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Everything you need to know about Shop TODAY

Welcome to Shop TODAY!

Welcome to Shop TODAY!

We are the section of that covers all things shopping, from expert-approved recommendations to online deals and sales, your favorite TODAY segments and streaming shows, gift guides for everyone in your life and much more.

As shopping enthusiasts, we seek out what’s new and great in style, beauty, home, tech and more to empower our audience to find products that will make their lives rewarding, easier and more fun.

The Shop TODAY editors and writers search the internet to find the best products out there. We often interview expert sources, comb through customer reviews and even use our own personal experiences to make shopping easier for our readers.

How it works

As an editorial team, we independently create content and determine coverage based on research, reporting and what we think readers would like to read about. The goal of our content is to provide a service and inform readers who are on the hunt for the latest products to help make their life better. Items are sold by retailer, not TODAY. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

We have affiliate relationships with retailers. This means when you click a link to shop from our articles, we may receive a commission if you decide to purchase anything from our links to that retailer. If you return the items for any reason, we make nothing. This affiliate relationship does not impact our editorial decision to feature a product.

The articles on Shop TODAY are editorially independent. If we have a paid relationship with a brand, however, we will be sure to let you know with the following labels:

  • Sponsored by: an advertiser funds the content in whole or in part and the Shop TODAY editorial team independently creates content that may include products that are sold by the advertiser. The advertiser does not review or approve the content.
  • Paid content: an advertiser pays Shop TODAY to create content about their brand. The advertiser may provide a list of products to review, but the Shop TODAY editorial team independently selects the products featured and recommended. The advertiser does not review or approve the content.
  • Promoted by: an advertiser pays Shop TODAY to amplify the content after it was independently created by the Shop TODAY editorial team. The advertiser does not review or approve the content.

Lastly, we will always let you know why we are featuring a product – whether it was featured on the show, going viral on social media, expert-recommended or hand-picked by our team.

Has your product been featured?

Shop TODAY is editorially independent and our team of editors and writers work hard to pick the best products to share with our readers and viewers. We may license our logo to brands or products that were bestsellers, editors’ picks or otherwise seen on Shop TODAY. Click here if you're interested in licensing you inclusion in Shop TODAY content or learn more from our licensing partner, Wrights Media.