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Nail your makeup application every single time — 19 top-rated lighted mirrors to shop

It's all in the details — and these mirrors will make sure you catch them.
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Once you've rounded up your favorite skin care products and found the makeup products that work for you, it all comes down to how you apply them. No matter how fancy the formula or exquisite the makeup tool, you'll need to make sure you can see all of the finer details in order to look your best. Using your bathroom mirror can get the job done, but makeup mirrors enable you to tune into the specifics to help you pull off your desired results.

Whether your focus is tweezing your brows to perfection or applying foundation evenly, the right makeup mirror can make all the difference. Do you need magnification or bright lights? A large frame or something compact you can take on-the-go? We narrowed down the bestselling makeup mirrors out there to find ones with rave reviews that check off all of the boxes.

From Bluetooth-enabled makeup mirrors that allow you to take calls and listen to music to no-frills finds, read on for the makeup mirrors that have received five-star praise.

Best lighted makeup mirrors, according to shoppers

Nezzoe LED Adjustable Touch Screen Makeup Mirror

With 250 minutes of use on one single charge, according to the brand, this top-selling makeup mirror is "perfect for traveling," according to one reviewer. Adjustable angles make traveling with this portable mirror even easier for days when you need to apply concealer in the car on the way to work.

Vimdiff Magnifying Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

This makeup mirror differs from most since it features a suction bottom that helps it stay in place on your counter. Although it appears smaller than most, it offers 10X magnification and LED lights that imitate daylight. According to one of the mirror's 8,100+ verified five-star reviewers, it "works really well for tweezing." Another reviewer called it a great basic and praised the "perfect" size and brightness.

Fascinate Trifold LED Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror remains a consistent favorite — and with such an affordable price tag, who can blame 6,400+ shoppers who rated it five stars? It's designed with features like 180° free rotation, a dual power supply and 21 natural and soft LED lights. Its 2X and 3X magnification also makes this choice perfect for "detail work and when your eyes aren't as good as they once were," according to one reviewer.

deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

With over 14,000 verified five-star ratings, this makeup mirror just about does it all — it magnifies, rotates and features adjustable lighting. The foldable design means that you can prevent dust from coating the mirror while it's not in use, and you can also detach it from the button tray base to stow it away until you need it. It uses 21 LED lights that can be brightened or dimmed with a smart touch button and can be charged using batteries or a USB port.

Floxite Mirror Mate

Tiny but mighty, this lighted mirror is small enough to fit in your purse but boasts 15X magnification. The adjustable arm allows you to use it as a traditional vanity mirror, but it can also be tucked away to use as a compact mirror for touch-ups on the move.

“I think I have bought 8 of these mirrors. I have kept 2 for myself and I use them all the time,” one Bed Bath & Beyond reviewer wrote. “And I have given the rest as gifts.”

Jerdon Portable LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Jerdon's portable mirror is lined with LED lights and even includes a spot mirror that offers 10X magnification. Since it's battery operated, you don't have to worry about bulky cords or wires, and the sleek design helps it take up even less space on counters. Even better? It arrives pre-assembled, so all you'll have to do is pop in the batteries.

Conair Reflections Rechargeable Tablet Mirror

"You can see EVERYTHING in this mirror," proclaimed one Ulta shopper who rated Conair's tablet-style mirror a perfect five stars. With two magnification options (1X and 5X) and three LED light intensities, that sentiment certainly holds true. Its durable cover, long-lasting battery and USB cable also makes it easy to bring it with you anywhere and everywhere.

Fancii LED Vanity Makeup Mirror with Cosmetic Organizer

If your vanity is in dire need of some organizing, this makeup mirror's right up your alley. The dual magnification (1X and 10X), distortion-free mirror is mounted atop a cosmetic organizer base with five compartments, perfect for all of your daily makeup essentials.

Impressions Vanity Co. Luna Nightlight Bluetooth Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror moonlights as a few other items — a chic piece of bedroom decor, a nightlight and a Bluetooth speaker, for starters. It also features 5X magnification and duo-tone lighting to switch from natural to cool or warm brightness.

Conair LED Rose Gold Makeup Mirror

With dual-sided capabilities, this bestseller offers 360-degree rotation and 10X magnification. The rose gold color is the perfect addition to any bathroom counter, and reviewers can't stop raving over how visually pleasing it is. It's the perfect pick for anyone that is more concerned with magnification than lighting.

"This mirror is so large, I can easily do my makeup and fix my eyebrows," one Ulta reviewer wrote. "Less eye strain is a great thing!"

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

This tri-fold mirror offers four lighting options — day, home, office and evening — so you can make sure your look matches the lighting for whatever the day brings. It's functional but isn't an eye sore, as it neatly folds flat for travel or storage. In addition to the adjustable lighting, the base can also be adjusted to work at 11 different angles, so you don't have to crouch in order to make sure that you're applying your mascara evenly.

"It's perfect, the one I had that I used nearly every day for 50 years finally gave out and I thought I would never be able to replace it, but the Jerdon Trifold is everything my old one was and much more, much brighter, much clearer and much easier to use," one five-star reviewer wrote.

Luna London Eclipse LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

This ultra-slim makeup mirror folds down into the size of a tablet, so you can take it with you for a touch-up or neatly store it in your bathroom to save counter space. (It even comes with its own drawstring bag!) The lights can be dimmed on three different settings that stimulate, day, evening and home lighting, giving you soft, warm and white lighting. "Its absolutely beautiful," one of the more than 1,700 verified reviewers wrote. "It’s super bright and light weight and I’m happy I can store it away in a drawer when not using."

Funtouch Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror has amassed more than 6,400 verified five-star ratings on Amazon over time. The large mirror is larger than most on the market and it comes in four different styles, including some with halo lighting and some with individual bulbs that can be dimmed to your preference. One reviewer called the mirror a "game-changer," claiming it was the "best purchase I ever made."

Conair Reflections 3-Way Touch Control Lighted Makeup Mirror

This double-sided mirror from Conair offers three-way touch control, as compared to the previous version that can be turned on and off with a simple switch. It has amassed over 1,500 verified five-star ratings on Amazon, with many of them praising its lighting capabilities.

"The light is plenty bright and has 3 levels of brightness and the magnification is perfect," one reviewer wrote. The mirror itself is fog- and glare-free, too, so you can complete your beauty routine without any interruptions.

Fenchilin Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Give your space a glam Hollywood touch with this smart vanity mirror. Its LED lightbulbs can be adjusted to three levels of brightness and colors by simply touching the mirror sensor. It even comes with a smaller, detachable mirror with 10X magnification to apply delicate makeup like eyeliner and lipstick.

Zadro Sunlight Max Bright Vanity Mirror

Even the most helpful critical review gave this makeup mirror a three-star rating, noting that it works but isn’t anything sophisticated. Other reviewers praised the mirror for being a “great product with a fair price.”

Rather than relying on batteries to simulate natural sunlight, the mirror operates by plugging into a power source, using secret base storage to conceal cords. It’s double-sided, with one side for everyday maintenance and another with 10X magnification to help zoom in on problem areas. A convenient storage tray can also keep products from rolling all over your counter.

Fancii LED Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Though this mirror is also a bit of a splurge, it's earned glowing reviews from several shoppers on the brand's website. The cordless gadget operates on rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours. Alone, the sleek mirror boasts 1X magnification, but you can purchase the 10X magnification attachment to hone in on minor details. It boasts three temperature settings and additional brightness levels that can be adjusted with the touch button. Even better? It boasts smart memory, so it will automatically use the brightness settings that you last used while you were getting ready, saving you the hassle during early mornings.

"I love this product," one verified reviewer wrote. "The lighting is phenomenal and the size of the mirror is perfect for applying makeup to plucking eyebrows!"

simplehuman Sensor Mirror Fold

Though simplehuman’s makeup mirror is a bit of a splurge, reviewers are raving about how well it works. It uses a color rendering index of 90, which the brand states is similar to the full color spectrum of natural sunlight. The single-sided mirror also offers 10X magnification, making it easy to catch small details when tweezing or finishing up your makeup routine.

Some reviewers called out the great magnification, while others appreciated that can be compacted and folded down flat for when you're on the go. “This is great in my bathroom and has a wonderful travel case that will be a major plus!” one reviewer wrote.

Riki Loves Riki Skinny Mirror

Riki Loves Riki's Skinny Mirror is for anyone who wants a smart mirror without any of the fuss. It uses a rechargeable battery to emulate customizable HD lighting using five dimming stages. For those who want to capture their look right after they apply setting spray, it also features a Bluetooth selfie function and comes with a clip to securely mount your phone to the mirror for a perfectly-lit photo.

"I was very reluctant about spending this much for a mirror. However I am glad I did," one Ulta reviewer wrote. "I love that the mirror charges & lasts for at least a week."

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