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When is Christmas in 2023? Everything to know this year

The countdown is on! Here's what to know about the holiday this year along with Christmas Eve, New Year's and more.

It's the holly jolly season — it's the best time of the year!

Yep, the holidays are upon us, and if you're already done with all your shopping, then, congratulations. You can kick back with a cup of eggnog, turn on the Christmas tunes and enjoy the many glad tidings of the Yuletide.

Of course, if you're like the rest of us, you're instead probably in the midst of a full-scale holiday meltdown wondering how and when you're going to get everything squared away in time for Santa's arrival on Christmas Day.

How many days are left until then? Well, that's the question on everyone's mind: When is Christmas in 2023 — and more important, what day does Christmas fall on this year?

If you don't have an Advent calendar handy (and we're guessing you don't since you're here), we'll happily fill you in on the details including Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, so you can plan ahead for the rest of the holiday season.

After all, along with getting gifts for everyone on your list, there's also decorating the tree, hanging the lights, planning Christmas dinner, baking cookies and...whew, you get the picture.

It's a lot to pack in before December 25. Fortunately, Thanksgiving arrived a bit early this year, which means there are a few extra days this year to get things accomplished.

So, let's get down to business. What do you need to know about Christmas this year? Find out below.

When is Christmas in 2023?

Like every year, Christmas is on Dec. 25 and unlike other holidays, like, say, Easter, Labor Day and Memorial Day, that date never changes. But the day of the week does.

For example, last year, Christmas landed on a Sunday, which was pretty convenient.

This year, Christmas Day is Monday, Dec. 25, 2023. So the day of the week Christmas falls on this year is Monday.

Naturally, given the way the calendar works and all, you're probably guessing that next year, Christmas will fall on Tuesday. And normally it would, but because next year is a Leap Year, Christmas Day in 2024 will be on a Wednesday.

So, if you're an early bird who likes to plan ahead, you might want to jot that down on your calendar. Just in case.

When is Christmas Eve 2023?

Given that Christmas Eve is always the night before Christmas Day, in 2023, Christmas Eve will be on Sunday, Dec. 24, 2023.

So, the holiday lands on the tail end of the weekend. On the upside, it means you've got the day before to finish up any last-minute shopping or errands, but it also means that government agencies like the post office, as well as banks and other financial institutions won't be open for business until Tuesday, Dec. 26.

When is New Year's 2023?

If you haven't figured it out yet, Christmas and New Year's are exactly one week apart, which means New Year's Eve comes one week after Christmas Eve.

In 2023, New Year's Eve falls on Sunday, Dec. 31.

And, of course, that means New Year's Day is on Monday, Jan 1, 2024.

However you plan to kickstart a brand new year, one thing is almost guaranteed, you'll likely have a 4-day workweek since New Year's falls on a Monday.

Much like Christmas, that also means financial institutions like banks and credit unions, as well as government offices (including the post office) will be closed along with schools.

If you've got important business to take care of, your best bet is to wrap it up before the long weekend begins.