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27 boy baby names that start with the letter 'H'

From the ever-classic Henry and beyond.
Last names as first names are a big trend in baby boy names that start with "H."
Last names as first names are a big trend in baby boy names that start with "H."Plume Creative / Getty Images

Located near the middle of the alphabet, “H” is an initial to explore for baby boys’ names ranging from the modern to the classic. 

When it comes to baby boy names that start with “H,” the biggest trend is last names as first names, Pamela Redmond, creator of Nameberry, told TODAY Parents in an email. 

Many “H” names at the top of the charts for boys double as surnames, such as Hudson, Hunter, Harrison, Hayes and Hendrix, Redmond said. Some additional surnames on the rise include Huxley, Harlan, Harris and Hollis.

“These H surnames will remain the most pervasive trend — Halston is one to watch,” Redmond said. 

Redmond said another trend among the “H” initial is the rise of old-fashioned boy names, like Harold, Harvey and Hank. Specifically, she’s noticed parents use “quirky pan-European choices for their sons” like Hugo, Henrik, Hansel and Hendrik. 

One common reason to search for a baby name based on the initial is to establish a naming pattern unifying children’s names, Redmond said. Parents may also want to find a baby name that starts with a certain letter to honor a loved one.

“There are parents who cleverly pay homage to a relative by giving their child the same initials, and in Ashkenazi Jewish culture, it is tradition to give your child a name with the same initial as a loved one who has passed away,” Redmond said.

While Henry has been in the U.S. top 100 boys names since records began in 1880 according to Nameberry, there are plenty more names that share the “H” initial.

If you are looking for a name for your baby boy that starts with “H,” here’s a list of the most popular baby boy names that begin with the letter “H,” from Nameberry’s “Top 1000” list. 

  1. Henry
  2. Hudson
  3. Hunter
  4. Harrison
  5. Hayden
  6. Holden
  7. Hayes
  8. Hendrix
  9. Hector
  10. Harvey
  11. Hugo
  12. Hank
  13. Huxley
  14. Hezekiah
  15. Hamza
  16. Harlan
  17. Harry
  18. Houston
  19. Hugh
  20. Harley
  21. Hassan
  22. Henrik
  23. Harlem
  24. Harold
  25. Hakeem
  26. Heath
  27. Harris