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I tried the pore mousse that went viral on TikTok — and it works like a dream

It's finally back in stock!
TODAY Illustration / Casey DelBasso

I don’t know about you, but since having to wear a mask every day, my nose and chin have become extremely “clogged” with dirt and gunk. I have tried almost every pore cleansing product on the market. I’ve tried every traditional three-step system and extracting strip you can find. After digging a little deeper, I found a product that had a 26,000-person waitlist and initially sold out in four hours. Lucky me, the Neogen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse is finally back in stock and I was able to test it out!

Its ingredients work overtime

The Neogen Pore Mousse claims that it removes dead skin, excess oil, dirt and makeup residue from pores and delivers anti-aging and tightening benefits. It also claims to absorb dead skin cells, excess sebum, trapped blackheads and makeup residue within pores, achieving clearer and firmer skin! Phew! What a promise! For someone who wears makeup every day, removing that extra residue was the goal. After all of these promises, I was excited to see for myself.

My curiosity was also piqued because this product was free from parabens which are frequently included in skin care products. Marine algae complex, carrageen moss extract, and hydrolyzed collagen are most definitely not ingredients that I ever believed would be part of my daily routine, but it's never too late to try something new.

Casey DelBasso / TODAY

Its lightweight and highly effective

I noticed the directions called for dry skin and hands, so I made sure that was covered before starting. When I first applied this mousse, the texture seemed too light — even lighter than whipped cream — to remove deep-seated clogs in my pores. The smell of the mousse is also delish! Its aroma is like a mix of clean cotton and a garden full of your favorite flowers.

After rubbing the mousse onto my skin in a circular motion, I immediately noticed what appeared to be little pieces of dirt piling up and mixing in with the product. Just as you've probably seen on TikTok, I was shocked to see how much dirt was being lifted from my pores! Once I rinsed it all away with a warm moist towel as directed, my pores looked so much clearer and smaller. One Amazon reviewer added, “From the first use, this mousse removed about 70% of the blackheads on my nose.”

Casey DelBasso / TODAY

After wiping the foam clean, my towel was covered in tiny black spots. Using the foam provides clear evidence that even if you wash your face daily, you are always going to have leftover dirt lingering underneath the surface. Yuck!

My skin was smooth as silk after such a quick transformation! It turns out that the TikTok video claiming that this product is like ‘a vacuum for your skin’ was pretty accurate! If you still are not convinced, maybe the fact that it has over 500 verified five-star reviews on Amazon might help to convince you that this $28 “skin vacuum” in a can is definitely worth a try!

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