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Cat and Nat / TODAY

Mom Truths: ‘70s moms had it made

"HEY! Hey, Rebecca! Get in the backyard and play!" The TODAY Parenting Team's Cat and Nat reflect on all the ways motherhood has changed in just a few short...

Mary Katherine Backstrom / Mom Babble

A mom’s 4-minute beauty regimen goes viral

"We're not contouring today, ladies." Moms know how to beautify in a flash (because someone's probably fighting over sippy cups downstairs). Mary Katherine...

Kylie Marshall

Why I'm not a 'crunchy' mom anymore

I had an amazing, empowered home birth. Y'all, I even drank placenta smoothies. But then my baby got sick. All of a sudden, there wasn't just one way to do...

Courtesy Lauren Eberspacher

The body I've always wanted: Size Mom

While I may not be able to do five pull-ups, I can rock a sick baby. All. Night. Long. And while I may be a little squishy around my tummy, my kids have more...


Mom Truths: Why are moms so tired?

There are more than 19,702 reasons why moms are always exhausted. TODAY Parenting Team contributors Cat and Nat only had enough energy to share the funniest...

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