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13 outdoor workspace ideas perfect for summer

Take advantage of all of your WFH space — including your backyard or patio.
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After working from home indoors during the winter months, it might be a good idea to change up your scenery now that warmer weather has finally arrived. While working from your deck or patio is possible, you'll want to make sure you're prepared with everything you need to stay productive throughout the day.

When trying to optimize a workspace outside, you'll need more than just an outdoor desk and comfortable chair. Not sure where to start? Shop TODAY asked lifestyle expert Evette Rios how to prepare for a workday outside. Of course, she recommends setting up an ergonomic seating arrangement. However, she also recommends finding products that fix common outdoor issues you may not have initially considered — like spotty WiFi and glaring screens — to complete your outdoor home office.

Must-have products for the perfect outdoor workspace

1. Frontgate Paris Bistro Armchairs

"All of those deep seats you usually have with outdoor furniture are great for taking naps on the job, but they're not ideal for putting in a full day's work," said Rios. She advises buying a wicker chair that looks decorative but is firm and comfortable enough to sit on for hours.

2. Interbuild Stockholm Balcony Folding Deck Table

An outdoor dining table is an ideal height for working, but Rios advises using a balcony table if you have a smaller patio space. This one is crafted with acacia hardwood and finished with weather-resistant hard wax oil. It's lightweight but sturdy enough to up to hold 44 pounds of weight.

3. Coleman Camping Table

This Coleman camping table is a great portable and lightweight option for an outdoor office. It features a compact design that fits into an included carry bag for easy storage. "Fold it up and put it away when you're done!" notes Rios.

4. Forito Anti-Glare Screen Protector

"A little shine is a great thing for your Zoom calls, but it may not be a great thing for your screen," said Rios. "If you can't find shade, consider a glare guard."

This one sticks to your screen with an adhesive back and has a blue light filter to help relieve your eyes of fatigue and help you sleep better after a long day of staring at a screen. It can also protect against scratches, dust, scrapes and normal signs of wear.

5. Jackyled Power Strip Tower

One of Rios' work mantras is "ABC: always be charging." To charge multiple devices at once, she recommends using a power strip tower. This one has 10 outlets, four USB ports and a 6.5-foot retractable extension cord.

6. Netgear Orbi

The Netgear Orbi is an outdoor WiFi extender that can broaden your internet coverage by up to 2,500 square feet. It's water-resistant to withstand rain and it can be mounted on a wall if you're looking for a more permanent option.

7. Eero Pro Mesh WiFi System

If you don't want to bring a WiFi extender outdoors, you can plug a range extender into your wall inside. This extender connects to your existing connection to expand the scope of your WiFi coverage.

8. Jabra Evolve2 65 Headphones

"When you have kids at home like I do, noise isolating headphones are great for taking calls," said Rios.

The Jabra Evolve2 65 Headphones have memory foam cushions that mold to the natural contour of your ear for comfort. They also feature a 37-hour battery life to eliminate the need for charging every day.

9. Frontgate Teak Bar Cart with Beverage Tub

Fill this cart with drinks, glassware, ice and kitchen accessories to make taking a mid-day break a breeze. It comes in a natural finish and has unique details like a built-in beverage tub and sliding top panels that keep food and drinks safe from bugs.

10. Frontgate Teak Farmhouse Dining Table

This traditional farmhouse-style table pairs two teak benches and can seat up to eight. The frame is also sanded and smoothed to guard against warping from the elements.

11. Frontgate Teak Farmhouse Dining Bench

Maybe just skip the chairs altogether and go for a casual bench. This one is made with wide planks of kiln-dried teak and it's hand-built from mildew-resistant wood.

12. Frontgate Tanzie Indoor/Outdoor Rug

You can spruce up your new workspace with this outdoor rug. Woven from durable polypropylene fibers, it's designed to hold its color season after season.

13. Frontgate Delaney Planter

No outdoor work area is complete without some nature to complement the scene. If you're not surrounded by trees, you can use these smooth terracotta pots to plant flowers or greenery.

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