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'Shop the Stars with Jill Martin' is my new digital show — and you're going to love it

"I am so proud of what this show is ... and what it will become."

Jill Martin is a Today Lifestyle Contributor; New York Times Bestselling Author, A Knicks Broadcaster and has her own lifestyle brand on QVC.

I literally cried the second after walking off set after shooting our first show.

I am so proud of what this show is ... and what it will become. I believe it is the next wave of how we will watch television and it is the first of its kind. The show is launching tomorrow, and I just looked back at old emails to see when this idea started. It was a decade ago.

I had emails to numerous networks saying I wanted to do a celebrity interview show where you could shop for everything you see with the touch of a button: the chair I am sitting on, the lipgloss I am wearing, the rug we have the furniture on. I read the 20-plus emails that were “Noes,” but with the caveat saying, “There is no technology to support this idea ... We love it, but can’t figure out how to execute it.”

Well, ten years later (I hope this inspires you to never give up), the technology is there, and we have figured out (and continue to learn) out how to merge the latest in technology, commerce and entertainment all in one.

So, with tears in my eyes, here is my dream come to life. It is just the beginning and the first show (the format will evolve with your feedback), but here is the premise:

“Interesting people... great conversation.... with cool stuff to buy.”

The show will begin with me telling the story of how the celebrity’s story evolved and how their success came about. Nearly everything you see on the set can be yours with the click of a button, and your favorite celebrities will introduce you to their products and explain why they created that specific line.

Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

Each episode will have the details of my outfit: a "Splurge" item and a "Steal" (which will be a great product you can buy). And you know I love a deal. So you will see great deals throughout each show.

I have been with the Today Show for 13 years — this team is my family. I want to thank the incredible team who worked on this. It is the little show that could.

I hope this inspires other women out there who have an idea to not take “No” for an answer. Had I listened to the “Noes” said a decade ago, this show would never have come to life. I didn’t give up and am proud of what this has become.

I am excited to introduce you to “Shop the Stars,"a celebrity interview show where nearly everything is shoppable. I can’t wait to build this show with you and your feedback.

My first guest is Martha Stewart. Because we both have lines on QVC, we spend a lot of late nights gabbing and learning. I love her story, filled with twists and turns, but there is a lot you don’t know about Martha. I will introduce you to a new side of her in this first Valentine's Day episode.

Happy Shopping and thanks for tuning in. Please let me know what you think (good and bad). I’ll be doing a Q & A right after the first show drops and want to hear your thoughts!



My raw notes for the first episode of "Shop the Stars" when it was just a concept.
My raw notes for the first episode of "Shop the Stars" when it was just a concept.Jill Martin / Jill Martin