid screws on tightly to keep sugar fresh, and the hinged spout controls your pour to minimize mess. When you're ready to clean, it's safe for the dishwasher.

Best budget pitcher

Zulay Milk Pitcher

What if we told you that you can get that delicate, frothy milk atop your morning brew for under $15 without stepping outside your house? This 12-ounce stainless steel frothing pitcher from Zulay Kitchen meets that criteria and more.

It features helpful measurement markings inside, an ergonomic handle that's comfortable to hold, and a narrow spout that helps you work on the precision of your latte art if you so desire. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe and has a lifetime warranty.

Best midrange pitcher

De'Longhi Frothing Pitcher

"I'm a big fan of anything from De'Longhi," Zabloudil says. This frothing pitcher by the brand is made of brushed stainless steel, giving it a polished, elegant look despite its under-$30 price tag. This sturdy pitcher has a 12-ounce capacity, has a spout that's designed to help minimize splatter, and is compatible with all of De'Longhi's pump espresso makers. It's also dishwasher-safe, and in fact, one of the recurring positive reviews is how easy it is to clean.

Best high-end pitcher

WPM Milk Pitcher

For our high-end choice, coffee expert Barkley recommends this 15-ounce stainless steel milk pitcher by WPM. Unlike the Zulay above, this pitcher has a round (versus narrow) spout, which the brand says is ideal for creating thicker lines in your milk pour due to its faster flow rate (think tulips and rosettas, if you're ambitious).

A coffee aficionado on Reddit agrees, saying this was a game changer for their latte and cappuccino game: "It made a big difference in my latte art! Before, my latte art was coming out very beige and ill-defined, now all of my lines are white and crisp!"

We also like the wide handle for comfortable gripping and the brand's signature sleek-looking slanted top.

Best budget frother

Zulay Original Milk Frother

Nothing can make your coffee feel fancy quite like frothy foam. "Even for a regular cup of coffee, I would sometimes steam/froth the milk to make it a little more exciting," says Zabloudil, who used to have a standalone milk frother.

This battery-operated option whips up café-esque lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates in seconds. Reviewers love that it also works well with non-dairy milks.

Best high-end frother

Bellman Stovetop Steamer

Barkley highly recommends this stovetop steamer "for the coffee lover who has to stop into the café because they need that gorgeous, silky foamed milk to make their coffee perfect."

He suggests pairing it with a good milk pitcher like the Zulay or WPM above to get that coffeeshop-quality steamed milk — and maybe even perfect your latte art prowess.

MIDRANGE MILK FROTHERS TO CONSIDER: Secura Electric Milk Frother ($40), Paris Rhône 4-in-1 Frother/Steamer ($50), Paris Rhône Detachable Milk Frother/Hot Chocolate Maker ($60)

Best budget scale

Greater Goods Digital Scale

Agrawal likes this accessible scale for measuring his beans to make drip and pour-over coffee, but it's actually more versatile than that.

"I use this scale a multipurpose scale as I like to weigh my meals when I am prepping for photo shoots ... and end up using it for weighing coffee as well," he explains.

Best midrange scale

Escali Primo Scale

This is Bell's favorite budget, no-frills coffee scale.

"It is super easy to use and comes in great colors like Pumpkin Orange," she explains. (Yes, pumpkin latte lovers have more to rave about!)

Also available Warm Red, Tarragon Green and Soft Pink, this digital scale in can accommodate up to 11 pounds. It’s also user-friendly, with only two buttons to operate.

Best high-end scale

Acaia Pearl Scale

For a more upscale pick, Markiewicz loves his Acaia. There's plenty of reasons why, he says: It has a small footprint, features an illuminated and easy-to-read display, and is easy to clean. Plus, he adds, "it is rechargeable and comes with an app featuring recipe recommendations, as well as a place to store your personal favorites."

You can also take this precise tool beyond simple weighing with its real-time flow-rate indicator, so you can perfect your pour-over craft. It comes in three colors: an elegant all-white or all-black, or a futuristic pitch black.

Best budget warmer

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

For those who only drink a cup or two per day but likes to stretch it out throughout the morning, this nifty warmer will keep your joe at the perfect temperature. We're also a fan of its easy-to-wipe surface and portability. (And yes, a few of us at Shop TODAY who forget we have a cup of joe have one at our desk to keep it hot.)

Best high-end warmer

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug 2

The Ember is an alternative (and arguably cooler?) way to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature throughout your long morning commute or during back-to-back Zoom calls.

This 12-ounce, app-operated mug maintains the exact heat level you prefer for up to three hours, so there’s no need to reheat lukewarm coffee in the microwave. It comes with a charging coaster, and the app lets you preset temperatures and receive notifications.

Best budget pour-over coffee maker

Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker

"The only one I have and still use it," says Agrawal, who likes using the pour-over tool for mild, course-ground coffee. A standout feature we like is the reusable mesh stainless steel filter, so instead of disposable paper filters absorbing some of your favorite brew's flavors, you'll get more of each fragrant drop.

What's more, many reviewers said using the coffee maker is super intuitive. "It's a dead simple design that is idiot-proof and yields a decent pour-over," said one verified reviewer. The carafe, made of sturdy borosilicate glass, as well as the filter are dishwasher-safe.

Best midrange pour-over coffee maker

Chemex 6-Cup Classic Coffeemaker

A quality name brand, elegant detailing, compact shape and user-friendly design: There's a reason many a coffee nerd has this on their countertop. Take it from La Colombe's Markiewicz: "Nothing looks more magical on your countertop than a Chemex glistening in the morning sun," he says.

The brand started this now-familiar pour-over design, and it's made of strong, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass that won't leave any aftertaste in your freshly poured coffee. It's dishwasher-safe, too.

Best splurge pour-over gadget

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

For perfectly executed pour-over coffee, "it's all about finesse," says Markiewicz, which is why he thinks this quick-heating gooseneck kettle is a must-have.

"Proper coffee brewing requires control of your flow rate, or how quickly/aggressively the water contacts the coffee," he explains. This electric kettle does the trick due to its curved neck, which "allows you to control the rate at which water and coffee mingle," Markiewicz adds. Plus, it comes in seven sleek colors to complement your kitchen décor.

Best moka pot

Bialetti Express 6-Cup Moka Pot

"I used to have a Bialetti and loved it," Zabloudil says, and it's not hard to see why. It’s simple to use: You fill the water to the designated level in the lower chamber, put ground coffee in the filter, screw the pieces together, and place it on your stove to boil. The result? Amazing espresso-like coffee.

P.S. It's available in smaller (3-cup) or larger (12-cup) sizes as well.

Best budget espresso cup

Real Deal Steel "Little Sipper" Insulated Espresso Cups

If a vintage, straight-from-Italy vibe is less important to you than functionality, you'll like this set of four stainless steel insulated espresso cups from Real Deal Steel. The material is a high-quality 18/8 steel, and it has a powder finish that helps it resist scratches or chips. Plus, because of its double-wall insulation, you can sip piping-hot espresso without burning your hands. Note, however, that these are hand-wash only.

Best midrange espresso cup

De'Longhi Porcelain Espresso Cups

For something still accessible but also gives you that Italian boutique feel, go for these porcelain espresso cups from Zabloudil's favorite brand. Each of the two 3-ounce cups comes with a saucer, and they're both microwave- and dishwasher-safe. We like their simple yet classic color and elegant shape.

Best high-end espresso cup

Vietri Ceramics Italian Espresso Cup Set

Agrawal's favorite espresso accessory is a little espresso cup. "I find them really cute," he says. The one he uses is from a boutique shop in Venice, Italy. Unfortunately, Agrawal's pick is not available to purchase online, but we like these hand-painted set of four cups as a gorgeous alternative.

Each set is considered unique, varying slightly in color, size and shape, which in our opinion adds to their appeal. Each one is "handmade and painted in Vietri Sul Mare, Italy, and ships from our shop in Florida," the brand says on their Etsy storefront.

HOME ESPRESSO MACHINES TO CONSIDER: Gevi 20 Bar High Pressure Espresso Machine ($130), Calphalon Compact Espresso Machine ($280), Calphalon Temp iQ ($350)

Best Keurig variety pack

Keurig Variety Pack

If you love your Keurig machine and how easy it is to use, but also love changing up the flavors of your morning joe, look no further than this 40-pod variety pack by the brand. It's chock-full of flavors (20 varieties, in fact), including unflavored coffee for those days you're in a rush, as well as more decadent flavors like butter toffee and classic cinnamon roll for slow weekends when you want to savor every sip.

KEURIG-COMPATIBLE PODS TO CONSIDER: San Francisco Bay Compostable Coffee Pods - Variety Pack ($30)

Best reusable K-cup filter

My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter

If you're trying to cut down on your K-cup usage, however, we've got you covered. Both Bender and Emma Stessman, one of Shop TODAY's associate editors, swear by these reusable K-cups. "I love that the Keurig is so easy to use but hate how wasteful the K-cups are, so I love this little guy," raves Stessman. "I just scoop it in, put it in the Keurig and then I'm good to go. I like how it makes it more customizable, too, so I can add more grounds when I want a stronger cup," she adds.

Plus, it's safe for the dishwasher, which is one less thing to worry about. And full disclosure: Their raves made me buy one too after a different reusable cup I was using went kaput — and I'm sticking with this one.

Best Nespresso accessory

Nespresso Versilo Capsule Dispenser

"I used to drink Nespresso before starting Cozy Bear Coffee; I still have this from that time," says Agrawal, who recommends this transparent dispenser. It's also slim, compact and holds up to 40 Nespresso pods, which means you can organize, store and display your favorite flavors all at once. We love a versatile kitchen tool!

Best budget coffee canisters

Aspen Medium White Stoneware Canister

For something a little cheaper and more rustic, Cocchi recommends this a cute stoneware container with a wooden lid and included scoop. This one by Aspen serves both as a functional storage container for your beans as well as a homey decorative piece to your kitchen, if that's your aesthetic. We also like the included spoon, which helps with consistent serving sizes.

Zurich Coffee Container with Scoop

"I bought this during my time in school and I still use it," Agrawal says about this long-lasting container. It has a durable stainless steel build and tight-fitting seal, as well as an included helpful scoop. If your kitchen style is less rustic and more sleek or minimalistic, the silver finish of this container will help it fit right in.

Best midrange coffee canister

Airscape Coffee Canister

Store beans in this airtight and "light-tight" container to preserve freshness and flavor, Bell recommends. (In fact, she likes it so much she gave one to her dad.) The compact 32-ounce size holds approximately a half pound of whole bean coffee — and will look great on your countertop.

Best coffee maker cleaner

Biocaf Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder

"We use Urnex Biocaf to clean our espresso machines and accessories at Café Grumpy, but it also works great at home if you want to get any coffee or tea stains out of your mugs," says Bell, adding that you can also use it for coffee pots, travel mugs and more.

Yes, it's powerful enough for commercial-grade coffee machines, but true to its name, it only uses plant-based sources. It helps clean residue from everything from screens to filter baskets to espresso valves. And it's odorless!

Best coffee cleaning tool

Full Circle Crumb Runner

Bet you didn't think you needed this, but Bell begs to differ. "Coffee makes a mess, so we use various brushes to try to keep our counters clean and free of grinds," Bell says. "The Full Circle Crumb Runner is good because it is small and comes with a squeegee that doubles as a tabletop dustpan."

Better yet, Full Circle makes all its tools replaceable and don't use any toxic materials, according to the small business. We like that it's cute enough to keep on the counter, so you can sweep up any grounds without have to rummage in a drawer.

How we chose the best coffee gadgets

To come up with our list of the best coffee accessories, the Shop TODAY team did the following:

  1. Consulted the editors in our team who love coffee and brew their own at home;
  2. Asked various coffee experts we know what tools they use at home and what their budget picks are;
  3. Scoured the Internet for bestselling tools with mostly positive verified reviews from several retailers; and
  4. Made sure that we picked a mix of both high-end and budget coffee gadgets and accessories that meet a variety of coffee needs.

Meet our experts

  • Adit Agrawal is the founder of AlcoEats, a food distribution company that recently launched coffee products. Its mission statement is to "provide tastier, healthier and better food items to every pantry in America."
  • Sam Barkley is the CEO and co-founder of Home Brew Coffee Consulting LLC, in New York City. He loves empowering his clients to feel like professional coffee tasters.
  • Caroline Bell is co-founder and co-owner of Cafe Grumpy in Brooklyn, New York. Her go-to coffee gift is a vintage mug from her favorite local ceramic artists.
  • Josey Markiewicz is La Colombe Coffee Roaster’s Senior Director of Café — aka the brand's resident coffee expert. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia.