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38 best stocking stuffer ideas for kids in 2021

Load up on these fun stocking stuffers that any child will appreciate.
Illustration of different gifts to buy that can fit into stockings as stuffers
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He’s making a list and he’s checking it twice. My son and my nephews, that is. Surely, Santa will be conducting his annual quality assurance checks soon enough, but he has a smidge of time left before reporting for duty.

Meanwhile, for our kids, time is of the essence! Time to elevate the nice and downplay the naughty. Time to think long and hard about that holiday wish list. Time to collaborate with siblings, friends and the all-knowing Google in search of the must-have holiday gifts of the season.

While some holiday wishes will be wrapped or bagged and placed under the tree, some wishes will be tucked and stuffed into your child’s stocking.

Here are some stocking-size treasures perfect for the kids on your list.

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Trending stocking stuffers for kids

My Squishy Little Dumplings

These adorable dumplings are taking over the internet. Don't believe us? Check them out starring in a music video. Your kid is going to go crazy for their new dumpling friend.


#Needoh has garnered over 100 million views on TikTok, making this a highly sought-after gift this year. These squishy globs provide endless fun and relaxation.

Treasure X Monster Gold Monster Coffin

A lot of these toy picks were highly recommended by Toy Insider, including this one! Your child will love discovering what's lying inside the coffin, mixing up some gooey slime and watching their monster come to life.

Compound Kings 5-Stack Donut

Making slime has remained a big internet trend, so if they like getting their hands dirty, stick this variety pack of slime creations in their stocking. It comes with five tubs filled with different charms, mix-ins and slime.

KagesKrayons Personalized Name Crayons

These personalized crayons are thoughtful and useful. Starting at just $5 for a letter, they'll love taking ownership of their very own customized crayons.

Toothbrushing Turtle Timer

This adorable turtle timer sticks to the bathroom mirror or counter and encourages toothbrushing and oral care. This is one shell of a stocking stuffer!

Nickelodeon Cra-Z-Sand Tri-Color Bucket of Sand

Equipped with 2.5 lbs of sand, a mold and a cutting tool, this malleable sand is so much fun! It's non-toxic and is safe for children 4 years and up.

LEGO DOTS Music Bracelet DIY Craft Bracelet Kit

Let them express themselves with this DIY music-themed bracelet. It's adjustable and comes with 32 fun tiles to decorate.

Crystalina Amethyst Doll

Featured on this year's Toy Insider's List, this glowing fairy doll comes with a special crystal power — either love, wisdom, luck or healing. Choose one of the four dolls in the collection or collect them all and watch them pass the colorful light back and forth to one another.

5 Surprise Mini Brands

Great for play or as a collector's item, each ball features five miniature replicas of your favorite household foods. From the iconic ICEE Slushie to Jell-O, this stocking stuffer is sure to amuse them.

Kidzlabs Lemon Powered Clock

Your kids will love putting their heads together to DIY a lemon-powered clock. It's a safe science experiment that will keep them entertained for hours.

Do One Fun Thing Every Day: An Awesome Journal

Encourage them to read, write and channel their creativity with this journal. It's jam-packed with activities, from drawing to discovering ways to take mindful breaks.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Finger Puppets

Get them in the Christmas spirit with these adorable finger puppets! They're the classic characters from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and their tiny size make them perfect for topping off a stocking.

Stocking Stuffers for Kid Scientists

This STEAM-themed stocking stuffer kit is a one-stop shop. It comes with all of the things you'll need to stuff a stocking: a DIY flipbook, fantasy dough, a volcano kit and a disco-themed bath buddy.

ZALIK Rainbow Pop Fidget Toys (Set of 4)

Popping toys are still around, and they make the perfect stocking stuffer. This four-pack of pop toys is an Amazon #1 bestseller and has more than 1,300 5-star reviews.

Best stocking stuffers for boys

Imagine Ink Coloring Book Assorted Set for Boys with Stickers

All the fun of markers without the mess and mass discoloration of your walls. This great coloring set comes in a bundle of six fun coloring books featuring your little buddy’s favorites from Disney’s Cars, Minions, Star Wars, Wreck It Ralph, Trolls and the Incredibles.

Jenga Mini Game

Big classic-game fun in a small, stocking-size package!

SOCKFUN Boys Crazy Funny Shark Socks (Pack of 4)

It may not be safe to go back into the water, but it’s just fine to snuggle into these cozy fin-tastic socks. Perfect for silly sock days at school or for just enjoying Shark Week around the house.

Not Parent Approved Card Game

If your family revels in being hilariously immature and appropriately inappropriate, this card game is a great stocking stuffer for kids eight and up. Winner of 10 industry awards, this portable and durable card game promotes giggling, playing well with others and reading from even your most resistant child. All that said, this game is not for every kid and it’s not for every family. The whole thing kicks off with a burping contest and the declaration of the burp boss. If that doesn’t sound fun to you, well then, buuuuuuuurrrrp!

My Audio Pet Scales the Dragon Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Scales' small stature and adorable snarl doesn't make him any less fierce. This pocket-size speaker also delivers high-quality sound and can pair to any media device, thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities.

Nose Pencil Sharpeners (Pack of 12)

Speaking of immature, this little bugger is right up there. A pencil sharpener that looks like a nose, your kids will think it’s hilarious, and it actually has a useful educational purpose. Take the win!

Dearfoams Shark Kids' Clogs

Warm, fuzzy and comfy, these slippers are perfect for nestling by the fire or for just keeping those toes warm on a crisp holiday morning.

Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth-Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Not every stocking stuffer can be all fun and games, or can they? This electronic toothbrush takes one of your child’s least favorite “chores” and turns it into fun! Connectivity with an interactive app, musical alerts and a built-in brush timer will ensure a thorough and hopefully cavity-free cleaning!

Silly Jokes for Kids

Knock knock! Who’s there? The next Jerry Seinfeld! This book comes with over 200 jokes that will slay in your living room today and kill at the comedy show tomorrow!

Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap! Abracadabra Collection

Your child will master these 10 easy-to-learn magic tricks faster than you can say, “Shazam!” Kit is great for children ages four and up.

Besufy Rotatable Kaleidoscope

This may be me inflicting my own fond childhood memories on others, but so be it. A kaleidoscope is a classic toy that brings shapes and colors to life with just a simple twist and turn.

Hape Blues Harmonica

You may hate me for this suggestion on Christmas morning, but when your child is the next Steven Tyler in 20 years, all will be forgiven. This 10-hole wooden harmonica comes in eight vibrant colors and is a great starter instrument for your fledgling musical genius.

Best stocking stuffers for girls

Mystery Center Fantasy Dough

Craft and create the scene with this colorful and sparkly sculpting clay. Choose from four fun themes. Dig for treasure one day, paint with the colors of the rainbow the next, set the table for brunch the day after and, once you are full, explore the layers of the Earth. Made with all natural ingredients, this dough hardens in place for display purposes and returns to mush when moistened for continued use and hours of creative play.

Crayola Bath Dropz Color

Plop, drop and play! Coaxing your little elf into bath time has never been so easy, thanks to these colorful bath drops. It's good for 45 splash-tastic baths and suitable for ages three and up.

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer

Ready, set, read! A bookmark that marks the time. Brilliant! This digital bookmark comes in five snazzy colors and features a countdown clock for your reader who likes to see the finish line, and a cumulative time for your child who can get lost in a book for hours.

L.O.L. Surprise! Present Surprise Doll

Inside this wonderful stocking stuffer is eight party-themed accessories perfect for your doll — surprise!

Reusable Spelling Straws

Sip and spell with these eco-friendly reusable straws. With 26 letters and 300,000 words for the making, who knew spelling could be so refreshing?

TeeHee Girls Fashion Crew 18-Pair Gift Box

Eighteen pairs of socks may take up the whole stocking, but if you have a sock fan in the house, this may be a huge win! These socks are as cheery as they are cozy. Mix and match the puppy with the kitten, or pair each sock with their intended mates. Either way, your kiddo is set up for sock-sess for almost a whole month of school!

All About Me Quiz Art 96-Piece Woven Art Kit

Crafty girls can put their individuality on display with this customizable art kit. It has everything they'll need to make a uniquely one-of-a-kind representation of their inner self, including a quiz book to guide them along the way.

Jaciya Hair Elastic Scrunchies (Set of 6)

Any girl will tell you, there is no such thing as too many stickers or too many scrunchies. This classic hair tie is fun and functional and blazing a triumphant return. The six-pack comes in a variety of colors perfect for your girl's daily wardrobe change.

Ready2Learn Spoon People Puppet Craft Kit

Creativity, fine motor skills and storytelling served up in one easy and fun spoonful! Your kids will have a blast turning simple wooden spoons into playful and sociable puppets. Inventive fun for ages three and up.

Animal Crossing Official Sticker Book

If they became obsessed with playing "Animal Crossing" this year, they'll absolutely love the 800+ stickers inside the pages of this awesome activity-filled book inspired by the game.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Indulge their sweet tooth with some sippable chocolate. Each set comes with two of each flavor (classic truffle, peanut butter cup, peppermint and salted caramel), so they can share with a friend or savor all on their own.

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