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5 creative ways to build a home office on a budget

Ditch the couch for a budget-friendly home office.

It's been a few months since many Americans began working from home.

Your day-to-day might consist of working from the couch or kitchen table, but it could be time to set up a home office to increase your productivity.

TODAY talked with home decor and DIY expert Katherine Jackson to learn how to transform your space into an at-home office. Her tips are full of easy-to-follow steps, affordable supplies and home office ideas that will make you feel more creative and driven throughout the week.

Follow these tips for creating the perfect workspace.

Find the perfect adjustable desk

1. Mind Reader Multipurpose Home Office Desk

"The most important item in every office is a desk and it can really impact your productivity," said Jackson. She recommends finding a stand-up desk to help you stretch your legs while you work long days.

This one has a two-tier design to increase surface space for things like your laptop, phone, notebooks and keyboard. It also has lockable wheels that make it easy to transport from one area to the next.

2. Artist's Loft Sit-Stand Adjustable Fold-Away Desk

This desk is currently unavailable but you can keep an eye on the site to see when it goes back in stock. The versatile white color fits in well with most home decor and it has a polished, natural wood top built with style and durability in mind.

If you need to store the desk it can fold up in a few seconds. It also doesn't require any assembly.

3. Tangkula Standing Computer Desk

You can work from your feet or in a chair thanks to the adjustable Tangkula Standing Computer Desk. While it has a compact design it can still fit two monitors, a keyboard and other desk essentials.

Organize your desk cords and wires

1. Scandinavian Hub Cable Management Tray

"No one likes messy cords," said Jackson. However, if you're dealing with a pile of wires cluttering your desk there's a simple solution to your problem. This cable management tray can keep your mess in one place. Simply attach it under your desk with a couple of screws.

2. Unique Bargains 100-piece Plastic Reusable Twist Ties

Before plopping all your cords into the tray, wrap them in neat bundles with these reusable twist ties. Jackson explains that this tip is a simple way to make your space look more organized.

Make a DIY monitor stand

1. Kiln-Dried Cedar Board

The first step in creating your own DIY monitor stand is gathering three pieces of wood. Cut a large piece into an 11-by-9-inch rectangle and two smaller pieces into 9-by-3-inch rectangles. The first board will act as a tabletop and the small boards will act as sides.

"Do not be intimidated by the process. I'm not a wood-worker," she noted. Jackson was able to get all her materials cut to proper measurements at her local hardware shop.

2. Zinsser Water-Based Primer and Sealer

After sanding down any rough patches on the wood, you can coat the pieces with a primer and paint. "You always want to make sure you prime your piece before painting," explained Jackson. Going through this step will prevent the paint from chipping off the wood.

3. Gorilla Wood Glue

This wood glue is a water-based adhesive designed to bond hardwood, softwood and natural wood composites. Jackson says you should put glue on the top of the longer sides of the small boards and place the larger one on top — essentially creating a small desk.

After waiting approximately 30 minutes for the glue to set, you can place your monitor on top of the stand.

Add a wall mural to your home office

1. Colored Decorative Masking Tape

Jackson recommends adding personality to your space to make it more welcoming and lively. To spruce up her desk area, she created a wall mural with masking tape.

This method allows you to be creative without the commitment. "The great thing about this tape is that it's forgiving," she noted. "And the design can double as a background for your next Zoom call."

2. Glitter Washi Masking Tape Set

If you're going for a bold look, you can decorate your walls with colorful or patterned tape. This glitter option is bound to make your days in the office a bit brighter.

Create an organization station with a pegboard

1. Hardboard Pegboard

A simple pegboard can help you store and display office essentials like cords, headphones, tablets and notebooks. Attach accessories like small plastic bins and binder clips to the surface to store similar items.

2. Wayfair Basics Steel Pegboard Panel

If you'd like a magnetic option, this one from Wayfair will do the trick. Similar to the hardboard version, you can keep your day-to-day essentials right in front of you so that they're easily accessible for that last-minute meeting.

Jackson says it also can transform the aesthetic in your room.

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