TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Olivia Newton-John: Show is ‘journey through my life’

The singer joins TODAY to talk about “Summer Nights,” her new show at the Flamingo Las Vegas, in which she performs a medley of her hits.

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>>> up in the '70s and '80s you've probably seen "grease" a hundred times or so. the beloved olivia newton john is bringing back those summer nights in the flamingo hotel in las vegas . the four-time grammy winner and emmy winner having an absolute blast performing a medley of musical favorites from her incredible career in films and music.

>> yes. olivia newton john , we are fawning over you. we've complimented your shoes, the show, the necklace. we love you. natalie is singing. i'm obsessed with the shoes. it's phenomenal. just one week down?

>> one week.

>> down in vegas . how did it feel?

>> actually it was great. it was really wonderful. i really enjoyed it.

>> surreal?

>> the first week, you're in vegas and it's a big deal but we had a great time. the audience was great.

>> i definitely plan on coming.

>> do you want to sing for her? is that later?

>> i'll be a pink lady.

>> you can get up with me.

>> i think the two of you should be pink ladies.

>> you drive an r.v. we'll hit a couple stops and our final destination is las vegas and then we'll be pink ladies on stage.

>> you can be --

>> i'll be the black jacket. pop the collar a little bit.

>> we've invaded your show.

>> okay.

>> absolutely. we love it.

>> i was admiring this. you kind of have the bad sandy look here with the leather pants and everything.

>> all courtesy of a wonderful designer who did all my clothes for vegas . my more glamorous sandy look.

>> i am amazed at how incredible you look. what is your secret?

>> good lighting in here. i'm very fortunate. i'm married to a man who -- my mother looked good even in her 80s. i'm lucky genetically.

>> happy for you.

>> i'm lucky.

>> the show is so much fun for people who followed your career. you've sold 100 million albums i just read which is outrageous. four grammy awards . it's not just "greece" we don't want to give that impression. there is a little physical in there. we get the full range of your career in one show.

>> yes. it's my life through my music. i started out in country music much to my amazement. i do country music and i had two very successful films "grease" and xanadu" and i do some from my albums and from when i was really young working the clubs in england, kind of bluesy things that people probably didn't even know i did. it's just a journey. a little snap shot of my music.

>> do you have a favorite song? i mean, there are so many top hits.

>> it is really difficult to pick. it's like children. they all have a different meaning at different times in my life an love them all for different reasons. that's what's great about doing the show for me. i have fun doing it.

>> what about hotel -- inthe show is about the music of the past but your journey both as a woman and musician continues. tell us about --

>> it is interesting. that i'm in a hotel first of all and we have this actually bitter sweet story. my nephew, my sister's son. unfortunately i lost her a year ago. and we were recording this over the last 12 years and every time i'd go to australia, he is a singer/ song writer musician he'd give me a demo and say would you do this for me? we'd do it for fun. we made this cd over the last 10 or 12 years and decided to put it out as a tribute to her. now it's just come out and is available at the hotel and online.

>> well, we are all just starting to plan our road trip to vegas . we're just riding.

>> i was ready for her to go all sandy on you.

>> you are very restrained.

>> i'm in awe.

>> one other thing about summer nights , every single ticket goes to your cancer organization.

>> it goes to the wellness program so people who are going through cancer, it's been my dream to help build this hospital over the last 12 years now. and it's an amazing thing. so people when they come are contributing to this. it's great.

>> wow.

>> can i say one thing? on may 3rd i'll be in indianapolis doing a walk, a mini marathon for my other nephew who started a program to show the correlation between breast canser and prostate cancer because they are very much the same. we are trying to encourage people to encourage their partners to do regular self-exams and check-ups. we're going to do this mini marathon and people come and the money goes to that you're everywhere. olivia newton john . we just love having you there.

>> i love having you there.

>> see you in vegas .

>> i'm in. thanks.

>> we'll be right back are you ready grandma? just a