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I fell in love with DIY pedicures after using Olive and June's Pedi System

It's worth it for the angled foot rest alone.
Casey DelBasso

During quarantine, I have been working on perfecting many of my at-home beauty treatments like cleaning my pores, applying flawless-looking foundation and giving myself a professional-quality gel manicure. Naturally, my next step was upgrading my pedicure game, so I added The Pedi System from Olive and June to my new repertoire.

For all the beauty lovers in your life, this is the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. It might not actually fit physically in a stocking, but it’s just big enough that you can mail it to a relative if the holidays don’t bring you together this year.

What comes with the kit?

Olive and June's Pedi System is a 12-piece kit that contains every tool and product you would need to give yourself the at-home pedicure of your dreams. The set has a nail clipper and file, silicone toe separators (these are really cool), a mini buffer block, a foot file to remove dead skin (which is amazing for calluses), a metal cuticle pusher, a bottle of foot serum (this stuff is heaven in a bottle for dry feet), cuticle remover, nail polish remover, a clean up brush (which I desperately needed), and — of course — the nail polish and top coat. This all comes wrapped in the perfect little package called the Posey. Not only is the Posey perfect for storing all these little tools when you aren’t using it, but it also gives you the perfect “toe painting” angle to set your foot upon while you give yourself a pedicure.

Casey DelBasso / TODAY

In the past, I just painted my toes and was done with the process. What’s different about this kit is that it gives you all the tools that the pros use to be able to make your feet feel amazing and look extra polished. There are just plain painted nails, and then there are painted nails after an amazing Pedi System pedicure!

How I used the kit

Giving myself the perfect pedicure took some time, but it paid off in the best way possible. I started off the process by prepping my feet. I used the foot file to get off all my rough, dead skin and create a smooth canvas to work with. After taking off any old lingering polish with the remover in the kit, I then clip down my nails and file them to the shape I want them to be. (The toenail clippers that are included in the kit are really top-notch.)

Casey DelBasso / TODAY

By far the hardest step for me was pushing and buffing my cuticles. One of the main reasons why I look forward to a professional pedicure is when the nail technician uses the cuticle pusher and buffer on my toes. With a little work and the support of some YouTube tutorials, I was set and ready to go.

After much prepping, I was ready to paint. Using the silicone toe separators opened a whole new world from the regular sponge or paper separators that I always use at the salon. Gone are the days of not being able to walk after you paint your toes!

Casey DelBasso / TODAY

My personal favorite part of the entire kit was using The Posey for painting. The Posey gives the perfect angle of having your foot on an incline to see your work or mistakes and paint accurately! After painting and drying, I went in with the amazing clean up brush for all my mistakes. The final step was applying the amazing foot serum. This lotion is completely succulent and gives your tootsies maximum hydration.

Either for sprucing up your own routine or for the beauty loving teen in your life, Olive and June's Pedi System is a must-have gift this holiday season.

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