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The meaning of Beyoncé's 'Virgo's Groove,' according to an astrologer

The song has people wishing they were Virgos like Beyoncé.
Tyler Essary / Getty Images

Born September 4, 1981, Beyonce is one of the world’s most famous Virgos — and she might be one of the proudest, too.  

Over the years, she’s released several songs that celebrate her membership as part of the earthy Virgo crew. The album “B’Day” had “Gift from Virgo” and the astrology-themed song “Signs,” in which the singer goes through past signs she’s dated only to conclude “I wish he was a Virgo, the same sign as me.” Now, with “Renaissance, her seventh solo album,” Bey is back to celebrating the sixth zodiac sign with “Virgo's Groove.”

Now, the lyrics to “Virgo’s Groove” don’t have much to do with astrology. The sensual lyrics, fitting alongside the album’s other bold and confident songs like “Cuff It” and “America Has a Problem,” are more about connecting with another person on an intimate (very intimate) level. She does reference stars and a psychic in the lyric, but that’s about as cosmic as it gets.

That said, “Virgo’s Groove” also seems to back up another commonly held belief in astrology: Virgos are perfectionists in all they do, and that applies to the bedroom. It's no surprise that “Signs” and “Gift From Virgo” are also sensual songs.

The new “Renaissance” song has people, including "Insecure" creator and TODAY cover star Issa Rae, wishing they were Virgos, who are now — thanks to Beyonce — “the chosen ones.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look back at Beyonce’s relationship to astrology — and why Virgos consider her to be the ultimate Virgo.

Here’s what Beyonce has said about being a Virgo

Fans have long clocked Beyonce’s alignment with a few quintessential Virgo qualities, making compilation videos with titles like, “Beyonce being a Virgo for 10 minutes straight,” in which Beyoncé displays her perfectionist tendencies, punctuality and eye for detail. 

Beyonce openly identifies with Virgo’s qualities, too. She said her zodiac sign is the reason she’s such a private person. In an interview from 2021 with Harper’s Bazaar, Bey says, “Trust, the reason those folks don’t see certain things about me is because my Virgo ass does not want them to see it ... It’s not because it doesn’t exist!”” Unlike other zodiac signs who put every emotion, sentiment, and desire out there (yes, we’re talking to you Aries, Gemini, and Leo), her Virgo edge keeps her grounded. 

We spoke to other proud Virgos for an informal study about what makes Beyoncé such a good representation of the sun sign. 

Here’s how Beyoncé embodies the sign, according to real Virgos

As the sixth zodiac sign, Virgos are known to be kindhearted, honest and compassionate. Their ability to analyze and use their minds to discriminate fact from fiction makes Virgo one of the most intellectual signs. Ruled by the communication planet Mercury, this sign is as much a listener as a talker. Their intention is always to understand. However, when their patience is tested they act out (like anyone would).

On the flip side, Virgos have a reputation of being overly critical and picky. You’ve definitely seen the memes on social media that depict the mutable earth sign as needing everything a specific way in their lives — which can be frustrating. If you’re a Virgo or know one on an intimate level, you know that this is half true. Virgos just want things a specific way which means that they know what they want..

In order to judge Bey’s Virgo-ness, we spoke to five real-life Virgos, who say they relate to Beyonce’s work ethic above all. 

“She’s hardworking. Work really gets me into a flow. Beyoncé is extremely hardworking. You can tell she puts all of herself into her projects and can express her art that way. When  it comes to her craft, she takes it very seriously,” said fellow earth sign, fan, and designer Gabriella Barboza.

Astrologer and DJ Lexi Ferguson said that her most important Virgo trait is to “figure out what’s true.” In "Gift From Virgo," Beyoncé is set on understanding her emotions for her boo from the depths of her soul — which is illuminating for her Virgo sun (being ruled by the planet Mercury means that they’re always processing information which leads to a deep comprehension of situations and people).

Kayla Greaves, the executive beauty editor at InStyle, said her main Virgo qualities are leading with compassion, patience, generosity and kindness. Greaves steers clear of drama because she “hates chaos, and typically keeps to myself” — the same things she sees in Beyoncé: “Values privacy, a hardworking woman, in control of her own narrative.”

As a Virgo, life coach Christine O'Day gets the need to focus on the details. Looking at the way Beyoncé has managed her career throughout the years it’s important to note that she is a stickler for all the minor things that go into creating her brand, image, and albums. You can see the effort in all she does because her work is flawless. 

Sarah Potter, tarot reader and author of “The Cosmo Tarot," said that she approaches love like Beyoncé (at least, based on Bey’s song lyrics) — both are invested in the long haul and don’t ever turn their backs on those they love, unless they absolutely must.