TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Top tips to get toned by summer

As TODAY’s “6 Months to a 6-Pack Challenge” continues, nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy help viewers stay on track with a summer workout routine and diet for when you’re feeling stressed.

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>> now to our six months to a six-pack challenge. helping some "today" viewers get toned up by summer. and today we're going to help them and you at home beat the stress so it doesn't derail your diet.

>> kelly , tamara , and ralph oswald, they've been working hard to get in tiptop shape with the help of joy bauer and fitness trainer jeff . good morning to you once again. you started this journey back in january, i believe. and look how far you have come.

>> looking terrific.

>> let's start first with kelly and remind people -- see what she looks like now.

>> kelly started at 177 pounds.

>> this is her in january.

>> she's now 143. she's down 34 pounds.

>> wow.

>> and something interesting, this is real life . i just want to point out that both tamara and kelly have hit a temporary plateau. they're both just up one pound. which is inevitable. it's normal.

>> sure.

>> and, you know, they're going to be back in two weeks.

>> and changing the routine a little bit perhaps?

>> they're doing everything right. i think sometimes your body just, you know, sort of does its own thing and in two weeks she'll be down.

>> well, there's a maintenance phase, right?

>> she's close. she's within a couple of pounds of her maintenance. she's going to tell a little bit about her stress eating habits.

>> kelly , what is it that you usually go to when you're stressed?

>> i'm a mindless eater. i don't think about what i'm eating. i'll be putting chips out for kids, or this and that and have a handful here and there. so i've probably already had a half of cup of pasta. i've had half a bag of a bag of chips, which i would never normally sit down, pour a bag of chips and eat it. so it's mindless.

>> i think a lot of us do this. joy, what's the fix? you came up with some solutions for her.

>> i call her a trance volume eater. she gobbles up without even thinking about it. so i want things that are high volume, but under 200 calories. the first is this fiery popcorn. five cups of air popped popcorn and then just sprinkle on a little bit of hot sauce or cayenne or chili powder . the idea is you can gobble it, but because of the hot sauce , it wakes you up and makes you pay attention. this is what i call salsa-mole. when you combine it together, you can have a great big amount with tons of nonstarchy vegetables.

>> let's move to tamara . how much has am the lost?

>> tamara started at 178. she is now a slim 153. she's down 25 pounds.

>> congratulations.

>> she's stunning.

>> good for you.

>> thank you.

>> so now i know that for you, your issue is you're a comfort eater, which a lot of us are again, as well. what are your usual go-tos?

>> brownies, cooking, cakes. anything sweet.

>> me, too.

>> so i call her a comfort food feaster. whether she's happy, or stressed, she goes for these foods. so again, it's all about the callories you. figure out what you can have for under 200. i made for her what i call a banana peanut butter strawberry freeze. you take a banana, smear a little bit of peanut butter on it and then you can add dark chocolate chips or strawberries. you cut it up into these pieces and you stockpile them in the freezer. this is delicious. go for it. go for it. all these recipes are on our website at

>> and that would be under 200 calories.

>> ralph , let's move on to you. he's disappearing, this man.

>> so here's the interesting thing. so ralph started at 200. he's now 165. and you know what? he's too low! i want ralph to gain about five pounds.

>> what?

>> he gets to eat.

>> you and i are going out, buddy!

>> i want an increase in the protein. i actually want him having one meal off each week. because he went a little bit too low. but we're going to build him back up.

>> what have you been doing to get too low?

>> following good advice, doing the exercises, making good decisions.

>> good for you. you did it all right.

>> are you a bit of an emotional eater?

>> a little bit. especially when it gets overwhelming. sometimes there's so much. just eat a box of devil dogs , a big bag of m&ms and not think anything about it.

>> he's an emotional pity party eater.

>> we have a minute left.

>> this is actually a protein pudding. he loves chocolate, so you take either a low-fat hot cocoa mix, you just mix it with a nonfat vanilla yogurt.

>> let's get over to jeff .

>> it's ingredients that boost your mood.

>> jeff , you got a couple of different exercises you want to talk about that can help relieve stress.

>> i do. we really have two different types of people. our type a people and our type b people.

>> okay.

>> certainly our ladies are more on the type a side. we've got a busy mom, a social worker. high stress. the last thing you want to do is dump more stress on top of that with exercise. exercise is stress. our first participant is going to do here, kelly , is she's going to do a little bit of a side to side rocking that you see a lot of kids do. just simpling twisting. this is great. it gets moving around the body. it works as an active stretch. what tamara is going to do is a hip ridge. she's going to take a breath in and raise her hips up off the ground. that's it. great exercise for the bottom. because your low threshold exercises.

>> keep going, tamron, keep going.

>> the last exercise we have is for ralph , who's type b. he's a little more laid back naturally. so he can let out a lot of that stress. ralph 's already ready to hit me. i suggest some boxing. ralph insisted on going bare knuckle, so