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Here's how Walmart's grocery delivery service makes my life easier

This grocery hack is a life-saver for busy moms.
Terri Peters

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For the last few years, I’ve done the majority of my grocery shopping using Walmart’s grocery & curbside pick-up option. I’ve scrolled through the Walmart app, selecting ingredients for my family’s weeknight meals, choosing healthy snacks for my kids and even throwing in household essentials like shampoo, laundry detergent or paper towels, then gone back to my daily life until it was time to drive to Walmart to have the groceries loaded into my car.

I love everything about Walmart’s pick-up service, including Walmart’s everyday low prices and high-quality grocery items. So when I heard about Walmart+, which gives customers free delivery on everyday essentials, groceries, and more from their Walmart store in addition to benefits like member prices on gas and free shipping with no order minimum on orders from, I was all about it.

Walmart Plus Membership

As a mom of two who works from home and homeschools my kids, the hours I have in a day are precious. Saving another hour of driving time to go pick my groceries up had lots of appeal.

Recently, on a normal day, while juggling working from home, running through lesson plans with my kids and managing a house full of contractors who were helping repair my home after a leak, I knew there wasn’t bandwidth in my day to make a Walmart run. So, I headed over to on my laptop and started filling up my grocery cart for delivery.

Thanks to the Walmart Plus free grocery delivery option, we saved a trip to the store on a day filled with home schooling, working, and a leak.Terri Peters

It was a chilly day here in Florida, one of few we get throughout the year, so my kids requested soup for dinner. Into my shopping cart went ingredients like chicken breasts, fresh vegetables and bone broth. We were running low on other essentials like dishwasher tabs and wine, but Walmart had me covered.

I asked my 10-year-old daughter what she needed from Walmart. Her requests were simple: More strawberries and some bubble bath. On a whim, I sat her in front of my laptop and asked her to see if she could find the items and add them to the cart. She did, and she loved getting to scroll through bubble bath to find the perfect fragrance.

My cart was filled within minutes and, after checking out, I was back at my desk, completing my work to-do list for the day. No driving to the grocery store, no walking the aisles shopping for the items on my list, no crowds.

Walmart Plus perks

It was my kind of shopping experience.

A few hours later, I received an email from Walmart telling me the chocolate chip muffins my son had requested were out of stock. Instead of the five-pack I’d ordered, they wanted to substitute with a ten-pack for the same price.

More muffins? Sign us up.

After I approved my substitution, I went back to work until I received an email saying my groceries were out for delivery. Thanks to the Walmart+ tracking system, I was able to watch online for when my driver was close, and even put my dogs outside so they wouldn’t bark when she knocked.

There’s an option to have groceries left at your door, something I’ve taken advantage of in the past, but since I ordered wine, a definite essential in my house, my driver had to scan my driver’s license quickly before leaving my groceries with me.

Once my I.D. was checked, the transaction was complete and I spent a few minutes putting my groceries away before returning to my desk.

After baths came watching a movie together as a family while my daughter ate her strawberries from our Walmart Plus grocery orderTerri Peters

Same-day Meal Planning with Walmart Plus

When it was time to cook dinner, I had all the fresh ingredients I needed for my chicken and wild rice soup. I’d even ordered a freshly baked baguette from Walmart’s bakery to go with it.

As my daughter went to take her bubble bath after dinner, using her newly-acquired bubble bath from my Walmart+ order, I realized we’d had one of those days where we all stayed in our pajamas all day long. We were just that busy with work and school and home repairs, and thanks to Walmart+, we never had to leave our house to get the things we needed.

After baths came watching a movie together as a family while my daughter ate her strawberries from Walmart. And when it was time for bed, I laid down (in fresh pajamas) and thought about how great it was to have a delivery service like Walmart+ to help me handle my mom responsibilities.

As a long-time Walmart customer, Walmart+’s grocery delivery option just makes sense. It’s a great feeling to know with some clicks on your phone or keyboard, you can hang out at home in your pajamas while your groceries are brought to your front door.

How much does Walmart Plus cost?

Walmart+ costs $98 per year or $12.95 per month with the added benefit of free two-day and next-day shipping on items shipped by Walmart (no minimum required).