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How do you put on a bra? New debate proves it's not that simple

If you thought there was only one way to put on a bra, prepare to be surprised.
Putting a bra on
Twitter users are debating the best way to put on a bra.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Twitter users are once again debating one of life's most pressing questions. The topic up for debate this time: How to put on a bra.

It all started when Twitter user Maddie B., who goes by the handle @nakaimosu and prefers not to share her last name, asked her followers what their go-technique is, writing: "hey y’all how do you put on a bra?? with the clasp in front of you and then turn it around, or putting the bra on regularly and clasping it from the back ??? I GOTTA KNOW."

She even posted a side-by-side, color-coded comparison of the two possible techniques.

If you thought there was one way to put a bra on, you're not alone. Most Twitter users simply assumed that everyone else used their same way.

When taking sides, many of Maddie's followers were impressed that other folks could even master a different technique. Take Twitter user @snakequeen00, for instance, who wrote, "I’ve wondered for a long time if people are actually skilled enough to clasp it in the back. Like HOW - infact when I was younger I thought it was a skill I’d learn but at 19 I’ve yet to figure it out."

On the other hand, @protect_zaynie argued that the "red method" is so much easier than the "blue method:" "For me red is so much faster. You just have to practice a little bit. Then you can put on the whole bra in less than 5 seconds."

Many users admitted that they've altered their bra techniques over the years.

And some folks even offered up alternate ways to put a bra on.

Some of their solutions were admittedly a bit bizarre (and possibly jokes).

And some of them truly made Maddie laugh, she told TODAY Style.

Before Maddie even thought about polling her Twitter community, she started by asking her inner circle how they tackle the task of putting on a bra every day.

"I was having this random thought one afternoon about how long it takes me sometimes to put on a bra with clasps, and I felt like asking my friends how long it takes them and the way they put one on to see if they could relate or if I was just being strange," she told TODAY Style. "They each said different ways on how they put on a bra, and it turned into this huge girl debate on which way is the more efficient and better way vs. the longer, more difficult way."

So Maddie took to Twitter to open up the debate even more.

"I wanted to see what others thought about it, so I tweeted it; and to my surprise it turns out everyone feels the same about the debate and has their own way of putting on a bra. Everyone has the method that’s easiest for them due to how they were taught to put one on. The responses I get are quite funny!" she said.

While the online community continues to debate the merits of putting a bra on one way or another, we asked Maddie what method she herself prefers.

"I put mine on with the clasp in the front and turn it around solely because that’s how I learned to do it and I never grew out of it," she said. "But seeing other people’s comments put it into perspective that there is in fact more than one way to put a bra on other than the way I've stuck to doing this entire time. It makes me want to try out the other ways too and see if I’ve been missing out the entire time!"