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10 gift ideas for the entire family to share this year

Keep everyone busy with these top-notch picks.
Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

Let me set the scene. Homestead, Florida, December 25th, 1987. My siblings and I had torn open the last of our individual presents. There were Barbies, action figures and books as far as the eye could see. It was a glittery and paper disaster — except for one gift. One big gift that had not yet been opened, and was addressed to the whole family.

The decision on who actually got to unwrap the family gift was a battle that no one wanted to wage, especially on a holiday, so we agreed to open it together. With sweat dripping off our brows and hearts pounding in our chests, we tear into the paper like a pack of wild animals. Then we saw it. The most amazing thing to happen to our family since Nintendo.

Our brand new pingpong table! We…were…PUUUUUMPPPED, and it needed to be assembled immediately.

Of course my parents argued that there was a breakfast to be had and a church service to attend, but we kids raised a mighty defense that there were match-ups already scheduled and bragging rights to be earned. We played for hours that Christmas morning, and for days and years to come.

While some family gifts can be large, they can also be small and meaningful. The most important thing about the family gift is that it brings everyone together.

Here is a round of great gifts that will be sure to stay with you and yours for years and years to come.

Gifts for the entire family

Hanna Andersson Grinch Matching Pajamas

Wake up cozy and on point this Christmas morning with these adorable matching Grinch jammies from Hanna Andersson. Made with super-soft organic cotton and featuring quotes and classic images from the beloved holiday classic, your family will sure to be the envy of every Who down in Whoville this holiday season.

Hunt a Killer Death at the Dive Bar Board Game

Your family has watched enough “Dateline” to confidently claim you could solve a murder. Hunt a Killer is an immersive murder mystery gaming series told over multiple episodes. Each game box offers its own set of witness statements, clues, and intrigue. Will you be the one to catch the killer in the end and make Keith Morrisson proud? Only time will tell. There is no specific age recommendation provided by the team at Hunt a Killer, but the game has a PG-13 vibe. Parents, plan/play accordingly.

ELF Ready-To-Play Train Set

Decking the halls and decorating the tree have always brought the family together. Up your decorating game this holiday season with this ready-to-play train set. This hilarious train inspired by the movie “Elf” includes four train cars, one box car and a caboose. It's also battery- and remote control-operated and features some of your favorite songs and sounds from the movie.

Park & Sun Sports Tetherball Set

How did anyone survive middle school without never-ending tetherball challenges? This portable tetherball set can camp in your own backyard, or can be taken on the road for a match-up in the neighborhood park. It's also easy to put up and easy to move around thanks to the included carrying bag.

Eastpoint Mid-Sized Tennis Table

A gift near and dear to my heart, and one that can still lead to late nights of somewhat friendly competition. This ping pong table features a warp-resistant surface, and includes two paddles, two balls, net and post set and is easy to set up and easy to store. VIctory is yours.

Kodak Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen

You will be the George Bailey of your Bedford Falls when you host a screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life!” on this 14.5-foot inflatable screen. The projection screen is great for movie lovers and includes an air pump, a handy carrying bag and ropes and stakes to secure your new movie screen. Projector and copy of “It’s a Wonderful Life!” are not included.

Dual Shot Sport

Where was this pop-a-shot in 1987, and why wasn’t it in my playroom? The Dual Shot Sport will take indoor competitive hoops to the next level this holiday season. It features ten different games, including head-to-head contests and solo challenges, a three-digit scoreboard, six audio options and can be folded up as needed for additional space.

JUMPZYLLA Trampoline

What I love about this trampoline from JUMPZYLLA is the emphasis on jumping safety. With important safety certifications from consumer standard-setting organizations such as ASTM International and ISO, this 14-foot trampoline features curved poles designed to protect against injury, durable safety netting, padded poles and a sturdy frame.

Intex Easy Set Inflatable Pool

For those of us who will not be receiving a Clark Griswold in-ground pool-sized bonus this year, here’s the next best thing! The Intex Easy Set 18-foot Inflatable pool is easy to put up, fairly simple to maintain and is practically guaranteed to make your backyard the neighborhood hot spot this summer. The pool has a water capacity of over 5,000 gallons, and includes a filter pump, pool ladder, ground cloth and debris cover. (Pro tip: Unless you live in Homestead, Florida, you may want to wait to set this family gift up until maybe May.)

Veer Cruiser XL

The family that rides together stays together. Enjoy that fresh Christmas morning air as a unit when you take your wee one or wee four out for a ride in your new 4-seat family cruiser. This wagon will see your family through all seasons; toddler season, soccer season, football season and maybe even college move in day season. Each seat can hold one 55-pound passenger, with a full cargo capacity of 550 pounds. Lightweight, compact and ready to roll, this eye-catching ride is sure to be a bright spot under your family’s tree this Christmas morning.

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