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Stuffing a Gen Z-er’s stocking? We found over 40 options for teens — starting at $4

From Starface pimple patches to a Spotify gift card, your teen will love these finds.
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Never in the history of youthdom has a tween or teen ever wished for a practical gift in their Christmas stocking. While sensible gifts like underwear and gloves may serve an annual tradition under the Christmas tree, holiday stockings are a place for joyous and fun gifts like card games and festive candies.

That’s not to say that teens wouldn’t appreciate a quirky pair of socks, an Amazon gift card or new phone charger tucked inside. But as an add-on to some of the more serious, under-the-tree presents, we're inclined to say that stocking stuffers for teens should be about amusement and novelty.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best stocking stuffers for your teenager, consider this guide a head start. No matter their interests, this list of small gifts is sure to impress. 

Best stocking stuffers for teen boys

St. Nicholas Square Pizza with Slice Ornament

Pizza is one of our love languages and we have an inkling that the teen in your life might feel the same. Not only does this glass ornament represent one of the tastiest foods around, but it’s hand-painted and boasts a touch of glitter, making your Christmas tree shimmer that much more.

SmartSweets Lollipops

Candy lovers will rejoice! While this pack of blue raspberry and watermelon lollipops will satisfy your sweet craving, Smart Sweets is known for using significantly less sugar than other leading candy brands. Case in point? Each lollipop has just one gram of sugar and is sweetened with Stevia. But trust us, they still taste amazing.

Native Fresh Mistletoe Deodorant

Deodorant may be a practical present, but this mistletoe-scented option adds fun to the mundane. Plus, any product that helps your teen smell nice is a gift for everyone. 

Lanyani Men's Minimalist Slim Wallet Bifold

Slim, sleek, stylish and smart, this sophisticated wallet not only keeps your teens cash and cards organized, but it also wards off identity thieves with RFID blocking technology.

Steam Gift Card

Calling all online gamers! Any teen with a Steam account will be stoked to find one of these gift cards in their stocking. Available in multiple denominations, the card gives gamers the option to pick their next adventure and download a plethora of online games. Plus, you don't have to worry about buying a game that's not exactly their speed.

Yeti Rambler Tumbler

Whether they fill it with water, smoothies or coffee, this tumbler is perfect for teens who are constantly on the go. It holds a drink's temperature for hours on end, comes in 11 colors and is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze. Oh, did we mention that you can customize it with an initial or a logo?

Fanatics Seattle Seahawks Blender Bottle

Whether they love to prep with a pre-workout smoothie before hitting the gym or indulge in a protein shake afterwards, your teen can enjoy both with this blender bottle that also reps their favorite team.

Hometall Fingerboard Skatepark

If your recipient is big into fingerboarding or just loves anything to do with skateboarding, they’ll be obsessed with this mini skatepark. We can’t handle the shorts that come with it (for their fingers, of course).

Spotify Premium Gift Card

Your teen may not have inherited your pitch-perfect sound, but you can still pass on the gift of music with a Spotify Premium Gift Card. No ads, no interruptions, just endless tunes that you’ve never heard before.

Best stocking stuffers for teen girls

Body Glide For Her Anti-Chafe Stick

For the avid runner or Hot Girl Walk devotee, consider gifting this anti-chafe stick that will help calm inflamed skin surrounding the thighs or arms. "I have thick legs that rub when walking and this product has been a life saver," said one reviewer, adding that "there's no sticky residue, no odor, dries very quickly and lasts pretty long."

A Sticker Shop Funny Meme Vinyl Stickers Pack

As durable as they are hilarious, these vinyl meme stickers are perfect for your teen's water bottle, laptop, skateboard, bike, bumper and more.

Case-Mate Phone Charm

Phone charms are equal parts cute and convenient. This gold one looks like a trendy link bracelet, but wins major points in the function category, too.

Olive and June Press-On Nails

For a quick and easy manicure that can be applied from the comfort of their couch, stuff these faux nails in your teen's stocking. For just $10, this set comes with 42 nails to press-on (and re-do, should they become ruined). They're also available in different lengths, colors, patterns and designs.

BS-Mall Makeup Brushes

Creating the natural look takes a professional touch or — in this case — a professional brush. With five large brushes for broad strokes and 11 smaller brushes for eye work, this brush set is ready for anything.

Scunci Holiday Assorted Hair Accessory Gift Set

A girl can never have too many hair accessories! This gift set is perfect for the teen who can’t seem to keep track of their scrunchies or satisfy their accessory appetite.

Rapid Repair Hair Mask Bauble

As temperatures drop, a hair mask can work magic on split ends and damaged strands. Offered in a stocking-stuffer sized bottle, this hair mask is a great product for any teen who loves their locks.

NCLA Watermelon Lip Scrub

This snazzy lip scrub will gently exfoliate your teen’s dry or chapped winter lips. It comes in a variety of delicious flavors for your choosing.

The Hair Edit Untangle and Glide Comb

Whether your teen’s hair is ultra-curly or super straight, a wide-tooth comb is essential for gently getting tangles out without damaging hair. It's available in this sweet blush marble and works great on both wet or dry hair.

Hello Franki Star Stud Earring Set

Looking for a slightly subtle festive set of earrings? You'll love this trio from Hello Franki, a tween and teen-focused line from popular brand, Francesca's. With two sets of stars and a gold round stud pair, they'll be set no matter how many ear piercings they have. You have one more day to order with express shipping if you want it to arrive in time for the big day!

Altar’d State Butterfly Claw Clip

Claw clips from the ‘90s have made a big comeback. So if your teen is cursing you for not saving all of your clips from back in the day, you can gift them this cute butterfly claw clip, so they have one of their own.

Pavoi 14 Karat Yellow Gold-Plated Letter Necklace

This initial necklace looks way more expensive than it is! Though we love it on its own, we think it can be easily and beautifully layered with other everyday accessories, too.

Godiva Assorted Cake Truffles

Anyone with a sweet tooth will be psyched to dig into this box of cake-inspired treats. If you play your cards right, you might get to give them a try. But no promises — this set of nine truffles is pretty tempting.

Starface Hydro-Star Pimple Patches + Refillable Compact

Teens are obsessed with pimple patches. With everyone from major celebrities to your next door neighbor rocking them, the Gen Z-er in your life won’t be disappointed to open up a gift from Starface. This refillable compact comes with 32 stars.

Chamberlain Coffee Cold Brew Bags

These cold brew bags are made for Gen Z by influencer Emma Chamberlain. To brew, your teen just needs to combine one cold brew bag with four cups of water. When they wake up the next morning, they can enjoy delicious sipping with notes of vanilla and roasted nuts. Cowboy Boot Trinket Tray

If they can't seem to get enough of the Western styles gracing their social media platforms (think: coastal cowgirl and cowgirl Barbie), gift them with this porcelain catch-all that can serve as a jewelry tray or place to store their keys and other essentials.

Take My Face Off The Mitty Snowman

Major cuteness alert! These gentle, reusable skin cleansing cloths are perfect for sensitive skin and great for the environment, too. The holiday set is designed to look like a snowman (adorable, right?) and each mini mitty can help remove makeup or apply skin care products with ease.

Altar’d State Smiley Glass

If Starbucks and Dunkin’ are their morning go-to’s, help them save a bit of money and take their coffee on-the-go with this reusable and portable glass. With a wooden lid and a glass straw, this cup is easy to wash and features a fun smiley-faced design.

Expression Mobile from MoMA

This abstract face mobile will pass the “cool” test, and can find a home above a desk, bed or vanity. It’s a MoMA exclusive, which may be a helpful fact to drop if she falls into the artsy camp.

Asutra Sleep Mask

We see many self-care nights in your teenager’s future with this cooling gel mask and weighted eye pillow set. According to the brand, the gel mask can be placed in the freezer and worn for a cooling effect and to help soothe puffy eyes. For warmth, heat up the weighted eye pillow in the microwave. Reviewers rave about the lavender scent of the masks, noting that it’s subtle and not overpowering.

Personalized Leatherette Passport Holder

If the teen in your life has caught the travel bug, a personalized passport holder is a fun way to encourage their adventurous spirit. This affordable option comes in two colors — teal and gray — and can be customized with a name or initial in one of multiple fonts.

Florence By Mills Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads

They'll have a whale of a time during their skin care routine with these aquatic-shaped eye patches. Designed to rejuvenate skin underneath the eyes, this 15-pair pack of gel patches they can be used to repair the effects of pulling all-nighters or early morning sports practices. "When I take them off, the area under my eyes is wonderfully illuminated and moisturized," said one reviewer.

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Best book and game stocking stuffers

You: A Novel

Whether your teen cannot wait for the next season of this Netflix series or would prefer to read the book before their weekend binge session, you can gift them the novel that started it all.

Bicycle Disney-Inspired Playing Cards

If they love playing classic card games like garbage, solitaire, speed and others, gift them with this whimsical set of playing cards inspired by Disney character Mickey Mouse.

The How-To Cookbook for Teens: 100 Easy Recipes to Learn the Basics

Despite popular opinion, Bagel Bites are not a food group and a home-cooked meal is not Easy Mac. This introductory cookbook offers 100 easy recipes that require actual ingredients from an actual store. Your teen will marvel at what happens when they mix milk and eggs. Call it STEM, call it food science or just call it breakfast.

Rubik’s Coach Cube

If they don’t know how to solve a Rubik’s cube, winter break is the perfect time to wrestle with the classic brain game. This coach cube features peeling stickers that your teen can remove as they improve their Rubik’s cube game.

Lego London Postcard

For some screen-free time that allows them to create a DIY postcard of one of their favorite cities, or one that they've always wanted to visit, gift them with this miniature Lego set. Along with an instruction booklet, it includes 277 pieces!

Leather Magnetic Bookmark

If they always have their nose in a book, you can make sure they never lose their place with this magnetic leather bookmark. With the ability to be strapped onto the back of the page-turner they're currently devouring, it's super convenient.

Moleskine 2024 Weekly Notebook Planner

Start their year off on the right foot (or help your teen become better with their time management skills) with this 2024 Moleskine planner. This classic red is sure to provide some holiday cheer, but they're available in a variety of colors.

Game of Phones

Phones obviously have games on them, but now the phone is the game itself? Mind blown. That’s what happens in this interactive battle of devices. It's best used with cellular phones, but if you try to play with a rotary, please have your more tech-savvy friends text us a picture.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

Still zany enough to play with their peers yet appropriate enough to play with their siblings, this family edition of Cards Against Humanity provides a fun game night, no matter who's in attendance. "I bought this for my 16 year old brother to play with the fam! It’s a hit!" said one reviewer.

Football Bingo

Bring a little bit of competition to their football watch party with these bingo cards. Keep track of every fumble or first down or overtime in order to secure a bingo.

Best tech stocking stuffers

Skullcandy Jib Wired Earbuds

Earbuds are a bit like socks — we're constantly losing them. So, it always helps to have a backup set on hand. This affordable option from Skullcandy lets you adjust the volume and block out the outside world with its noise-isolating ear gels. Not bad for $8!

Jiunai iPhone 15 Case

iPhone 15 users are likely excited to deck out their devices with a new case, and there are plenty of flashy options available. If you know a guy or girl that likes to keep things sleek and simple, this lightweight case from Jiunai is a perfect option.

Fujifilm Flash Disposable Camera

It may be hard to believe, but disposable cameras are back! Whether they use them to capture the rest of their winter break or take on a vacation with them, they'll have a scrapbook that looks similar to yours did when you were younger. Reviewers love them because they're easy to use and easy to develop as well.


Talk about a throwback! Teens will be entertained by a Tamagotchi if for no other reason than the novelty of it being a “relic.” Challenge them to keep at alive at least until dinnertime.

Smartish Cable Wrangler

So long, cable chaos! This magnetic cord organizer helps keep all your chargers nice and organized so they’re ready when you need them. It comes in four colors (two pretty pastels and two nice neutrals) and has nearly 3,000 verified five-star ratings on Amazon!

JBL Go 3 Miniature Wireless Speaker

Just because this speaker is small in size doesn't mean it compromises on sound. Said to be both water- and dust-proof, this speaker is designed to clip onto a backpack or tote bag so they can bring it to the beach, basketball court or out on the water.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

Since taking a polaroid camera everywhere can be inconvenient, this printer solves the problem by producing old-fashioned polaroids from your favorite smartphone photos. Your teen can just connect it to their bluetooth and it’s ready to go! It’s also available in pink and white options. INSTAX MINI Instant Film is sold separately.

Olivia Rodrigo Sony LinkBuds

Save the shock for their stocking with these wireless earbuds Sony created in collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo! Available in four colors — black, white, blue and a purple synonymous with the singer's album colors — they'll be a mega hit with the pop fan in your house. The brand included two custom EQs (equalizers) that provide special optics when listening to either of Rodrigo's albums, offering enhanced sound settings that can be controlled via the Sony Headphones Connect app.