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Skip the drive-thru — here's what you need to make delicious coffee at home

Fashion designer Peter Som is sharing all the ways to elevate your cup of joe.

Everyone enjoys the taste of craft coffee, but no one enjoys shelling out $6 each time they want a fancy cold brew or a perfectly frothed latte. Even if buying coffee is a weekly treat (at most), those expenses add up — at the end of the month, you're looking at nearly $25 worth of coffee that you could have made at home for way less.

And, according to Pinterest, people seem to be catching onto that idea. Searches are up 3,595% year-over-year for "iced coffee recipes at home" and searches for "at home coffee bar" are up 647% from last year. So, if you're looking to ditch the drive-thru and elevate your at-home coffee experience, you're in luck.

Fashion designer and Pinterest culinary creator Peter Som, who has nearly three million followers on Pinterest, stopped by Hoda & Jenna to share everything you need to elevate your at-home coffee experience. From expert-approved coffee grinders to the beans you'll need to make a brew, Som has the finds that will have you feeling like a barista in your own home.

How to make coffee at home

Beans and brew

Letterfolk Coffee Passport Journal

Although it's not a must, a journal can be helpful in your coffee bar setup. Use it to keep track of what you like and don't like, and any recipes that pique your interest.

Philz Cold Brew in a Box

San Francisco-based Philz Coffee ships its chocolatey cold brew right to your door, which means the only effort required is pouring it into your cup. One box contains 16 cups, which means you're spending less than $3 a day for a 14-day supply.

Wandering Bear Cold Brew Coffee On Tap

Wandering Bear's cold brew is smooth and can be enjoyed straight from the tap. According to the brand, it contains three times as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.

Counter Culture Coffee Big Trouble Medium Roast

If you prefer to make your own brew from scratch, these medium roast beans have a flavor profile that is nutty, with hints of caramel.

Coffee grinders and scale

Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

According to Som, grinding your beans just before brewing gives the best flavor. If you're just starting to grind your own beans, Som says this grinder from Krups is a great gadget to start with. The design is simple and it won't break the bank.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The experts we spoke to earlier this year recommended burr grinders over blade grinders, as they produce more consistent results. Som finds this one easy to use and pointed out that it can grind eight-ounces of beans in 40 distinct consistencies.

Apexstone Coffee Scale

The perfect cup of coffee starts with the scale. This one from Apexstone provides precise measurements and even features a built-in timer to help yield a consistent brew.

Storing and making iced coffee

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This bestselling cold brew maker is what one Shop TODAY editor considered the best part of their morning routine. It can hold a liter of iced coffee, so you can make a batch on Monday and enjoy it through Friday.

Osaka Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Som also recommends using this glass carafe if you just want to make a batch and keep it in the fridge all week long.

Pop & Bottle Organic Cold Brew Coffee Almond Milk

With the convenience of coffee to go with no waiting time, this cold brew from Pop & Bottle is made with Fair Trade coffee, a little bit of almond milk and is sweetened with dates.

Williams Sonoma Perfect Cube Tray with Lid

These silicone trays can make the perfect ice cubes for any cold drink, but the containers themselves might impress you more than the cubes. Since they're made from silicone, it's easy to pop out ice when you need it, but the lids that keep water from spilling or ice from falling out seal the deal. Pro tip: Fill the trays with cold brew and freeze them to prevent your coffee from watering down.

Ouddy Ice Cube Trays (Set of 2)

You can score a set of trays for just $6 and reuse them to create perfectly portioned ice cubes.

Monin Coffee Collection Gourmet Flavorings

Add some flavor to your coffee with this variety pack of flavors from Monin. It includes caramel, amaretto, French hazelnut, Irish cream and vanilla syrups.

How to brew coffee at home

Espro Stainless Steel Travel French Press

If you prefer a more sophisticated sip, French press coffee is the way to go. This method is a little bit of a longer process, but the result — a robust cup that isn't bitter — is worth it. Because this version from Espro is insulated, you can bring it along anywhere and keep your coffee hot for hours.

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker

Although this method looks more like a setup you'd see in a chemistry lab rather than a coffee shop, using a Chemex to brew your coffee results in a cleaner brew, since the filters extract sediment that make coffee bitter. This carafe can also be covered, stored in the fridge and reheated without compromising the integrity of the drink.

De'Longhi EC680M Espresso Machine

If you find yourself purchasing espresso drinks more often than not, an espresso machine is an investment that will pay off in the long run. This machine from De'Longhi can make a single or double shot, is easy to clean and even features a manual frother.

Breville The Bambino

The Bambino's narrow design means it won't take up an obnoxious amount of space on your kitchen counter, but it still has enough room to perform all the functions you'd need it to. It can brew up to two shots at once, features an electronic temperature control, has a steam wand to froth milk and a hot water outlet.

How to froth milk and what milks to use

Zulay Original Milk Frother

The bestselling kitchen appliance on Amazon, this affordable handheld frother can be used for more than just whisking milk to perfection; it can be used with matcha, eggs, protein powder and practically any other ingredient in your kitchen.

Secura Electric Milk Frother

If you don't have the time to froth your milk, this gadget will do it for you. Simply plug it in, press the correct button for the temperature of your drink and then pour.

Califia Farms Barista Blend OatMilk

Plant-based milks are a great way to try adding different flavors and consistencies to your coffee. Oat milk is one tasty option to consider.

Táche Original Blend Pistachio Milk

Nutty, sweet and packed with flavor, pistachio milk is another milk making its way into the market. It froths easily and is low in calories and sugar.

Forager Unsweetened Creamy Cashew Milk

Cashew milk has a creamy texture that will make for tasty lattes and espresso drinks. This blend from Forager is made with four simple ingredients: cashew milk (which is filtered water and cashews), vanilla extract, fenugreek, konjac and sea salt.

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