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Everything you need to know about Shop TODAY

Welcome to Shop TODAY!
9am Gift Guide Hour
Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Welcome to Shop TODAY!

We are the section of that covers all things shopping, from expert-approved recommendations to online deals and sales, your favorite TODAY segments, gift guides for everyone in your life and much more.

The Shop TODAY editors and writers search the internet to find the best products out there. We often interview expert sources, comb through customer reviews and even use our own personal experiences to make shopping easier for our readers.

How it works

As an editorial team, we independently create content and determine coverage based on research, reporting and what we think readers would like to read about. The goal of our content is to provide a service and inform readers who are on the hunt for the latest products to help make their life better.

We have affiliate relationships with retailers. This means when you click a link to shop from our articles, we may receive a commission if you decide to purchase anything from our links to that retailer. If you return the items for any reason, we make nothing. This affiliate relationship does not impact our editorial decision to feature a product.

The articles on Shop TODAY are editorially independent. If we have a paid relationship with a brand, however, we will be sure to let you know with the following labels:

  • Sponsored by: an advertiser funds the content in whole or in part and the Shop TODAY editorial team independently creates content that may include products that are sold by the advertiser. The advertiser does not review or approve the content.
  • Paid content: an advertiser pays Shop TODAY to create content about their brand. The advertiser may provide a list of products to review, but the Shop TODAY editorial team independently selects the products featured and recommended. The advertiser does not review or approve the content.
  • Promoted by: an advertiser pays Shop TODAY to amplify the content after it was independently created by the Shop TODAY editorial team. The advertiser does not review or approve the content.

Lastly, we will always let you know why we are featuring a product – whether it was featured on the show, going viral on social media, expert-recommended or hand-picked by our team.

Adrianna Barrionuevo Brach, Editorial Director

Adrianna is a former beauty and style editor who began her writing career at Lucky, a magazine about shopping. The south Florida native has been writing and editing shoppable content for over a decade and has been to almost every sample sale in New York City. When she’s not browsing online sales for home décor, or deals on fashion, she’s probably testing out new skin care and hair products.

Alexandra Deabler, Editor

Alexandra began her editorial career in 2013. Since then, she has worked as a travel writer and lifestyle editor for several print and digital brands. Now, if she isn’t out hunting for the best scone (or cappuccino) in New York City, the California-native is typically found searching for deals on eclectic kitchen goods and trying to keep her finger on the latest trends.

Jess Bender, SEO Editor

Jess, Shop TODAY’s SEO Editor, has gravitated towards good deals since she was a child when her and her brother would play hide-and-seek in the sales rack while their mom ran errands. Nowadays, she spends her time sampling coffee and spices from independent brands, browsing her favorite bookstores for a good read, and researching the hottest trends for editorial.

Becca Delman, Photo Editor

Becca is the Commerce Photo Editor on the Shop TODAY and NBC Shopping team. Prior to joining the team, she worked in publishing and e-commerce. When she is not sourcing or creating imagery, she can be found on her Peloton, hanging with her dog, drinking coffee and searching for the best pizza in New York City.

Kara Quill, Social Associate Editor

Kara is an Associate Social Editor. When she's not scouring the vintage shops for great deals, you can find her reading the next book on her ridiculously long list. She focuses on social storytelling and is always searching for the best trends and new products to bring to TODAY readers. You can follow the team on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Alicia Tan, Associate Editor

Alicia’s first foray into digital journalism was at Mashable, where she wrote about consumer gadgets and the intersection of tech and lifestyle. She took a five-year break from media and worked in book publishing before joining the Shop TODAY team. As an associate editor, she focuses on shoppable broadcast content featured on TODAY. Off the clock, this Texan is eating hot Cheetos or buying books.

Danielle Murphy, Associate Editor

Danielle, an Associate Commerce Editor for Shop TODAY, got her start in the entertainment industry in 2013, until shifting to writing and editing full-time a few years later. When the New Jersey native isn’t reading a hardcore fantasy book or eating her favorite BEC sandwich, you can find her scouring the internet for trending products and killer deals.

Emma Stessman, Editorial Assistant

Emma is an Editorial Assistant. Her mom taught her how to scour a sale rack at an early age and she has been obsessed with finding deals ever since. When she is not scrolling for items to add to her wish list, you can find her testing new wellness products, curling up with a book or planning her next weekend getaway.

Jillian Ortiz, Editorial Assistant

Jillian is an editorial assistant at Shop TODAY. Growing up she loved shopping, especially since it likely wasn’t on her own dime. Now, she scours reviews and learns from experts about what products are actually worth purchasing, and gets to share that with readers. When she’s not writing, she can be found with her headphones in perusing clearance racks, traveling or paying too much money for coffee.

Kamari Stewart, SEO Editorial Assistant

Kamari is an Editorial Assistant for SEO. After interning with the Shop TODAY team during her final semester of college, she spent a year working as a Production Coordinator for the Quibi team at NBC News before her returning. Known amongst her friends and family for finding the best deals, she's always on the hunt for the next best sale. When she's not doing that, you can usually find her with her reading.

Daniella Musacchio, Social Editorial Assistant

Daniella is a Social Commerce Editorial Assistant and former NBCU Page. As a New York City native, she loves exploring the city’s best hidden gems and doesn’t mind a little retail therapy. When she’s not scrolling through TikTok in search of the latest trends, you can find her curled up with her Yorkie and a book, binge-watching the latest TV shows or testing out vegetarian recipes.

Cassidy McKenna, Production Coordinator

Cassidy is a Production Coordinator for Shop TODAY. Previously an NBCU Page, she has spent over a year working in the entertainment industry and garnered a knack for finding fun, unique buys. Outside of work, you might find Cassidy taking a dance class or tracking down the best eats in NYC.

Sunah Syed, Production Coordinator

Sunah is a Production Coordinator at Shop TODAY and an alma mater of NYU. You can almost always find her searching for the newest and coolest pet products and testing them out with the help of her two cats (and coworkers, of course). When she’s taking a break from that, you’ll likely find her planning a solo trip somewhere on a different continent or crossing things off of her bucket list.