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The denim maxi skirt is the only ‘90s trend I can get behind, and I love this $40 find

It makes me feel like an instant "cool girl."
Courtesy Shannon Garlin

Whether you like it or not, many '90s and early aughts fashion trends are clawing their way back into stores. But one recent style making a comeback that hasn't made me cringe is the denim maxi skirt — and I'm a child of the '90s!

After seeing them all over fashion segments and on one of my favorite celebrity's Instagram account, I decided I needed one for my fall wardrobe, too. Since the skirt style is a bit bold for my taste, I didn't want to spend too much money on one in case I only wore it once and then decided the trend wasn't for me. That’s why I turned to Amazon for its affordability and hidden fashion gems.

Elstaroa High-Waisted Denim Jean Skirt

I was being extremely picky in my search and most of the jean skirts I came across either had a huge slit up my thigh or looked a little too prairie-like for me — then I came across this classic style and the silhouette was just what I was looking for.

When I first put it on, I instantly felt like a "cool girl" and oh-so-trendy. I kept it simple and wore it with a black turtle neck and knee-high boots. I rarely find outfits that are truly day-to-night but this skirt actually brought me from the office to a dinner, and I felt appropriately dressed for both occasions.

I instantly knew I'd get a lot of use out of this denim skirt and already can't wait to try it with heeled Chelsea boots and different chunky sweaters. And not only is this the perfect fall trend piece, but I also think you could wear it well into spring and summer. It’d pair nicely with a white tee and sneakers, or a tank and sandals, especially since it hits a few inches above the ankle.

It's actually really comfortable

At first glance, you'd think this skirt wouldn't be comfortable, but the fabric is a cotton-blend and extremely soft. It sits high-waisted and has an A-line silhouette, so it doesn't feel tight on your hips and back end. Some reviewers wrote that it runs a little big in the waist, and suggest to size down. I somewhat felt this way but I didn't want it too tight since I knew I wanted to wear tucked-in sweaters during the cooler months.

The only thing I struggled with while wearing this skirt was walking fast. If you walk at a normal speed, you'll be fine but for New York City speed walkers like me, the skirt doesn't let you take huge strides, which now I realize why some people might prefer ones with slits. But for a skirt this cute, I will happily walk a tad slower and not power walk to my destination.

If you are looking for a skirt with a slit or something more edgy, the brand offers a few other styles on their product page, including hemline-to-waist buttons on the side or the front. My style skirt even comes in black — so I'll definitely be buying that one to add to my fall wardrobe next!