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7 planets are going to be retrograde this summer. Here’s what that means

Hold on tight, astrologically speaking.

During the summer of 2023, a resounding seven planets will be in retrograde at the same time. Yes, you read that right.

The word "retrograde" tends to conjure up a visceral cringe for astrology followers. Mercury retrograde, for example, is a dreaded transit that happens three times a year, and is said to slow down communication.

Retrograde has a similar effect on other planetary bodies. The transit acts as a type of handicap, impeding the way they shine.

Retrogrades occur when a planet appears to move backwards in its orbit. These are optical illusions, but are still thought to have impact on an astrological level.

Here's what to know about the many retrogrades of the summer of 2023, which will create an astrologically charged summer.

What planets are in retrograde in the summer of 2023?

Pluto retrograde

When is it? May 1 through Oct. 10

Pluto retrograde starts off in Aquarius and then enters Capricorn on June 11, taking us back to March. Old power struggles and former triangular situations will be reopened and re-examined to see how we can learn and grow from them.

Saturn retrograde

When is it? June 17 through Nov. 4

Saturn retrograde in Pisces represents a moment of reflection in which we’re contemplating how we can attain our goals for the future. Relationships are going to be tested, as we’re deciding who and what we should invest our energy in.

Neptune retrograde

When is it? June 30 through Dec. 6

Our intuition may not be as spot on as it usually is when Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. You may start believing the narratives you tell yourself — even if they're not true.

Venus retrograde

When is it? July 22 through Sept. 3

Venus retrograde in Leo will make us long for big declarations of love and affection. The less attention we get, the more we'll want it. This also holds true for money and finances.

Mercury retrograde

When is it? Aug. 23 through Sept. 15

Mercury retrograde in Virgo is going to bring back exes and old flames. This transit will bring us face-to-face with the past, both the good and the bad.

Uranus retrograde

When is it? Aug. 28 through Jan. 27, 2024

The planet of change takes baby steps towards evolution when retrograde in Taurus. Don’t expect major waves or growth during this time. Take life one day at a time to avoid frustrations from rising during this planetary retrograde.

Jupiter retrograde

When is it? Sept. 4 through Dec. 30

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus may prove to be beneficial. This transit urges us to make calculated risks instead of jumping all in without looking. Basically, it’s a call to read the fine print.

How the retrogrades will affect your Sun sign


You may not be a fan of budgeting. Still, it's important to create a financial plan that works for you. Remember, sales are your friend. Keep the receipts if you decide that you have changed your mind on your purchases. 


Little by little, you’re blossoming into the bull you want to be. Don’t put pressure on yourself to evolve and transform all at once because that’s not possible. Move with the flow.


Use your charisma to elegantly move past old situations that you want no part of. You've evolved past all that. If people project negativity onto you, ignore them and focus on yourself. 


Your communication abilities may be hindered, sowing confusion among your freinds and loved ones. Be clear with what you want to say and be prepared to explain exactly what you mean to avoid misunderstandings.


You may feel as though you’re not getting enough TLC from others — but the reality is that they’re dealing with their own problems. Instead of roaring out your frustrations, check in with your friends and offer compassion.


Rather than deal with all this retrograde energy, you want to go on vacation. Permission to live with your hand in the sand for a while, granted! 


Boundaries are a must this summer. Setting clear limits will ensure people aren't taking advantage of your kindness. Then, you won’t be bothered with other people’s issues and can remedy your own. 


Relationships will be in flux, as Jupiter and Uranus add a flair of excitement that could lead to being on-and-off and then on again with your partner. Be open to the erratic patterns that are ahead of you this summer. 


You won’t have stability in work until the retrogrades clear up. Your boss could make you feel as though you’re replaceable — even though you aren’t — which could cause a lot of anxiety within. Breathe through the motions, Sag!


After a hard day of work, you’ll want to hit a bar to burn off the irritations from your job. But you may feel lonely because your friends are occupied with their own lives. Loneliness can be tough, which is why you should try to make new friends. 


Your loved ones are going through issues, which they're putting on your shoulders. It’ll be hard to manage their different personalities and to create a bridge that brings them together. Call upon your powers as a community-minded Aquarius!


Your uncertainty about the future of your relationships could cause you to preemptively create distance. Don’t pull away from those you care about until you’ve witnessed red flags in the relationship. Until then, you can keep them going.