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12 best shoe brands for women with big feet, according to women with big feet

If the shoe fits, you should commit.
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Jannely Espinal

From trendy chunky shoes to practical seasonal ones, shoppers are faced with an endless array of choices as they decide which style to don next. While it may seem as simple as walking into any store or browsing the internet and choosing any style you'd like, women with larger feet face a deeper conundrum. Unfortunately, many luxury and mainstream brands overlook ladies with big tootsies and don't carry larger styles.

As two women strutting around with closets full of size 10 shoes, we’ve learned that lesson the hard way. Between the two of us, we carry decades of experience figuring out which brands and styles are big-feet-friendly and stylish. Whether you’re new to the search or are about to drown in despair, we've compiled a guide with the best shoe recommendations along with podiatrist-approved tips.

What are some common issues women with big feet face?

With a limited shoe market and styles for women with big feet, finding a stylish shoe with a good fit is like searching for a needle in a haystack. According to podiatrist and foot surgeon Dr. Najwa Javed DPM, women with big feet "tend to have a much narrower forefoot which makes fitting shoes very difficult, at least in [her] practice. Most brands assume that big feet equals wide feet, but that is not the case. Most women with big feet have long narrow toes and thin ankles. Therefore the shoes slip off easily or there is too much movement in the toe box for the patient."

Also, women with big feet "tend to be taller and it is assumed that they just want to wear flats, [hence] not many brands make heels for women with big feet," added Javed.

What features should women look for when shopping for large shoes?

"Women should definitely learn about their foot type if they have a flat, high arched, wide or narrow foot," said Javed. Usually, figuring out your foot type can equate to finding the ideal bra fit. Once you identify your foot type, shopping for footwear becomes much easier. According to Javed, you need to recognize the way the shoe is built, especially whether it's constructed in a neutral, stable or control type.

"Furthermore, there are a lot of brands that have unisex styles, which I highly recommend for women with big feet because they add products that [women] can buy from," advised Javed. In recent years, companies have become more inclusive and have styles that can be gender-neutral and allow for more variety in your shopping experience.

"Many manufacturers are starting to add sizes such as 4, 13 [and] 14 to their repertoire," she added.

Kamari's favorite shoe brands for women with big feet


It should come as no surprise that the athletic wear giant gets it right when it comes to sneakers for feet of all sizes. I’ve probably had over a dozen pairs of Nike sneakers over the years, some of which have gone through the wringer because I wore them so often. But that also means I’ve had experience figuring out which shoes are most flattering for women with big feet. Over the past two years, these are the pairs that quickly became my favorites.

Nike Reposto Shoes


Adidas is another athletic wear brand that gets it right, in my experience. I’ve purchased several pairs of their Cloudfoam styles over the years, after wearing them down to the point of no return (and sometimes just taking advantage of a good sale on a well-loved shoe).

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Shoes

Universal Thread

Target’s in-house brand is both extremely affordable and has some of the most comfortable shoes I own. Last year, I bought a few pairs of sandals during one of their summer sales and was instantly converted into a fan. They hit every mark for me; they were comfortable, affordable and I got compliments on them everywhere I went from the grocery store to the coffee shop. Those sandals became my go-to pairs all summer long. (They were so well-loved that the styles are now sold out in all colors and sizes. But don't worry; below, you'll find new styles that are perfect for this summer and sure to fit the bill.)

So when the time came for a new pair of boots, I instantly went to Target. I bought a pair of Chelsea boots during their Black Friday sale and those were also a case of insta-love. Worn with a pair of warm socks, I can (and have) spend hours on my feet without a single ache. Another plus? They offer up to a size 12 and wide sizes.

Universal Thread Naya Heeled Chelsea Boots

Jannely's favorite shoe brands for women with big feet

Off The Beaten Track

Whether you prefer to walk it off or head for a hike, this brand will keep you ready no matter what. I love this brand for its feminine aesthetic and trendy designs. The shoes are easy to wear and will keep you pain-free for hours. One of the things I love about my pair of OTBT sneakers is that I can easily wear them with business casual attire or sporty athleisure. They make kicks up to size 12 and utilize quality materials like recycled rubber, breathable knit and FlexCork in their designs.

Speed in Dove Sneakers

Buckly in Khaki Hiking Boots


If you're looking for elegant big shoes, M.Gemi will feel like a delight. The Italian brand specializes in combing Italian craftsmanship with everyday comfort. The brand's size chart runs up to 43 (or 12 in American sizing terms), though you'll want to size up on their heels if you have big feet. For those women that don't want to compromise comfort or style, M.Gemi is the way to go. I typically wear my heels from day to night, and I'm also grateful for their artfully yet feminine aesthetic.

M.Gemi The Felize Suede

M.Gemi The Cinzia


This brand focuses on comfort, quality and sustainability without missing the sense of fashion. FRANKie4 offers a range of styles, from sneakers to heels for the modern woman looking for stability and design. The first time I stepped into a pair, I felt immediate comfort thanks to the footbed which alleviate pain while you're strolling. This brand prides itself on its footbed that lifts, cradles and cushions the heel while tacking pain and foot woes. Once you try this brand, it will be hard to switch to old-fashioned pairs. Best of all, they offer inclusive shoe sizes for women up to 13.


Tambo IV White

Thursday Boot Co.

There's no shame in saying it. As a woman with big feet, I tend to overanalyze the size and structure of the shoe. Surprisingly, when I tried a pair of boots from Thursday Boot Co., my tootsies were more than comfortable enough. This brand runs up to size 11 and offers a variety of boot styles with great features like gel insoles and anti-slip bases for a confident stride.

One of my favorite things about this brand is the quality and modern design it offers. From handcrafted knee-high boots to sneaker-style kicks with durable outsoles, these shoes are equally adaptable and efficient. I have worn boots from this brand for hours without attempting to change them or slipping into cushy slides.

Thursday Boot Co. The Tempest

Thursday Boot Co The Diplomat

Sam Edelman

This lifestyle brand is one of the most inclusive in the fashion market, thanks to its effort in offering large-sized footwear. Sam Edelman's shoe collection runs up to size 14 and offers great designs and styles. Their flats are one of my favorite due to their ability to sustain heavy stomps and long walks. Their iconic loafers are one of the most comfortable pairs I own due to their easy slip-on feature and soft leather.

Sam Edelman Loraine Bit Loafer

Expert-recommended shoe brands for women with big feet

Ally Shoes

Javed recommends this brand for its variety in styles and inclusive sizes. Ally Shoes offers US sizes from 4 to 12 in four different width options. Their flat style is ideal for the professional woman looking for comfort and fashion. According to the brand's Chief Science Officer, “finding a shoe that is not too high or too flat is the best thing you can do for your feet.”

Aside from their ergonomically-inside insole, Ally Shoes is a brand dedicated to solving women's feet conundrums. They offer half sizes and shoes for narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths. Additionally, their pain-free heels are stretchy and offer three-point support.

Ally Shoes Bossy Beige Leather Pump

Courageous Caramel Leather Flat


Italeau is dedicated to bringing Italian luxury with handcrafted designs from the hills of Le Marche. What makes this brand super-inclusive is that they run up to size 14 (or 45 in European sizing) — now that's what we call a miracle! Not only does Italeau promote large footwear, but they also specialize in chic designs that are waterproof and will cover your feet during a storm.

Italeau Trino Loafer


Every foot is different and, if we're being realistic, some people need custom-made shoes. Girotti offers personalized shoes with premium leather materials and unique Italian craftsmanship. You can customize your boots by choosing the colors, materials and design you desire. What makes this even better is that you will get a timeless pair of shoes that will last you for a while. Girotti offers shoe sizes up to 14.

Girotti Sock Ankle Boots

Atelier Vania

If you haven't found a pair that fits your needs, Atelier Vania is the online retailer to fix that problem. While the styles are pricier than mainstream retailers, this luxury brand is dedicated to elegance and shoes made specifically for women with big feet. The brand offers women's shoes from 40 to 46 (or sizes 9 to 15 in American sizing), plus 100 percent of their shoes are made in Italy.

Atelier Vania Aura Ballerina Shoe

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