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The astrological meaning of the full moon

Take the day for you.

Looking for a way to organize your life? Try looking away from the calendar, and look up instead. Astrologers recommend using the moon's phases as a way to structure going after goals via a technique called "moon mapping."

The lunar cycle has eight phases. Each takes on a different energy that is said to affect us earthlings, according to astrologers. Think about it: Human beings are made up of over 60 percent water. Since the moon controls the tides of the ocean, it follows that it might have an effect and impact on us.

While new moons are beginnings, full moons are the culmination of such aspirations. They’re a time of endings. And as legend goes, people are prone to acting out during full moons.

What is the astrological meaning of the full moon?

Full moons mark the end of the lunar phase. They occur when the sun and moon oppose each other in the sky. At this point, the sun illuminates the full face of the moon.

The clarity is both literal and symbolic. For the first time in the month, we're seeing things more clearly. The moon is lit up — and so are matters in our lives. This is especially true since the moon governs our emotional landscape within astrology.

What does the full moon offer?

During the new moon, it's customary to set intentions and gear up for the month ahead. The full moon is a culmination of the energy. It can feel a bit like a pressure cooker. That's why it's advisable to rest and survey your progress at this time.

Further, the full moon offers a chance to symbolically let go of things that are no serving you, or figure out what is working and recommit fully.

The moon’s light helps to see what needs to be changed. If you are up for the challenge — go for it!

A few astrologer-approved full moon rituals


Full moons are a wonderful time to connect with one’s body, mind and spirit. Start with meditation and getting clear (after all, clarity is the theme of the full moon). Focus on your breathing and clear your mind. Let your mind and body release thoughts that are no longer serving you into the ether.

Charge crystals 

Got a crystal collection? Place your healing rocks under the full moon. The rays are said to give them an energetic boost and a cleansing. The same can be done with tarot cards, pendulums, or any other object that you use in your spiritual practice. 

Make moon water 

Moon water is what it sounds like: Water charged by the light of the moon. Place a cup of water under the moon's light — near a window or outside. You can use this water to drink, clean, cook, bathe or garden to revitalize your whole vibe during and after the full moon. 

Take a restorative bath 

Water is thought to heal, wash away negativity and pent up frustrations, so pamper yourself to a bath. Astrologers recommend adding salt (Himalayan or Epsom salt) and flower petals to further destress.

A little bit of R&R 

Give yourself a moment of calm under the full moon! Listen to what your body is telling you — if it’s in need of R&R, then take time out of your schedule to decompress. 

Attend a moon circle 

Connect with others at a moon circle. This is an activity in which people commune together in a safe and nonjudgmental space to discuss their visions, intentions, and feelings in order to receive wisdom from each other ... and maybe the universe.

Connect with nature 

Go outside and take a hike or bask in nature. You might feel more in touch with the rhythm of the universe — or, at the very least, a just enjoy a nice day outside.

Write out your feelings

Emotions are complex and often murky — but the full moon may shed some light on your heart. Journaling can help you reach an understanding of your feelings.

Forgive and forget

Full moons are an occasion for releasing the past. Under the moon’s soft glow, cultivate softness within you. Say goodbye to any personal struggles or setbacks which have been holding onto for months or years. Letting go of old feelings will make way for new emotions and experiences down the road.