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Venus retrograde 2023: How it will affect your love life, according to an astrologer

This is a make or break moment for relationships.

From July 22 to September 3, the planet of romance, Venus, will be re

Feeling a bit off this summer? You can blame the weather or your personal life ... or, blame the seven planets that are soon to be in retrograde. Starting July 22 through September 3, Venus is moonwalking in the fire sign of Leo.

What does that mean for you? Read on to find out the definition of Venus retrograde as well as individual horoscopes.

What does Venus retrograde mean?

Retrogrades are an optical illusion – one that astrologers believe have an impact on our personal lives. This transit occurs when a planet appears to move backwards in its orbit.

Astrologers believe retrogrades dampen the shine of the planet and the realm it rules. In Venus' case, that might actually be a good thing: When Venus slows down, you have a chance to reflect and be more deliberate about your dating decisions.

Think of this as a chance to get clear on what you want in a partner and start manifesting that person into your life. First step? Write a list of qualities, and believe that a person who has them is possible.

So, if you start swiping on Tinder (or whatever dating app suits you), think hard about what you want, all while staying open. By slowing down, you may be inclined to give people a chance.

If you're in a committed partnership, then use Venus retrograde to reflect on what you like about your relationship and the changes in yourself you can make to better things.

Venus retrograde is a 'make it or break it' moment for relationships

Venus retrograde in Leo may have you yearning for attention. Think about it: Leo is the regal planet who wants to be adored.

You may be jumping into relationships at this time. At the same time, though, you may be considering if your needs are being met.

What does Venus retrograde hold for your sign?


You want to inject some newness into your love life. The quickest way to do that? Leave the past behind. Swipe right to new romantic options or try to break patterns in existing ones.


You might feel as though you're stuck in a hopeless dating rut. Your challenge this Venus retrograde is to believe the happiness you desire is possible and that you're headed there.


You're attentive and loving and deserve someone who is just as attentive and loving back. Focus on finding someone with whom you can spar intellectually, whose mind excites you. Start, perhaps, by seeing if they're a wordsmith online and see what happens next.


Cancer, you're the type to commit. During Venus retrograde, keep your options open — and try to enjoy the uncertainty! Send flirty messages to more than one person. Overbook your calendar. Reach out first. Come out of that shell.


Who makes you feel like a king or queen? They are the person to gravitate toward in this moment. As the fiercest and regal sign of the zodiac, you’re going to call in people that are full of positivity and kindness. Anyone with ego will have to check their bravado at the door.


Your standards are high. This is not the time to lower them, necessarily. Instead, it's the time to open yourself up to being surprised. The person you've been waiting for can come in an unlikely package.


Make a concerted effort to take conversations off your phone and into the real world — or out of the living room and to a date, if you're in a relationship. You'll make memories that will sustain whatever comes next for you two.


Spoiler: Not ever match is “the one.” Dial down the intensity when swiping and try to have fun, accepting things for what they are. The same goes for committed partnerships. Not every fight is worth dwelling on. Pick your battles — and only pick the important ones.


Your summer may take you to far flung places — or, at least, off your couch all the time. Connect with people outside your routine, whether as potential romantic partners or as friends. You will find that you are plugged in to the world, and feel a sense of connection wherever you go.


It's hard to strike a balance between a search for love and work obligations. Sometimes it's easier to throw yourself into work where you know your efforts will have a payoff. This summer, challenge yourself to invest in the less profitable endeavor — love and relationships. The payoff will be more than you can quantify.


Who are you looking for? Well, you're not quite sure. Your type is forever changing. Be open and honest about what you are currently looking for, then you’ll be happy with the results and people that you match up with.


The temperature outside isn’t the only thing heating up in your life. You're feeling in tune with yourself, Pisces, and at home in your body. Take that confidence and let it guide you.