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Stocking stuffers for teens that will make the perfect holiday gift

These gifts should be on every teen's wish list this year.
Spoil your teen with these unique stocking stuffers.
Spoil your teen with these unique stocking stuffers.Getty Images

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Never in the history of teenagerdom has a tween or teen ever wished for a pair of sensible school shoes to be wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Their current shoes may be tattered and even a half size too small, but practical gifts should not take up valuable present real estate under the tree. Tree space is reserved for bicycles, new speakers and if you have one heck of a tree, a brand new car! Everyone knows that practical gifts are reserved for the oversized sock hung by the chimney with care.

Stockings may be the holiday destination space for all things sensible, but that doesn’t mean sense can’t be sassy, and sassy can’t be smart.

Here are a few sensibly savvy stocking stuffers for the teen in your house.

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Best stocking stuffers for teen boys

1. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Not only will this beanie keep your teen warm, it'll also connect to any Bluetooth device to ensure they can listen to music or phone calls where ever they are. As a bonus, the rechargeable battery lasts for over 10 hours of calling and 10 to 12 hours of music.

2. Nanodry Towel

No need to carry around a bulky towel after sports practice anymore. This compact towel is perfect for your teen to carry to and from practice, all while saving space in his workout bag.

3. Indiana Hoosiers Colosseum Youth Face Covering 2-Pack

If your teen has college on the brain, might as well have college cover their face as well. Face masks will be 2020’s go-to sensible stocking stuffer. This gift will not only keep your teen safe, but will keep higher education and team pride front and center. Face coverings are available for most major universities.

4. Game of Phones

Phones obviously have games on them, but the phone is the game itself? Mind blown. That’s what happens in this interactive battle of devices. Pull a card, and use your phone to out emoji, out text, or out with your competitors. Best used with cellular phones, but if you try to play with a rotary please have your more tech savvy friends text me a picture.

5. Merlinae LED Mini Portable Projector

Movies and video games projected from the palm of your teens hand. Features include built in sound, a variety of connection ports, and portability for easy indoor and outdoor use.

6. Old Navy Star Wars Dark Side Socks

Three pairs of soft and stretchy socks guaranteed, access to The Force...possible.

7. Philips Norelco OneBlade, Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

For your teen boy that really needs to shave, or for the one who just thinks he needs to, this razor is great for stubble, for beards and possibly even peach fuzz.

8. Aukey Store USB C Charger

Your teen can charge their new iPhone the slow and steady method or they can charge it with the speed of light thanks to the new USB C Brick.

9. Baggucor Gameboy Phone Case

If your teen is a gamer, this vintage phone case is a no brainer. Your teens iPhone will look just like a Gameboy, just so much lighter.

10. Pez Stranger Things Gift Set Dispensers

Enjoy a classic holiday sing along while munching on a classic stocking stuffer treat! Teens will love the collectable Stranger Things dispenser, as well as all of the sugary goodness that lives in the upside down.

11. Lanyani Mens Minimalist Slim Wallet Bifold

Slim, sleek, stylish and smart, this sophisticated wallet not only keeps your teens cash and cards organized but it also wards off identity thieves with RFID blocking technology.

12. MagicBac Light Up Game Controller Hand Sanitizer Case

Keep your teens hand sanitizer close and looking cool in this game controller sanitizer case. Just clip, squeeze and clean. The game controller lights up like a real controller with each use.

13. Spotify Premium Gift Card

Your teen may not have inherited your pitch perfect sound, but you can still pass on the gift of music with a Spotify Premium Gift Card. No ads, no interruptions, just endless tunes that you’ve never heard before.

Best stocking stuffers for teen girls

1. Tree Hut Lemon Blueberry Tart Shea Sugar Scrub

This gentle exfoliator uses shea butter, sweet almond oil and avocado to deeply hydrate the skin while also buffing away dead skin cells. Skin is left feeling soft and supple after use.

2. The Crystal Grid Deck

These Tarot cards use the power of crystals to help users tap into their intuition and move their intentions forward.

3. Artico Rechargeable Unicorn Book Light

No more lights on after lights out with this fun and bright book light. Holds a charge for 45 hours of page turning reading. Features 3000K WARM SMD LED technology, ideal for eye health and care. The fact that this little book light looks like a unicorn goes a long way in making this handy stocking stuffer a horse of a whole different color.

4. E.l.f. Cosmetics Supers Skincare Mini Kit

All the strength of a super-sized skin care regimen contained in one handy little miniature kit. Complete with cleanser, toner, moisturizer and peel pads, this kit has your teens skin care routine covered.

5. Winicaca Dissent Collar Earrings

Some teens wear their hearts on their sleeves, your teen can have theirs hanging from their earlobes with these dangly and symbolic earrings. This gift not only tips the cap to Justice Ginsburg, but they look beautiful, too.

6. Bombas Women's Holiday Calf Sock 4-Pack

Snuggle into the holiday season with these festive and cozy holiday-themed socks. Socks come in a package of four and are available in four different patterns.

7. Ticket Stub Diary

From the ticket stub to the first football game of freshman year, to the stub from senior year’s winter formal, this unique diary keeps those special stubs safe and leaves your teen space to write in those noteworthy high school moments.

8. The How-To Cookbook for Teens: 100 Easy Recipes to Learn the Basics

Despite popular opinion, Bagel Bites are not a food group and a home cooked meal is not Easy Mac. This introductory cookbook offers 100 easy recipes that require actual ingredients from an actual store. Your teen will marvel at what happens when they mix milk and eggs. Call it STEM, call it food science or just call it breakfast.

9. Bestope Makeup Brushes

Creating the natural look takes a professional touch or a professional brush in this case. This brush set comes equipped with five large brushes for broad strokes and 11 smaller brushes for more detailed eye work.

10. AquaSonic VIBE Series Ultra Whitening Electric Toothbrush

When face masks are no longer a thing, your teens bright white smile will once again be all the rage. Help them keep those pearly whites ultra pearly with this electronic toothbrush. The toothbrush comes with eight brush heads and features wireless charging, and whitening mode to remove those stubborn frappuccino stains.

11. Birchbox

A Birchbox subscription is the gift that keeps on coming month after month. Each month your girl will receive a beauty box specifically catered to her likes and wants. From fragrances to hair care and skin care, each box contains professional caliber products your teen will love to sample and style.

12. Spy Optic Women's Whistler Aviator Sunglasses

I always wanted to look good in aviators, but most of the time I ended up looking like a really uncool Magnum PI — that was until I gave these sunnies a go. Lightweight and mad stylish, as the kids would say, these sunglasses don’t just make you look good, they make you feel good too. Spy sunglasses feature Happy Lens technology which harnesses the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light which independent studies suggest positively affects mood and alertness. Sounds like a win for both your teen and good ole mom and dad!

13. NCLA Watermelon Lip Scrub

Chapstick doesn’t sound as cool as lip scrub, and from what I recall, chapstick doesn’t smell or taste much like sweet watermelon either. This snazzy lip scrub will gently exfoliate your teens dry or chapped winter lips. Lip scrub comes in a variety of delicious flavors, so find your teens favorite flavor and stocking stuff away!

14. Us Beipin Straw Lid for Hydro Flask

Your teen can’t have too many Hydro Flask replacement lids. This affordable replacement pack comes with one straw lid, two straws and three silicone zozzles.

15. A Sticker Shop Funny Meme Vinyl Stickers Pack

As durable as they are hilarious, these vinyl meme stickers are perfect for your teens water bottle, laptop, skateboard, bikes or bumper. The teens of today have so many sticker surface options to choose from. All we had was a sticker book.

16. MyNameNecklace Personalized Name Necklace Made with Swarovski Birthstone

As a teen, a nameplate necklace was one of my favorite accessories. Personalize the gift a bit further with a genuine Swarovski birthstone gem.

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