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Jill Martin shares 12 self-care products to give your routine a makeover

Martin's recommendations will spruce up your hair, hydrate your hands and give you a better night's sleep.

Ambush Makeover is back — virtually! She may not be surprising guests in the plaza for a fashionable makeover, but TODAY lifestyle contributor Jill Martin is sharing self-care tips anyone can use at home for a DIY makeover.

Martin asked TODAY staffers about their stay-at-home struggles and provided some easy solutions that would upgrade their routine. Some battled a lack of sleep and needed a way to catch some z’s while others wanted to achieve a perfect manicure at home. No matter the issue, Martin used her shopping insight to give them a quick fix from home.

Read on to learn how to get an Ambush Makeover from the comfort of home with the help of a few Martin-approved self-care products.

At-home manicure

Graphics researcher C Thambundit misses getting her nails done with her sister. Instead of waiting for a professional manicure, Martin recommended an all-inclusive nail kit.

"It's (like) a gel manicure at home but it comes off with regular polish remover, and you don't have to put your hands under the lights," said Martin.

1. Dazzle Dry Nail System

The Dazzle Dry Nail System is a four-part kit that includes a nail primer, a base coat, a topcoat and a shine-enhancing "Revive" treatment. Simply pair it with your favorite nail polish for gel-like results that last for up to 14 days.

Martin experimented with the kit in the past and recommends warming the base coat in a bowl of hot water before applying to avoid a cloudy finish.

“Final verdict: We love them so much! We’re already looking at other colors to buy,” said Thambundit.

At-home facial

When executive producer Joanne LaMarca Mathisen started working from home she realized she was lacking sleep, causing a prominent appearance of lines and wrinkles on her face.

To combat the tired look, Martin provided her with silicone anti-wrinkle patches. "My sister-in-law Kara actually uses them and loves them,” she noted.

1. Sio EyeLift

Sio makes medical-grade silicone patches that adhere to skin with a flexible adhesive. Designed to instantly flatten and smooth skin, the brand claims patches can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just a few hours. The "eyelift" patches target the eye area to diminish the look of crow’s feet while infusing skin with hydration.

2. Sio NeckLift

The beauty of Sio patches is that they can be used overnight or during the day. Each patch can also be used up to 15 times and gradually supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture. The patches come with a handy, reusable pouch for easy travel.

3. Sio Cryo System

In addition to the patches, Martin also recommended the brand's Cryo System which includes a moisturizing serum and a skin-toning tool. The unique tool massages skin and provides a cooling effect that the brand says helps reduce redness and puffiness.

"It woke my face up in the morning,” said Mathisen of her experience using the system. “I felt like it really helped me feel refreshed."

At-home wax treatment

Producer Sarah Clagett wasn't able to visit the salon for her regular waxing appointment, she asked Martin for a product that would help her achieve smooth legs.

1. Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

The bestselling kit contains everything you need to complete a salon-worthy wax from the comfort of your own home. "They give you the stick; there are no strips, it's really easy," said Martin of her recommendation.

For the best results, Martin recommends putting the wax-filled cup in the microwave and heating the formula in 30-second increments. After a temperature test, apply to the hair, wait for it to dry and remove the wax in one brisk pull. The steps may seem simple but Martin notes that reading the instructions carefully is a vital step in the process.

At-home hair color touch-up

Newswriter Patricia Luchsinger asked Martin what she could use to spruce up her roots from home.

Martin didn’t have to think twice when she handed this product to Luchsinger. It’s one of her favorites because it comes in multiple forms including a powder, a pen and a spray.

1. Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

It isn’t permanent, but this spray is designed to cover fading roots while extending the life of color between salon visits. Martin also used it at home saying “this got me through a month and a half.”

"I finished powdering my roots and I think it's an improvement. For something that's a temporary fix I think it's pretty good,” said Luchsinger.

At-home relaxation

Researcher Sean Hickey has been staying at his parents' house for three months and his sleep schedule is off. He said he gets tired in the middle of the day and consistently wakes up in the middle of the night. Martin sent him a helpful bundle of sleep essentials including essential oil, a weighted eye mask and a weighted blanket.

1. doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has relaxing properties that may promote sleep and Martin uses the DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil to get a good night’s rest. She recommends putting a few drops into the palm of your hand and rubbing it together which allows it to soak in.

2. Weighted Eye Pillow

This weighted eye pillow is designed to provide a calming effect, and that's just what Hickey got.

“I had a great night’s rest,” he raved. “It smells like lavender too so it kind of keeps that scent of lavender throughout the night.”

3. Therapedic Reversible Weighted Blanket

"It almost feels like a hug," said Martin when describing the Terapedic Reversible Weighted blanket. It comes in five sizes from eight pounds to 25 pounds and is finished with a soft, fuzzy fabric.

Weighted blankets can help stimulate serotonin leading to better sleep, which may be why Hickey experienced a restful night after sleeping with one. It’s filled with tiny glass beads that are evenly distributed across the blanket for equal pressure throughout the night.

At-home hand and foot treatment

Producer Angela Tonini tried the Nails Inc hand and foot mask for an at-home spa treatment. Martin also recommended a nourishing cuticle and nail oil for soft, nourished skin.

1. Nails Inc. Thirsty Feet

Looking for a solution for dehydrated soles? Featuring a combination of green tea, ginkgo leaf, peppermint and sweet almond extract, the mask is formulated to leave skin feeling super smooth.

2. Nails Inc. Thirsty Hands

The Thirsty Hands Hand mask is formulated with a blend of shea butter, plant extracts and vitamin E, which helps hydrate dry and cracked hands. Simply apply it to clean hands and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes for a quick boost of hydration.

3. Nails Inc. Superfood Repair Oil

With only a couple of drops, this repair oil will revive cracked cuticles and brittle nails with continued use. Just massage it into the nail bed twice a week for the best results.

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