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Welcome to Shop TODAY! We’re the division of TODAY.com that makes shopping recommendations and informs our audience about trending products, timely deals, celebrity favorites and more.

Shop TODAY editors, writers and experts recommend items that are both newsworthy and shoppable, based on interviews with specialists, online reviews and personal experiences. We’re obsessed with shopping and spend all day scouring the internet for products we really like and hope you’ll enjoy! Our team independently selects each item because we think they're worth knowing about.

If we have a paid relationship with an advertiser, we will be sure to let you know and the article will clearly be labeled as 'Sponsored' or 'Branded'. And we will always let you know why we are featuring a product – if we haven’t tried it ourselves we’ll let you know, and we may still share it because thousands of you have!

We choose the items in our articles in a few ways:

1. On the Show

Segments on TODAY regularly feature products that our viewers are interested in buying, curated by a stable of lifestyle contributors. To make it easier for you to find the things you’ve seen on the show, we often write posts detailing the featured items and how you can purchase them.

2. Deal and Sale Alerts:

We know the TODAY audience loves a good deal. We highlight deals on individual items or sales from retailers that we think our audience will want to know about, using some of the same careful selection criteria as with anything we post.

3. Shopping Guides:

For readers looking for something specific (anything from an air purifier to a gift for a 1-year-old), we’ve created a series of shopping guides to help find exactly what you need. Some guides feature products recommended by experts in relevant fields, like doctors or child development experts. Other timely shopping guides are targeted towards a particular holiday or interest and are made up of a curated list of products the writer thinks would make great gifts, taking care to only recommend items they would purchase themselves.

4. Product Spotlights:

These pieces are the opinion of one TODAY editor or writer who loved a product so much they needed to tell you about it. We try to walk you through our experience, tell you why we bought this thing in the first place, what our first impressions were and why we love it so much.

5. Trending Stories:

Sometimes a product is so buzzy we just have to talk about it. This can include anything from new product launches to bestselling items, items with lots of positive reviews, products that have seen a spike in sales, etc. We scour news sites, monitor social media and bookmark the bestsellers sections of many retail sites to stay on top of the latest trends. We also speak directly to retailers for information on new product launches and exclusive data on top selling items from that month.

Our inspiration can come from almost anywhere, so if we’re including interesting data in these pieces we’ll be sure to let you know where that information is coming from, like the Movers and Shakers page on Amazon or sales numbers shared directly from retailers. We may not have had a chance to try all these products ourselves (and if we haven’t, we’ll let you know), but thought you’d like to hear about them while they’re hot.

How it works

We have affiliate relationships with retailers. That means when you see a link to a retailer in a Shop TODAY story, we may receive a commission fee if you click on that link and decide to purchase anything from that retailer. If you return the items for any reason, we make nothing. We work with several different affiliate networks (like Amazon.com, through the Amazon Associates program) to track referrals from our site to merchant sites and we occasionally create direct relationships with individual retailers who don’t participate in larger affiliate programs.

The majority of articles written on Shop TODAY aren’t advertisements and as an editorial team, we determine coverage based on what we think you’d like to see. The goal of our content is to provide a service to the reader who’s looking for the next gadget or product that could make their life easier, from the shirt that will make them feel extra confident to the beauty product to make getting ready quicker and everything in between.

Who we are

Shop TODAY is a separate unit that operates independently of the editorial team. Our team is made up of editors and writers who naturally love to shop and poke around the internet to find the things worth spending your money on. We work closely with the Today.com editorial team and make coverage decisions informed by our shared understanding of the Today.com mission.

Courtney Gisriel, Commerce Editor

I used to hoard babysitting money for months to pay for the special purse I wanted for school or a pair of shoes I’d been eyeing at the local vintage store – so it’s not surprising I’ve grown up to write about shopping. I’ve always loved clothes and accessories but now that I’m an adult I also care about finding the best robotic vacuum or budget sheets and want to help share that info with you, too!

Daniel Boan, Associate Commerce Editor

I'm Daniel Boan and I'm an Associate Commerce Editor. When I'm not obsessing over the latest skin care products at Sephora, aimlessly window shopping around New York City, or searching through Amazon for the best deals, you can find me writing about the latest trending products for the Shop TODAY team! No matter what I'm doing, I can almost always be found with an iced coffee in hand.

Megan Foster, Associate Commerce Editor

My name is Megan Foster and I am an Associate Commerce Editor for TODAY.com. I naturally gravitate toward finding the best deals, and enjoy spending my free time shopping and discovering unique experiences, brands, and products in my city. I’ve been an avid TODAY watcher since my childhood, and working behind-the-scenes has always been my dream.

Kara Quill, Associate Social Commerce Editor

I’m Kara Quill, the Associate Commerce Social Editor. When I’m not scouring the vintage shops for the best deals, I’m focusing on social storytelling. I’m always searching social media for all the best sales and trends to bring to TODAY readers. Follow us our Facebook page, Shop TODAY!

Camryn La Sala, Commerce Editorial Assistant

My name is Camryn La Sala and I am a Commerce Editorial Assistant for TODAY.com. As the youngest of three daughters, shopping was often my family’s favorite pass time while growing up. For as long as I can remember, I have been recommending my favorite products to my friends and family — and now I do it for a living! When I’m not searching for the hottest items and trends, you can find me hitting up the newest sample sale or planning my next international trip!