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From figure-flattering jeans to organizing solutions, Martha Stewart's products have you covered

Nearly everything on "Shop the Stars with Jill Martin" is shoppable!

The products shown may be from a celebrity’s own product line. If you buy those products through the links in this article, the celebrity's line has agreed to give Shop TODAY a small share of the revenue from your purchase.

If you caught the first episode of "Shop the Stars with Jill Martin," then you know Martha Stewart's multiple product lines will have you covered.

From stylish clothes that don’t compromise comfort to organizing solutions for your home office and a dreamy custom closet Stewart designed herself, you can buy nearly everything you see!

Shop Stewart's latest book and California Closets collaboration:

Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

These products were selected from the celebrity’s business partner and they have agreed to give us a share of the revenue for purchases you make through our site.

1. "Martha Stewart's Organizing: The Manual for Bringing Order to Your Life, Home & Routine"

If organization is your goal but you can't seem to find a starting point, Stewart's 96th book is here to help. It's the sequel to "The Martha Manual: How to Do (Almost) Everything" and has over 200 pages of tips and tricks that will give you the inspiration you need to organize your home.

"If you're a homeowner or you're getting married or going to a shower, these are the best books to get because they really do have an awful lot of content in them," Stewart tells Martin.

2. Stewart + California Closets Everyday 6ft Hanging & 3 Drawer Cabinet with Door Cabinet System

After converting a spare bedroom into a large walk-in closet using California Closets systems, the folks at the company asked Stewart to collaborate on a few modular systems anyone can buy.

"We designed these amazing, amazing reach-in closet systems and beautiful home office system, a pantry system," she said of her collaboration. "I've incorporated special features that I've used elsewhere in my homes."

Stewart's closet design allows you to hang your favorite shirts and store your handbags, towels, hats and more. It features seven shelves, three hanging rods, three drawers and one large cabinet, so you can neatly hide away smaller items in a breeze.

3. Martha Stewart + California Closets Everyday 8ft Home Office & Storage System

Between bills, paperwork and scattered stationery, your home office can find itself unraveling before your very eyes. This home office storage system boasts three self-closing drawers, 12 shelves and four file drawers so you can organize your paperwork and create a more efficient, cleaner workspace.

"You can put this on any wall in your house and be thrilled. It has a special area where you plug your electronic tools into," she pointed out.

The woodgrain finish makes this home office incredibly unique as it is crafted using eco-friendly wood. Martin told Stewart that you should always "see pretty" in your closet when you start your day, so the same should apply to your office space!

4. Martha Stewart + California Closets Hangers

The design of these lotus wood hangers will preserve the style of your favorite shirts without stretching them out or causing them to lose their fit. The non slip grip will save your clothes from falling to the floor on even your busiest mornings and are durable enough to last through the years.

5. Safavieh Martha Stewart Collection Handmade Premium Wool Whetstone Grey Area Rug (5' x 8')

An accent rug can add some charm to any space. This handmade wool rug from Stewart's Safavieh collaboration is a durable piece of decor that will make add a contemporary feel to a room.

"These rugs are also available on Amazon. They're Safavieh rugs, they've been my partner for many years, and I love my rugs," Stewart raves.

Shop Martha's QVC fashion line:

Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

1. Martha Stewart Silk Cotton Blend Tassel Scarf

Stewart styles Martin in a gorgeous tassel scarf from her QVC collection to add a pop of color to her outfit.

A statement scarf should be as comfortable as it is stylish, and this cotton-blend scarf from Stewart's collection meets both of those needs.

2. Martha Stewart Stretch Poplin Funnel Neck 3/4-Sleeve Blouse

"I love this; it comes in beautiful colors," Stewart told Martin about one of her most popular items, which she happens to be wearing in this episode. You won't have to compromise comfort for style as this top is made with stretch poplin — you might never want to take it off.

3. Martha Stewart Open-Front Reversible Sweater Ruana

This reversible, open-front wrap sweater (also known as a "ruana") was designed to complete any outfit, so whenever you leave the house, you can look and feel your best.

"So many people have enjoyed this ruana," Stewart said of this bestseller from her line.

4. Martha Stewart Regular Embroidered 5-Pocket Ankle Jeans

"She has embroidered jeans, and they're pull-on with the tummy control," points out Martin of these top-rated jeans.

They're available in five different washes with unique floral designs and are sure to catch some compliments. Did we mention they're super comfortable? Pair them with Stewart's favorite poplin top to complete the look.

5. Martha Stewart Regular Knit Denim Ankle Jeans

For a more relaxed fit, these pull-on jeans feature an elastic waistband that will contour your curves and fit to your body so you can feel comfortable and confident, no matter the occasion.

"I wanted (my QVC line) to be wearable, classic, so you're not embarrassed when you leave the house," Martha said.

Pair them with your favorite pair of boots for a night out or throw on some sneakers for a more casual look — either way, it's stylish and comfortable.

6. Martha Stewart Luxe Cotton Button Front Knit Blouse

"It looks just like silk, but it's really machine-washable," Stewart pointed out of this high-quality blouse. "It's the finest, finest cotton — it's what they make the really expensive golfer's T-shirts out of."

These shirts are also tagless, so they provide style and comfort all day long. "All my clothes are easy-care but also very comfortable to wear," she noted.

Shop Martha's Staples office collection:

Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

1. Martha Stewart Medium Gusset Pouch

"We have probably the most beautiful office supplies," raved Stewart.

Store all of your pens, pencils, highlighters and more in this quaint little pouch that also doubles as the perfect carry-on accessory for last-minute trips and vacations.

2. Martha Stewart Gold Faux Leather Letter Discbound Notebook

Keep track of all of the happenings in your life with this faux leather notebook. The gold cover pairs perfectly with the rest of Stewart's collection so that you can maintain the aesthetic of your workspace.

3. Martha Stewart Mint Linen Pencil Cup

This pencil cup is as sturdy as it is splurge worthy. The unique design offers a different twist on office supply storage, and the brass finish is a nice touch that sets it apart from other pieces.

4. Martha Stewart Linen Desk Organizer

From loose items to jewelry, this cute organizer will tidy up any junk drawer. The linen base is even covered in glass, so you don't have to worry about stains or spills ruining your chic tray.

5. Martha Stewart Gold Office Clips (not yet available)

Why settle for boring old office clips when you can take your office supply game to the next level with shiny gold ones?

"Wouldn't you rather have nice little gold clips?" asked Stewart.

These are perfect for organizing important papers, and you can store them neatly in Stewart's desk organizer.

6. Martha Stewart Set of 6 Vine File Folders

Whether you need to store important documents or simply need to organize the loose papers lying around on your desk, these file folders fit neatly into Stewart's home office storage system too!

"We even put a little embossed gold on these," she said of the beautiful file folders from her Staples line.

7. Martha Stewart Gold Stapler (not yet available)

Martin told Stewart that "everything should be luxurious," so this gold stapler is undoubtedly no exception.

Even better, it fits perfectly in the drawers of the office storage system, so you can keep organized without adding clutter to your desktop.

8. Martha Stewart Gold Bunny Trinket Tray

This adorable trinket tray is perfect for storing your keys, rings, earrings and more. Keep it on your nightstand or at your desk for an any-time storage solution.

"All this stuff you can get at Staples ... I just love it!" said Stewart about her line.

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