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What July's full moon in Capricorn means for your zodiac sign

It's the first of four supermoons this year.

The first full moon of the summer season will bring optimism and excitement our way — urging us to have fun, but to be responsible at the same time.

The full supermoon of 2023, nicknamed the Buck Moon, falls on July 3, with three coming in August and September.

Supermoons occur when the moon is in perigee (in close distance) to the earth. When this happens, the moon appears bigger and more vibrant.

Astrologically speaking, the emotional, spiritual, and intuitive effects of the supermoon can be felt on a deep level by us earthlings, allowing us to feel our feelings in a heartfelt way. 

Since full moons mark the end of the 30 day lunar cycle, this should be a moment of pause and reflection as we look back at where we began and where we are headed. Take time to honor and applaud your progress, accomplishments, and achievements. Give yourself a chance to see how brilliant and amazing you are.

How can you see July 2023's full moon? 

The full moon rises on July 3, 2023, at 7:39 a.m. ET, and will appear full for three days.

What is the astrological meaning of July 2023’s full moon?

The Capricorn full moon aspects Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn (currently in retrograde). These planets add a positive element to the overall vibe. We’ll opt to take cautious steps towards manifesting our desires, meaning we won’t go overboard with our goals and will remain practical in order to not exceed our expectations. 

How July’s full moon will impact your zodiac sign 


A demanding project at work is coming to an end, making you wonder what's coming next. The good news is that putting this endeavor to bed can lead to exciting possibilities that will take your career to the next level. One door closes and another one opens right now.


If you have been struggling to understand yourself and others on a deeper level, this full moon brings clarity to your emotional and intellectual pursuits. Prepare yourself for clarity in your personal life. It’ll help you evolve into a better person — as long as you keep an open mind.


Usually, you take a lighthearted approach in connecting with those you care about. The need for closeness and intensity in all of your interpersonal relationships will lead you to forming close bonds with others. Just make sure that you’re not trauma bonding and have an actual foundation in the friendship. 


Although your emotions are ever-changing, you long for stability and security in matters of the heart. Finding the one person who speaks to your soul and offers you these comforts may be hard — but if you’re able to have them in your life, you should treat them like gold. 


Although you have a rambunctious nature, due to your fierce personality, you’re longing for structure. Therefore, you should find a daily routine or regimen that speaks to you at this moment in time and stick to it. Don’t let your impulsive behavior switch up the vibe you set in place.


Taking calculated risks is the best way to navigate the full moon energy. Instead of jumping into relationships and situations head first without looking, try to make sure that you know what you’re getting into. Research, fact check, and reread every contract to ensure minimum loss and maximum gain.


Spend the full moon with your family, close friends, or wrapped up in your sheets with a movie on Netflix. Connecting with those that  you’re close with and spending time at home will give you the strength and motivation to take on the world in the days following the supermoon. 


You’re busier than ever and don’t have time to take on much more. The caveat is that you’ll have to deal with a longer list of tasks and errands than you thought. Therefore, it’ll be hard to find a moment to chill — even though it’s important that you do. 


It’s time to revamp your impulsive spending habits. Rather than purchasing items on a whim, you should consider looking at sale items or lesser priced products that you can afford. Don’t deplete your bank account for the latest trend — keep the receipts in case you change your mind. 


If you’ve been feeling lost in a sea of emotions, this lunation will help to center your mind and heart. Focus on yourself in order to understand and process your intense emotions on a deeper level. A simple meditation or breathing exercise can bring you back to your true self. 


You’re usually the life of the party, but lately you’ve been withdrawing from the social scene. There is nothing wrong with taking time to yourself to rest and relax. Use the silence to figure out what you want in life right now and to heal some of your recent upsets. 


Friends you haven’t spoken to in a while could reach out in the hopes of reconnecting after a long pause. Whether or not you want to accept their invitation is totally up to you. The ball is in your court. How will you proceed?