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The winners of Parents Best Toys Awards are here — 6 of the best for 2022

Including Fisher-Price DJ Bouncin’ Beats, Healthy Roots Dolls and more toys kids will love.

Though we're only one week into November, it feels like the holiday shopping season is in full swing! If you're aiming to tackle your holiday gift buying early on this year, there's one group you should probably shop for first: kids.

The toys at the top of their lists — especially the popular ones — tend to go fast, so don't wait until the last minute to add them to your cart. If you don't know where to start when it comes to toy shopping, don't panic! Just ahead of the holiday season, Parents editors put 60 toys to the test (with their own children), and narrowed down 25 winners for its Parents Best Toys Awards.

Grace Bastidas, editor-in-chief of Parents, joined TODAY to share six of those winners. From durable dinosaurs to diverse dolls, these are the top kid-loved and parent-approved toys of 2022.

Best baby and toddler toys, according to Parents

Infantino Busy Lil’ Sensory Ball

Bastidas says this pick is perfect for little ones ages three months and up. It features nine activities that encourage both motor and cognitive skills, thanks to the crinkly material, rattling sounds and teething-friendly textures. While it's still in stock, Bastidas recommends ordering it early to avoid supply chain disruptions.

Fisher-Price DJ Bouncin’ Beats

Here's a pick for the growing kid! This interactive toy came out on top for kids nine months and up. It plays over 75 songs and phrases, which introduce kids to the alphabet, colors and numbers. A cute bonus? Parents can record messages for the doll to play, so their kids can hear their voice, even when they aren't home, Bastidas said.

Best preschooler toys, according to Parents

Play Maysie Portable Travel Dollhouse

Don't let this pick deceive you! While it looks like a vintage lunchbox, Bastidas says it is a double-sided dollhouse, complete with wooden furniture and magnetic accessories. It's portable, so the kid that loves to play at restaurants or while on vacation will love getting to take it with them wherever they go. Since it is also made from sustainable materials, Bastidas says, it earned extra points in the rankings.

Jurassic World Dominion Uncaged Ultimate Pyroraptor

Know a dinosaur fanatic? This touch-sensitive beast, which roars when its sensors are activated, is sure to be a hit with kids ages 5 and up. It also features multiple modes that let kids train it to follow commands, play with it or even let it roam on its own.

Best big kid toys, according to Parents

Skillmatics Marvel Card Game: Guess in 10

Bastidas loves this pick for on-the-go fun — and kids ages eight and up will love it, too. They can play one-on-one or divide into teams and can ask up to 10 questions in order to guess the Marvel character on the back of the card. It's a fun pick for family game night and a screen-free way for anyone to boast their superhero knowledge, Bastidas says.

Healthy Roots Dolls

Curly kids will love this one! Perfect for children ages six and up, kids can shampoo and style their dolls' hair into box braids, bantu knots and more. Diversity was one of the criteria when it came to picking the top toys, Bastidas said, and these self-love-inspiring dolls came out on top.

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