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19 best home workouts for beginners to stream online

No weights? No problem.
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Raise your hand if you can’t remember the last time you went to a gym but figuring out a “working out” routine still happens to be at the top of your midsummer fitness goals list.

You’re not alone. Even though we're already halfway through bikini season, there's no right or wrong time to get back on the horse when it comes to your health. The problem? You’re new to the fitness game and have no idea where to start. With new digital services popping up left and right, the idea of simply getting started sounds intimidating and impossible.

Thankfully, there are plenty of platforms to turn to when you want an easy-to-follow workout that won’t have you bedridden for days afterward. Whether you want to try something new or ease back into your favorite type of exercise (without leaving the house!), these streaming services have the tools you need to work out safely and have a ton of fun doing it.

Dance cardio workouts

The Sculpt Society

This is the perfect workout for anyone allergic to choreography. Following years of forcing herself to the gym, creator Megan Roup set out to find a dance-focused exercise routine that was fun, challenging, and comfortable — and The Sculpt Society was born! The moves are simple yet effective, and all you need are a few small weights to create a stronger and more toned physique. You can download the app for free and score a 14-day free trial for the monthly or annual plans.

DanceBody Live

Whether you’ve been taking dance lessons for years or just stick to watching Shakira’s honest hips, this is the high-energy workout you’ve been waiting for. DanceBody makes it easy for beginners to get acclimated with a series of workouts — from zero-equipment 30-minute intervals to signature classes to get more practice — all of which can be accessed via livestream or on-demand videos.

Jazzercise On Demand

This confidence-boosting program is meant for all ages and fitness levels. Hop into a Dance Mixx class for 40 minutes of calorie-burning cardio and strength training or really challenge yourself (and improve your kickboxing skills!) during an hour-long Strike workout. Every attendee is guaranteed zero judgments, plenty of motivation from trainers, great music and a 14-day free trial so you can get started ASAP.


Bring the dance studio directly into your home with meticulously tailored classes to get you moving anytime, anywhere. Not only will you learn to break it down, but workouts also incorporate circuit, interval and toning training for a full-body experience. On the surface, it looks a little daunting, but take it from reviewer Erin P. who says, “The instructors make each class unintimidating to (non-dancers) such as myself.”

Yoga workouts

Glo Yoga and Meditation

Wannabe yogis, listen up. Or better yet just sign up! Glo is offering an online program specifically modified to help beginners develop their basic poses, master techniques and establish a movement practice. When you start a 7-day free trial, you’ll get access to over 300 classes and 15 programs made specifically to help get you started at your own pace.

Alo Moves

If you’re just starting out in your yoga journey, you’re probably unaware of the many types of practices that are actually available. Not only does Alo provide multiple classes to beginners, but it also includes lessons devoted to prenatal yoga, power vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga and more. There are even specialty classes to help with sleep, kickstart your morning and relieve stress right at your work desk.


Feed your mind, body and soul (without getting your body stuck in a pretzel formation) by becoming a Gaia member, where learning the basics of yoga and meditation is just one of the many benefits. As a member, you’ll also join a supportive system that’s over 500,000 strong, and be granted access to live events, workshops and a library of original films and documentaries.

Strength workouts

Neou Fitness

If you’re a fitness newbie, staying accountable is sometimes just as hard as completing the workouts. This personalized streaming service is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals by providing the tools to track your progress, set weekly goals and even remind you to get off the couch and pick up a few weights.


There’s something incredibly comforting about seeing the slogan “Fitness for Everybody.” Openfit has beginners covered with live trainer-led workouts and on-demand programs, and even throws in a few healthy (and simple!) recipes to keep your nutrition in check. If you’re looking to improve your strength, the total body weight workouts will have you moving muscles you never knew you had.


The Peloton bike is still making waves in the at-home fitness world, but did you know the brand also offers an app that is full of thousands of on-demand, bike-free classes that you can stream directly into your living room? You don’t even need equipment — only a TV and streaming device of your choice.

Pilates workouts

The Be.come Project

This program is all about loving yourself and building confidence. Designed to mimic an in-person boutique gym, you can access these 25-minute Pilates sessions from anywhere. (Yes, only 25 minutes!) Each week, you’ll chose from one of two brand-new workouts to try each day, relying on repetition to transform your experience from just an exercise into a satisfying fitness meditation.

Pilates Anytime

With more than 195 instructors skilled in 40 schools of Pilates, novices in this low-impact type of exercise won’t have a problem finding a workout that fits their skill set (especially when they have over 3,400 to choose from, with new videos added weekly). If you sign up today, you’ll get a 15-day trial for free!


Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t work that core! Pilatesology has a special Quick Start program with three different starter classes that work with your body type and fitness level: Pilates in a Chair Progression, Pre-Pilates Progression and Basic Progression. After working with these world-class teachers, you won’t be a beginner for long.

Cardio/HIIT workouts

Exhale On Demand

Exhale is perfect for those who are constantly on the go. Stream a super-toning HIIT30 class or an intense 15-minute Cardio Fire interval for high-intensity, but doable, challenges that can be streamed on multiple devices for easy access. If you’re trying to avoid a monthly subscription, you have the option to buy all available on-demand videos.

obé fitness

The opportunities are endless with obé fitness’ widespread library of on-demand workouts and fun Training Programs. And the variety doesn’t stop when it comes to HIIT training, with classes that use mini trampolines, concentrate on strength, ease up with some low-impact drills or add a few dance moves to the mix. Between a booked-up 24/7 live class schedule and more than 6,000 videos at your fingertips, planning a workout routine has never been easier.

Daily Burn

Personalize your Daily Burn HIIT sessions right on the app! Choose your fitness level and what equipment you feel comfortable using (or none at all!) and you’ll receive a week’s worth of workouts directly to your phone — so the only work you have to put in is the actual exercise.

Barre workouts

The Bar Method

The Bar Method is exactly the type of streaming program beginners should be looking at. All of the instructors undergo intense training so that you know you’re getting the safest and most effective workout out there. Using a fusion of isometric movements, active stretching and bodyweight resistance, you’ll feel stronger and more toned in just a few weeks.


If you’re not feeling strong, balanced and graceful during a barre workout, you haven’t experienced Barre3. Its streaming subscription includes the options to filter your classes (beginner friendly!), track your progress and join challenges to keep you motivated and inspired. That won’t be hard with new livestreams and on-demand videos added each week.


If you want to see a body transformation, Physique57’s proven methods know how to achieve results. Beginners will want to start out with the New to the Barre program, available on the studio’s on-demand streaming service. You’ll work through a series of videos that are streamlined for newcomers, and you can even add them to your calendar for easy planning.

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This article was originally written on February 11, 2021.