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They grow up so fast! 33 gifts for your kindergarten graduate

Congratulate the young grad with these fun presents.
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Kindergarten graduation is an exciting accomplishment for a young child. It's the first of many educational milestones to come, and one that is definitely worth celebrating.

One way you can show the kiddo in your life just how proud you are about them moving on to first grade is with a fun (and thoughtful!) gift. And to help you find the perfect present to reward your little graduate with, we came up with a long list of kindergarten graduation gift ideas that they'll be sure to love.

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Gift ideas for your little graduate!

Bestselling kindergarten graduation gifts

"First Grade, Here I Come!," by D.J. Steinberg

Help your little graduate get ready for first grade by adding this fun book to their summer reading list. This picture book takes the reader through the entire first grade school year and includes special moments like pajama day and the mysteries of spelling.

“Junie B. Jones Is a Graduation Girl,” by Barbara Park

This is another great timely book to give your child. Author Barbara Park takes students through the adventures of Junie B. Jones as she graduates from kindergarten.

Highlights Summer Big Fun Workbook

This activity-based workbook from Highlights is filled with "fresh and fun" lessons tackling math, spelling, reading comprehension and more fundamentals that'll easily get them prepped for first grade. Developed and crafted with a variety of educational experts, it's earned seals of approval from various parenting organizations since its release.

Creativity for Kids Grow N' Glow Terrarium

Keep them busy with this fun terrarium kit, which boosts their STEM skills. All they need to do is assemble the kit and add water, and then they’re set to learn all about ecosystems.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

This junior microscope made by Educational Insights is great for kids who are interested in biology. They can examine a magnified hidden world with ease with the two extra-large eyepieces and the kid-friendly focus knob.

Moonjar Classic Tin Moneybox Bank

It’s never too early to learn about budgeting money. Help your kindergarten graduate learn about saving money with this Moonjar Moneybox as they separate funds for saving, spending and sharing in different sections in the “bank.” It also comes with a small notebook for them to keep track of their withdrawals and deposits.

Slumberkins Fox Kin

Making the leap to first grade is a big change, but with change could come extra anxiety and complicated feelings that are difficult to navigate. This Slumberkins set — featuring a fuzzy fox perfect for cuddling, a board book and an affirmation card — was crafted with those specific emotions in mind.

Kindergarten graduation gifts for kids

Elmer's Deep Gue Sea Premade Slime Kit

After the end of a long school year, they've earned the right to get messy. This summery slime kit from Elmer's features mix-ins inspired by the deep "gue" sea like mini sharks and dish, plus it comes with enough slime to share and play with their friends!

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Pizza Oven Playset

If your little graduate loves to help in the kitchen, they’ll be jumping for joy when they receive this Play-Doh pizza-making set. It comes with six cans of Play-Doh, 25 different toppings and eight pizza-themed accessories to embrace their inner chef.

Lego Classic Creative Suitcase Building Kit

While Lego offers many fun sets, you can't go wrong with a classic option. This building kit allows construction to be as open-ended as possible, so your child can create whatever their imagination wants.

Elephant Graduation Plush

What kindergartener wouldn’t love to receive a plush stuffed animal? This adorable elephant is bound to make them feel special and doubles as decor on their bed.

Sun Art Paper Kit

Senior vice president of Commerce Ashley Parrish calls this kit a "great intro to summer craft." They'll be amazed with the masterpieces they can create with just a few sheets of this paper, sunshine and water!

Crayola Create ‘N Carry Art Set

This Crayola art set includes more than enough art utensils to create all the crafts your little one could ever want. It comes with crayons, gel and fine line markers, color pencils and construction paper for their masterpieces, along with the two-in-one storage case and lap desk.

Caboodles Pretty in Petite Cosmetic Case

Does your little one love playing dress-up with makeup? If so, they’ll be thrilled to receive this organizer to store play makeup and more.

Personalized Rainbow Crayons

Perfect for the creative kiddo, this bestselling crayon set from Etsy was literally made with them in mind. Each letter crayon is made with psychedelic colors that'll make each doodle more unique than the last.

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies

These kid-friendly walkie talkies are a safe and fun way for your children to play with their best friends. They’re easy to operate and have an extra-long range.

Little Passports Subscription

Perfect for the wanderluster who’s just getting a taste of the travel bug, each curated box delivers a world of fun and curiosity with interactive activities, stories, souvenirs and more inspired by a new country each month.

KiwiCo Splash Blasters

Prep them for tons of summer fun while getting them excited about science and engineering — a win-win, if you ask us! This KiwiCo. kit includes everything they’ll need to construct two powerful splash blasters, which they’ll need for all the water fights they’re bound to have while playing outside.

Kids' Wireless Microphone Hi-Fi Speaker

Is your little one still obsessed with serenading “Let It Go” and "We Don't Talk About Bruno" to the entire family? If so, this Bluetooth karaoke microphone is the perfect gift! All you need to do is pair it with your go-to music app like Spotify or Apple Music and wirelessly stream audio using the microphone's integrated speaker to listen to all of your child’s favorite tunes.

Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit

Does your young graduate love to learn about science and nature? Consider gifting them something that will fuel their learning outside of the classroom. This butterfly growing kit comes with a mesh habitat and a voucher to order the live caterpillars when they're ready.

Delta Kite for Kids and Beginners

It’s never a bad time time for kids to enjoy playing with a kite. This one is great for children since it’s easy to fly and it’s made with durable material.

Hot Wheels 20-Car Collector Gift Pack

Reward your child with an epic Hot Wheels collection that features 20 different collector cars. These mini toys feature classic designs from the brand and encourage the use of your little one’s imagination. It’s one of the most gifted toys on Amazon, so you know it’ll be a hit!

Seckton Kids Selfie Toy Camera

Say cheese! Let your little graduate snap a few commemorative photos with their very own camera. According to the brand, the fun gadget has a powerful battery life that can last up to two hours after fully charging. With more than 18,000 perfect verified five-star ratings on Amazon, this gift is sure to spark a little fun for all.

Wonderbly Where are You? Book

They'll get a kick out of this "Where's Waldo?"-style book. Instead of looking for Waldo, they'll be looking for different versions of themselves! It's sure to keep them busy (and giggling) for hours on end.

Razor A Kick Scooter

It’s crucial to get your children outside once in a while. This razor scooter is the perfect way to get some fresh air.

Name Bubbles Rainbows Daycare Labels Pack

Kids are bound to lose pretty much everything you send them to school with. Vice president of Commerce Jen Birkhofer likes to use these labels to increase the probability of little ones returning with all of their stuff. She says they're great for school supplies.

State Kane Kids Backpack

Birkhofer is a fan of these customizable backpacks from State. It'll fit everything they need for first grade, including notebooks, a lunch box, a water bottle and the rest of their school supplies!

Fitbit Ace 3

They may be too young for their own smartphone, but they'll feel more grown-up with their own fitness tracker. Made just for kids ages six and up, this Fitbit tracks every skip, jump and snore and includes parental controls to keep them safely online.

Kindergarten graduation gift baskets

The Popcorn Factory Party in a Box Sampler

This sampler box from The Popcorn Factory is the perfect gift to complete their next family movie night. It includes two flavors of popcorn, gummy bears, and two kinds of cookies (confetti cake batter and chocolate-covered Oreos).

Unicorn Gift Box

For the unicorn-obsessed graduate, this set is a dream come true. It comes with a glow-in-the-dark blanket, tumbler, crossbody bag, headband, eye mask, LED star pillow, fleece socks and a compact mirror, all wrapped up in a magical box!

Baked by Melissa Congrats Cupcake Box

These bite-sized cupcakes from Baked by Melissa are perfect for kids. The "Congrats" box comes with a variety of different flavors including fun tie-dye, cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, cookie dough, red velvet and more.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Bash Cake

What little kid wouldn't love to bash through a huge chocolate cake? The Dylan's Candy Bar's Bash Cake is essentially a cake-shaped piñata made of milk chocolate and filled with mini milk chocolate-covered pretzels. It even comes with a mini mallet for your little one to bash their way through to the rest of the treats.

Cookie Fries Red Basket Sampler

What kid doesn't love sweets and French fries? This festive gift basket includes a large assortment of Cookie Fries, along with a bottle of delicious chocolate dipping sauce. Plus, it's large enough to share with 8-10 people!