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What August's full moon in Aquarius means for your zodiac sign

It's the first of two full moons this month.

August 2023 is putting on two lunar shows for us, coming in the form of two super full moons. The Sturgeon Moon, the first of the month's full moons, rises on Aug. 1 in the sign of Aquarius.

The second full moon in August, nicknamed a Blue Moon for occurring in the same month as another full moon, rises on Aug. 30.

After August, there is one more supermoon to come this year, bringing the total to four (the first was in July).

Here's what to know about the astrological impact of the Aug. 1 full moon.

How can you see August 2023’s 1st full moon? 

The moon reaches peak lunation around 2:32 p.m. ET, bringing the moon and Earth in close proximity in an aspect called perigee. With that lunar orbit in play, we will feel the emotional intensity on a soulful level. 

What is the astrological meaning of August 2023’s full moon?

Full moons are considered a time of release and relief in astrology. Astrologically, the full moon takes on the vibe of the other cosmic happenings occurring at the same time, like Venus retrograde.

Expansive planet Jupiter shares a fraught energy with the Aquarius moon. The cosmos are asking us to understand how we fit into certain relationships and group settings. Our closest partnership and friendships will be tested. 

The supermoon occurs at the same time as the Southern Delta Aquariid meteor shower. With the Aquarius moon highlighting our hopes and goals in relation to community and relationships, this is a wonderful opportunity to plant seeds for the future. Manifest your visions under the shooting stars — your dreams may come true.

How August's full moon will affect your sign


You’re redefining your peer group and releasing energies that aren’t vibing with yours. Instead of focusing on what they can do for you, make decisions about how your friends make you feel. Those who have proven to be true blue pals are keepers. Those whose motives are questionable are not. 


This is a wonderful time to reinvent yourself, Taurus. You have the opportunity to align with new professional goals and aspirations. Give yourself the chance to think outside the box and define what you want for the future, while making plans to attain them. With your determination, you can make anything possible! 


Embrace your imagination and passions! Allow your mind to wander and explore your daydreams. The more you think about the world with a different lens and explore your fantasies, the easier it’ll be to bring them to life — but only if you truly believe in these visions and yourself.


You probably know how important boundaries are — because you struggle to keep them. Adhere to what your friends, family, and significant other are saying and wanting at this moment in time in an effort to respect their feelings.


The supermoon will light up your love life. It’s a great time to give more TLC to your partner. If you’re unattached, you should consider putting yourself out there on a dating app to connect with someone, which could evolve into more in the months ahead. 


Breaking out of old habits is challenging for  everyone — but especially for someone like you who thrives in routine. The good news is that once you rid yourself of certain behaviors, you’ll be able to fill your life up with more positive activities. Let go of the excess baggage. 


You’re in a delicate position when it comes to romance, which is why it’s important to articulate and express your sentiments with compassion and care. In return, you’re hoping to reconnect with those you love in a meaningful way. Don’t let yourself stand in the way of attaining happiness with another. 


Since you’re a powerful zodiac sign, you want to rule the world and everything you do. The problem with that is you can’t take on more responsibilities than you currently have on your plate. Learn how to prioritize your tasks to ensure you have room to achieve all your goals. 


This full moon is asking you to take a step back before stating your opinion on matters. Doing so will force you to slow your roll and to realize that you really don’t know it all about other people’s personal business and life — even though you think you do. 


Your finances have been in flux, but now you have the insight to make the best decisions, based on the advice you’ve recently received from a trusted friend. Going forward, you have the wherewithal and insight to help your bank account blossom, rather than decline in value at this moment. 


The full moon is pushing you to evolve your mind and heart. As the supermoon illuminates its luminous glow, you’ll be reminded that you should be in tune with your emotional nature. Lean into your inner sentiments and let your feelings be known.


This is a time of reflection, in which you should connect with your inner self. Take a moment and disconnect with the outside noise and noise to focus on healing your personal world. Meditation and mindfulness will help in the process of uncovering your true self during the full moon.  

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