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These 28-minute workouts are perfect for beginners — here's an exclusive discount

For only $18 a month you can get unlimited access to barre, Pilates, yoga, sculpt, and dance classes.
Woman working out to an Ob? fitness class in her home
Ob? Fitness

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I think we can all agree that the worst thing about welcoming a new year is the dreaded tradition of the “resolution” one always feels compelled to make. Like so many others, my goal is finding the motivation to leave those couch-potato days behind me and get my fitness routine back on track — but at my own pace. However, we all know once that ball drops, figuratively speaking (thanks, 2020), the pressure is on.

Thankfully, I found obé Fitness at just the right time.

obé Fitness Membership

Use code TODAY30 to receive 30% off your first month of the monthly package.

What is obé Fitness?

This at-home lifestyle and workout membership brings the boutique fitness experience directly to you. Can you imagine having thousands of classes at your fingertips? Or access to live daily workouts led by NYC’s top instructors? Or the chance to engage with a supportive community at the same time? It sounds too good to be true, right? (Just wait until you hear about the deal they’re offering for TODAY.) I would have agreed with you at one point — until I took a chance and tried it out. Now, I can finally say there’s a reason things are looking up in 2021.

Obé Fitness is beginner-friendly

The great thing about obé Fitness is that it’s meant for everyone at any fitness level — whether you’re a gym-goer, a training newbie or somewhere in between. The programs are perfect for users who need a schedule or the satisfaction of completing a course from start to finish. They range from a series of shorter videos like 7-day Rev-Ups for Abs and two-week conditioning videos for runners to longer challenges like a 28-day Hard AF sweat-inducer and a 30-day Endorphins mood booster program to “channel your inner Lady Gaga.”

Obe fitness instructor sitting down with weights
ob? Fitness

I wasn’t sure where I was on the athletic scale, so I started with a beginner lower body circuit from the WW Just Getting Started Program. The workout was only 11-minutes long, but trainer Walter K. used every second to make sure my legs were on fire by the end!

If you don’t naturally start your day on the right foot, I highly suggest a Winter Yoga Flow with Lulu S. My body and mind were in dire need of a solid stretch and meditation session, so I simply filtered the on-demand library for yoga (have I mentioned how easy and convenient this app is to use?) and hooked up obé Fitness on Roku.

Don’t have an extra 52 minutes to spare in the AM? With over 5,000 workouts (bounce, box, lift, sculpt, barre — you name it, obé has it) that run from 10- to 60-minutes long, obé Fitness practically dares you not to find the perfect class.

The workout was only 11-minutes long, but trainer Walter K. used every second to make sure my legs were on fire by the end!
The workout was only 11-minutes long, but trainer Walter K. used every second to make sure my legs were on fire by the end!Danielle Murphy

Is obé Fitness worth it?

What sets obé Fitness apart from your average program is its dedication to keeping members motivated with live classes streamed morning, noon, and night — every single day. For someone as admittedly unorganized as I’ve been lately (is it too late to add time management to my resolution list?), the unlimited options have made planning my workouts so much easier and far less overwhelming.

Obe Instructor working out with stroller and baby
obé Fitness

What wasn’t as easy was Jackie A.’s Pilates session. This was my first pass at one of the signature 28-minute livestreams, and my abs weren’t quick to thank me for it. Just as I thought my body would give up halfway through, I heard my instructor make a few personal shout-outs and yell so many words of encouragement. It was just what I needed to push through to the end—that, and an awesome playlist.

If I’m being completely honest, I always wake up happier if I know I’m about to start a dance HIIT workout. I’ve always thought of working out as a chore, but Ana C. helps bring the fun back to fitness with her infusion of high-intensity exercises with actual dance moves. Just don’t be surprised when you’re asked to go from quick punches and deep lunges to belly rolls and Charlestons!

How much does obé Fitness cost?

Let’s skip the pressure of a New Year’s resolution and focus on bringing a little joy back into our lives, which is something obé Fitness did for me. Speaking of joy, I’ll let you in on a little secret: The brand is offering 30% off its membership packages through Jan. 31 using the code TODAY30 (that's in addition to the free week-long trial promo that's going on right now!).

The base package is $27 for a month-to-month membership so the promo code TODAY30 would bring it down to about $18 for the first month.. Try finding a deal (or classes as accessible and affordable!) like that at your local boutique gym!

obé Fitness Membership