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12 best desk converters for your home office

Your neck and back will thank you in the long run.
12 top-rated desk converters for a healthier work environment
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If you’re still working from home, creating a long-term office space might be the next thing on your to-do list. You’ve got the laptop. The office supplies are already bought. Your filing system is meticulously organized. And your desk…

Admit it, sitting at your desk during an eight-hour shift is super uncomfortable. If you’re popping pain killers after a nine-to-five, you either have an overbearing boss or, more likely, need to make a change in your work environment. Since furnishing your office with a brand-new desk can get pretty pricey, why not consider a desk converter?

More and more people are making the switch to ergonomically friendly workspaces. With only the click of a button or the turn of knob, you can go from sitting to standing (and back again!) without missing a beat. That means you can focus more on your business and less on how to heal your neck and back pain.

Best desk converters for your home office

1. Original DeskStand

Upgrade your workstation with this Baltic birch plywood DeskStand, a five-star product on Etsy that office workers are absolutely raving about. The desk comes with two adjustable shelves, a smaller size for laptop placement and a longer one to fit a keyboard, mouse pad and that essential morning mug of coffee.

2. AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter

Spend more time working and less of it trying to get your office in order with this flexible desk converter. Its spacious surface can vertically rise and lower to whichever height suits your mood, and the lower keyboard tray can be removed when not in use. And don’t worry about setting it up — it’s a one-step process!

3. Cora Standing Desk Converter

Whether you prefer to stand or sit during your nine-to-five, keep your productivity level at an all-time high with this adaptive desk. Made from aluminum and liquid-resistant laminate, this workspace is sturdy enough to hold up to 22 pounds but is also lightweight so you can take it with you while you're working elsewhere. Plus, you can use the levers on the side to raise the desk surface up to 15 inches.

4. The E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter

Improve your work set-up with just a push of a button. This electric device uses an advanced keypad to raise or lower your desk in an instant, as well as save your favorite height to prevent time-wasting adjustments.

5. X-Elite Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter

This Stand Steady desk is so useful, you’ll actually want to get up and start your workday. Its 40” surface is large enough to fit two monitors and is made for difficult L-shaped corner spaces. Useful features include an ergonomic handle, a pneumatic pump for easy lifting and smooth edges for maximum arm comfort.

6. Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini Standing Desk Converter

Relieve neck and eye strain with the WorkFit-Z Mini, an easy-to-adjust desk converter for those who can’t decide whether to sit or stand throughout the workday. The bi-level ergonomic design keeps your monitor and keyboard separate, while a built-in slot keeps your phones and tablets upright and close by.

7. Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

Eureka’s sit-to-stand desk is the perfect system for any work environment, especially ones that require the least amount of noise as possible. The gas strut mechanism built into this Eureka work stand guarantees a completely silent converting process, so you can stay concentrated and comfortable at the same time.

8. Minder Laptop Tower Stand

If you’re constantly moving from one office to the next, this portable tower stand could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. The tilting tray is perfect for sitting or standing and even offers ventilation to keep your laptop protected. When it’s time to go, this lightweight desk is easy to collapse and transport to your next location.

9. Ronny Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Whether you’re standing at your desk, sitting on your couch or working in bed, this desk converter promises optimal functionality no matter where you consider your office space. This comes with a convenient mouse plate and lockable turning knobs to alter desk positions at whichever angle you choose. Best of all, it's delivered fully assembled!

10. Laddered Standing Desk Converter

Hunching at your desk isn’t stylish, but we can’t say the same for this brass-finished laddered standing desk from Pottery Barn. Creatives will love the tilted drafting surface up top, as well as the multi-tiered panel options to store supplies.

11. True Seating Ergo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Now you can spend hours checking off your to-do list and sending out emails without throwing your back out. Easily shift from sitting to standing with the help of this two-tiered desk converter, made with a slide-out keyboard tray and dual gas lift.

12. West Wick Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

You can’t expect good productivity with bad posture. Wayfair’s Level Up Pro offers the stability your office life craves, built with a metal surface that can hold up to 35 pounds and pneumatic air cylinders for effortless up-and-down transitions. The sleek, all-white design is also ideal for matching most office aesthetics.

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