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16 best ankle and wrist weights for workouts in 2021

Let's get physical!
Woman sitting on the floor on a yoga mat, putting on blue ankle weights
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Whether you're taking a walk around the block or doing intense HIIT classes, it’s time to level up your workout routine with light weights that pack more of a punch than you may think. Yes, ankle weights may only be one to five pounds each, but you’ll be amazed by the burn you get after strapping them on before a home workout.

Below, you’ll find some of the best ankle and wrist weights on the market, according to enthusiastic reviewers.

Top-rated ankle and wrist weights

1. Bala Bangles

There’s just no other ankle weights that are trendier and cooler-looking than the Bala Bangles. These babies can be worn on your wrists or ankles, come in an array of fun colors like blush, sage and cherry red, and are only one pound each.

2. BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle Weights

These ankle weights have a whopping 15,000+ reviews on Amazon and are ideal for anyone who is just getting into the workout groove. They come in an array of weight options (from one to five pounds) and are very easy to put on and take off.

3. P.volve Ankle Weights

The P.volve workout has gained a cult following among its devotees, where ankle weights are a necessity for multiple workouts. These ankle weights are available in 1.5- and 3-pound versions, are filled with sand and won’t leave you feeling that “bulky” feeling you might get with other ankle weights. Reviewers even say that "you end up feeling the (best) burn from them!"

4. Gaiam Ankle Weights

With almost 2,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, these picks from Gaiam are a great addition to add to any workout routine. They come in two weights (2.5 and 5 pounds), and will make for some seriously toned legs whether you're doing proper aerobics or just dancing in your home.

5. Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights

Amazon reviewers love these ankle weights because they’re durable and have strong Velcro closures. The weight can be adjusted to however heavy you’d like them to be — they have little sand bags in the pockets of the ankle weights that are removable.

6. Tone It Up Ankle Weights

Tone It Up fans love these well-made ankle weights to help strengthen and sculpt your legs, core and — most importantly — booty. They offer 2.5 pounds of resistance each and will take any of your workouts "to the next level."

7. Henkelion Adjustable Ankle Weights

With a glowing 4.6-star rating from over 8,000 Amazon shoppers, these ankle weights from Henkelion come in five fun colors and three different weight variants (three, five and 10 pounds). They're also made with a comfortable, moisture-wicking mercerized cotton and have removable sand bags if you'd like to customize how easy or difficult you'd like your cardio to be.

8. The DB Method The Dreamlets

These sleek-looking two-pound weights are designed with a comfortable thumbhole to keep them secure on your wrists during intensive strength training, or they can be worn as classic ankle weights for harder walks or runs.

9. Ankle Weights Set by Pinc Active

If you have smaller wrists or ankles and have trouble finding weights that don’t hang, this set from Pinc Active is a great option for you. They wrap around your ankles fully without feeling loose, and come in a range of sizes depending on how hard you’re trying to go during your next Pilates class.

10. Gymenist Ankle Weights

Another adjustable ankle weight pair, this highly-rated set from Amazon features metal sticks that can be removed to suit your workout needs. Reviewers love how small the weights are (they’re less than a pound each), so you can make even the slightest weight adjustment by removing a metal stick.

11. Prodigen Adjustable Ankle Weights

With five colors and five weight options to choose from, this set from Prodigen features adjustable bags that can be inserted and removed, depending on your weight preferences. Amazon reviewers particularly love them for post-rehab exercising and surgery recovery.

12. Cap Barbell Adjustable Ankle Weights

Not made for the faint of heart, these ankle weights weigh a whopping 10 pounds each (that’s 20 pounds total!) and will get you sweating in no time. Removable weights are included and they work particularly great for leg lifts and glute toning.

13. Equipt Movement Uwrap

Made with luxe vegan leather and neoprene padding, these fancy ankle weights can also be used on your wrists for a workout with style. The weights are three pounds each and are filled with small metal balls, rather than sand.

14. TheraBand Ankle Weights

If you’re looking for weights that are super comfy, look no further than the TheraBand ankle weights. Designed with a soft, nonabrasive terry cloth interior that won’t irritate the delicate skin around your ankles, these Amazon's Choice weights are available in sizes ranging from one to 2.5 pounds.

15. Fitnessery Ankle Weights

Tone and tighten your arms, legs and glutes with these neoprene ankle weights from Fitnessery. With a near-flawless 4.7-star rating from over 2,600 Amazon shoppers, they're available in five sizes (from one to five pounds) and come with its own mesh bag and an e-book with 100 exercises to sculpt your body.

16. Lekfit Ankle Weight

Busy Phillips is a big fan of these ankle weights, especially when she’s doing her dance-inspired, high-intensity, low-impact cardio workout with Lekfit. This pair is sleek, easy to strap on, and are six pounds each.

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