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True & Co. bras are just as comfy as you'd expect

Each of the True & Co. bras I tested were insanely soft and lightweight.
Illustration of the True & Co. True Body Lift Mesh Triangle Bralette in different colors
TODAY Illustration / True & Co.
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Like many women, I've been living in loungewear and have barely touched my makeup bag over the past year. But the most freeing part of working from home has definitely been ditching my bra.

Early on in the pandemic, a lot of my friends started joking about how they were never going to wear a bra again and while that dream was short-lived, it was nice while it lasted. Still, the past year has given me a newfound appreciation for comfy bras that don't feel like they're trying to suffocate you.

I'll be the first to admit that finding a stylish and comfortable bra isn't always easy. So, when I heard about True & Co., an intimates brand that's won the hearts of shoppers for its comfortable, stylish bras, I decided it was worth exploring. I recently tested a few items from the collection and totally understand why it's causing such a stir.

Each of the True & Co. bras I tested were insanely soft, comfortable and lightweight, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that they were underwire-free. But there was certainly one style that stood out for me and that was the True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Mesh Bra.

True & Co. True Body Lift Mesh Triangle Bralette

I actually forgot I was wearing it

Wearing a bra can be a real chore when you come across one that constantly digs into your shoulders or one that has the underwire from hell. But the craziest thing happened while I was testing the True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Mesh Bra: I actually forgot I was wearing it.

Once I adjusted the straps to the perfect spot, I went about my day and was blissfully unaware that I had a bra on. It's so soft and fits like a glove without feeling tight or cumbersome at all. My only critique would be the bra's removable pads, but that's a bit of a personal preference since I'm used to built-in cups.

It's strong enough to last through workouts

I put my new bra to the test while doing a range of workouts - stationary biking, ab work and dancing - and it passed with flying colors on each occasion. It offered plenty of support without feeling bulky or leaving me sweaty, which is quite a feat if you ask me.

The flexible size makes it easy to find the right fit

Bra sizes are supposed to be universal, but I always end up wearing a different sizes in different brands. Luckily, True & Co took the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit with flexible sizes ranging from XS to XL. Each letter corresponds to a range of sizes - for instance, a medium works perfectly for sizes 34C-D and 36A-B - so you don't have to worry about buyer's remorse if you're ordering online.

The pull-on design is ideal for lazy days

Putting a bra on and closing the clasps from behind takes a certain amount of skill, but it's something most of us do without thinking twice. Still, it can be a pain. So, when I realized True & Co's mesh bra has no closure — it just pulls on — I was excited for the opportunity to just toss it on and go about my day. Sure, it only saves me about 30 seconds in my morning routine, but every second counts on busy days!

It comes in a range of colors

Every bra collection needs a few basic colors like nude and black, and True & Co. certainly has those bases covered. But the brand also offers the mesh bra (and other styles) in vibrant colors like purple and turquoise. And these days, it's the little things - like a fun pop of color - that put a smile on my face.

It's a bit pricey, but worth it

This bra is, admittedly, a bit of an investment. But after a year of getting used to the loungewear life, I'm pretty excited to have finally found a bra that matches my new relaxed approach to my wardrobe.

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