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126 meaningful Father’s Day messages that'll melt your dad's heart

Write one of these funny or emotional wishes in his card.

Kids don't come with instruction manuals, yet dads always always seem to know exactly how to fix their broken hearts, patch up scraped knees and make 'em laugh with bad jokes.

That's why it's so important to let them know much you're grateful for everything they do, especially on Father's Day.

There are so many ways to show your dad the extra love he deserves, starting with sending him one of these Father's Day messages in a text or homemade card.

Because no two dads are alike, we've rounded up a variety of sentiments to fit every kind of father — biological or not.

Whether he loves a corny dad joke or something more emotional, we've got an assortment of inspirational, funny and thoughtful wishes that come straight from the heart. For the sake of balance, pair a meaningful message with a silly pun or joke, and tack a deep quote about fatherhood onto something more lighthearted.

Whatever it is you're looking to say, you'll find it right here, leaving you plenty of time to plan a fun-filled day of Father's Day activities or finding the perfect gift to let him know he means the world to you.

After all, he's spent a lifetime proving exactly who means everything to him and guess what? It's you.

'Happy Father's Day' messages

  • Father: a son's hero and a daughter's first love.
  • To find the heart of a father, one need only look at his children.
  • Behind every great kid is an even better father.
  • With a dad like you, every day is Father's Day.
  • Dads are like stars. The brightest ones shine and, in return, we are filled with light.
  • Nothing warms the heart of a child more than the arms of a father.
  • True heroes are measured not by honors received, but hugs given.
  • I told mom that for Father's Day I'd call you later, but she says you prefer "Dad."
  • Memories are the inheritance that fathers leave their children.
  • Dad, I can really appreciate all your corny jokes now that I'm fully groan.
  • To love and be loved is what being a dad is all about.
  • Officially the gleam in my father's eye.
  • Happiness is having a father like you. Thanks, Dad.
  • Happy Father's Day to a guy who's got all the "h's." Handsome, handy and hardworking.
  • The best view of the world is seen from the shoulders of a father.
  • There's no better gift than having you for a father. I love you, Dad.
  • They say that's it's not work if you love what you do. You make fatherhood look easy.
  • People often say that I remind them of you and I couldn't be more proud.
  • There's always one person who tells you to follow your heart. Thanks to my dad, I did.
  • People who don't believe in angels haven't met my dad.
Father's Day message

Emotional Father’s Day messages

  • Dad, there are so many memories with you that I treasure. I’m reminded of all of them this Father’s Day.
  • There are so many things in this life that I’m thankful for, starting with you.
  • If I started counting all the reasons why I love you, we’d be here until next Father’s Day.
  • Sometimes I wonder where I’d be if it weren’t for you. Thankfully, I’ll never have to know.
  • You're my hero — always and forever.
  • The very best dads are patient, understanding and never let you forget how much they love you. Dads like you.
  • A day doesn’t go by that I’m not thankful that you’re my dad.
  • I may not always remember to say it, but I will never forget everything you’ve done for me.
  • If I could go back to my childhood and do it all over again, I would because I had the best dad in the world.
  • Even when life gets busy, I’m always thinking of you. Thanks for everything, Dad.
  • So many wonderful memories. All because of you.
  • Dad, you taught me about everything that matters in life and I’m grateful.
  • Thank you for teaching me to stop and appreciate the little things. Without you I might have missed them along the way.
  • No one ever has been — or ever will be — a better dad than you.
  • Thank you for working so hard to make sure that we have everything we need.
  • Superman's got nothin' on you, Dad. Thanks for always saving the day.
  • It’s not about what you did for us, it’s how you did it — with love, patience and kindness.
  • Great dads lead to even better kids. Obviously, we’re awesome.
  • Even if you weren’t already ours, we’d still pick you.

Funny Father’s Day messages

  • Dad, you’re like a father to me.
  • Proud owner of the world’s best dad.
  • Happy Father’s Day! I couldn’t be more grilled to have you as a dad.
  • Dad: a man of few words and many naps.
  • Taco ‘bout being a great, you’re nacho average dad.
  • Happy Farter's, er, Father's Day.
  • Is it just you or do all dads say, "I’m just closing my eyes for a minute," then nap for two hours?
  • Mom wants me to tell you that she’s aware that you do know how to fold the fitted sheet. Hey, I'm just the messenger!
  • Your kids turned out just like you. Good luck with that.
  • Father’s Day myth: Duct tape can be used place of glue. Fact: All dads do it anyway.
  • Did you always snore? Just wondering.
  • Did someone help you pick that outfit out or is it a personal choice? Here's hoping it's not the latter.
  • Based on how often our food is still frozen on the inside, should you still be wearing "The Grill Master" apron?
  • Happy Never-Leave-the-Couch Day!
  • Happy Father’s Day to the guy with the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen. Too bad it’s all on your back.
  • I don’t know how you did it, but I’m still here. So, thanks!
  • I was going to ask if you wanted ice cream for Father’s Day, but, well, of course you do.
  • Words for dads to live by: Just because you can say it doesn’t mean you should.
Father's Day message

Father’s Day messages from a daughter

  • Your support for me has never wavered. Not once. Not ever.
  • You were the first guy I ever loved and that will never change.
  • I know I didn’t always make it easy, so thank you for sticking by me all these years.
  • You helped me take my first steps, then picked me up and brushed off my knees when I fell. Thank you.
  • Growing up, no one could ever measure up to you. And no one ever will.
  • Thank you for teaching me to stop and appreciate the little things. Without you, I might have missed them along the way.
  • You walked me to prom. You walked me at graduation. You walked me down the aisle. Thank you for being by my side during all the biggest moments of my life.
  • My childhood is filled with memories of us laughing. A lot.
  • Your stupid jokes, our spontaneous ice cream stops, campouts in the backyard — for all those things and more, I love you.
  • The example you set is pretty hard to match. Thank you for that.

Father’s Day messages from a son

  • Dad, you didn’t have to do half the things you did when I was growing up and I can't thank you enough.
  • We may not have done all the traditional father-son things, but that’s what makes our relationship so great.
  • Now that I’m a dad with children of my own, I’m able to appreciate just how much you did for me throughout my life.
  • Not every father makes time to coach their son’s team, plan camping trips or play catch in the backyard, but you did.
  • Everything I am and stand for is because of you. Thank you.
  • Responsibility, integrity and always doing the right thing: all the things I learned from you, dad.
  • You have always been my compass, leading me exactly where I'm supposed to go (whether I like it or not). Thank you for holding my hand through it all.
Father's Day message

Father’s Day messages from a pet

  • I forgive you for not wanting me at first because we both know you can’t live without me now.
  • I promise I’ll never tell anyone that we regularly share the same ice cream cone.
  • For Father’s Day, let’s go for a ride in the car and get bones! Oops! Did I say “bones?” I meant burgers!
  • It’s you and me, bud. Best pals forever. Happy Father’s Day to the world’s best dog dad.
  • Woof? Woof, woof. Woofy-woof. Honestly, what did you expect me to say? I’m a dog.
  • I only like you when you feed me. And sometimes not even then.
  • I may never show it, but I love you. Sort of.
  • You pretend that you aren’t totally obsessed with me, but we both know you are.
  • Feed me or else I’ll tell everyone that you have more pictures of me on your phone than anything — or anyone — else.
  • We like to spoon while watching football and there’s nothing wrong with that. Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s Day messages for expecting dads

  • I’ve always known what an amazing person you are. Now I can’t wait to see the father you’re going to be.
  • There are so many unknowns when it comes to being a father for the first time, but one thing's for sure: You’re going to be a wonderful.
  • The journey of a thousand sleepless nights is about to begin. Congratulations.
  • A special bundle is on its way and a new dad is ready to be born.
  • Who ever thought that you’d one day be a father? I did! Congratulations!

Father's Day message

Father’s Day messages from a wife

  • I knew the moment we met that you would make a wonderful father someday. And I was right.
  • There are so many reasons why I love you and watching you as a dad is at the top of the list.
  • I see the beautiful person that you are, echoed in all the things our children do.
  • When we got married, I thought to myself, "I’m the luckiest person in the world." And when we had children, I remembered why all over again.
  • You do so much for everyone in your life, especially us. Thank you.
  • Being a parent is messy, and I'm so glad that we can clean up the diaper blowouts, runny noses and inevitable messes together.

Father’s Day messages for a grandpa

  • You raised your children, then you helped raise me. And I’m a better person because of it.
  • All the qualities that I love about my dad, he gets from you.
  • Grandfathers are willing to go through all the work to set up a tent, just to camp out in the backyard.
  • I want you to know that everything you did for me, made all the difference in who I turned out to be.
  • Grandfathers are just dads who let you play with really noisy toys.
  • It's true: You are a father who is really grand.

 Father’s Day messages for an uncle

  • Having you for an uncle is like having two dads. I’m so lucky.
  • Thankfully, someone in the family has some common sense. I’m so glad it isn’t you.
  • Even though months, sometimes years, pass without talking, I always know you’re there. Happy Father’s Day to my favorite uncle.
  • Thanks for always letting me stay up past my bedtime when you babysit. Don't worry, I’ll never tell.
  • Uncles are like dads — except without rules.

 Father’s Day messages for a brother

  • With you as a brother, I never had to worry about a thing. I know your kids feel the same.
  • Brothers can be a gift or a curse. You were both. Happy Father’s Day.
  • There are so many stories from our childhood. Let’s agree that our kids are better off not knowing them.
  • You didn’t have to protect me when we were growing up, but you did. Now that you’re a dad, I see you doing the same for your children.
  • As far as brothers go, you're the best there is.
  • With you and I as parents, I think our kids are in trouble!

Father's Day message

 Father’s Day messages for a son

  • It’s hard to believe so much time has passed, but I couldn’t be happier with who you turned out to be.
  • I’ve watched you grow from a small boy into a man with children of his own and I have to say — I hope your kids know what they’re in for.
  • Watching you grow into the man you are has been my greatest joy. Soon, you'll feel the same way about your own kids.
  • If we're lucky, your kids turn out just like you.
  • Now that you’re an adult and living on your own, we’d like you to replace all the things you broke throughout The bill’s in the mail.

Father’s Day messages for a father-in-law

  • Becoming part of this family is one of the best things that ever happened to me.
  • Fathers-in-law are the dads we choose. Let it be known that I'd choose you over and over again.
  • You’re the dad I always wish I had.
  • Have you ever wondered what makes this family so great? It’s you.
  • Having you as a father-in-law is like getting two-for-one! I’m so happy we’re family.

Father's Day messages for long-distance dads

  • It’s days like today that I really wish we didn’t live so far apart because I’d much rather be with you than anyone else.
  • When I was little, you pointed out the stars and told me their names. Now that I’m grown and we’re apart, all I need to do is look up to feel your presence.
  • I never realized just how big the world was until I wasn’t in the same place as you.
  • The best part of having you as a dad is that no matter where I go, I know you're always with me.
  • Thinking of you on this Father’s Day and hoping you know that even though miles separate us, you’re always in my heart.