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25 expert-approved ways to keep every area of your home clutter-free

Shop stackable bins, accessory racks and more genius home organization finds.

Keeping organized can feel like life's biggest chore, especially if you set out with the intention of tackling every corner of your home. But luckily, there's tons of affordable organizing solutions out there that that will have your home looking straight out of a magazine — and even make Marie Kondo proud.

To help you get started, lifestyle expert Amy E. Goodman stopped by the 3rd hour of TODAY to share some game-changing products to keep you organized in your kitchen, closet and more! From a handy accessory hanger to stackable bins, Goodman has everything you need to keep your space looking it's best.

Keep reading to see all of the genius ways you can make organizing your home a little easier.

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Organizing products as seen on the 3rd hour of TODAY

For the kitchen

The Container Store Expandable Under Sink Organizer

When you go to grab a cleaning product in your home, does everything topple over? Goodman says you can avoid "bottle bowling" and maximize your under-the-sink space with this expandable shelf. Expanding up to 27.5 inches, the brand says it features removable shelves and adjusts around large pipes.

Blue Donuts Steel Storage Canister 21 Ounce

Goodman likes these food canisters because they have a peep-through window that allows you to see what's inside and it frees up valuable space in the pantry. Coming in a variety of different sizes, the brand says these air-tight lids will keep your food fresh for longer. Goodman suggests using essential items that you know you'll consistently use, such as flour, coffee or dry pasta.

KonMari King Jim Tepra Lite Label Maker

"I’ve honestly had more fun making labels with this hand-held printer over any other, which in turn makes me want to organize!" says Goodman.

This gadget takes your home organization to the next level. According to the brand, you'll be able to create labels and print them directly from your smartphone. Make labels for storage bins in closets, food containers in your pantry and more — you can even choose from different fonts and icons.

For the closet

Binboov Hat Rack for Baseball Caps

Coming with 10 stainless steel clips, the brand says the velcro attachment fits onto any ordinary hanger, allowing you to neatly store in your closet. Goodman says this hat rack is a game changer in her home and you can use it for baseball caps, winter beanies, scarves and more.

Yamazaki Steel Handbag Hanger

Goodman says this "waterfall" handbag organizer is the perfect solution to feature your seasonal bags and accessories. She also likes the functionality of it; it can be hung in your closet, behind the door or nailed on your wall as decoration, says the brand.

For the rest of the home

Three by Three Stacking Bins (Set of 6)

There may be no getting around a junk drawer but you can still keep it neatly organized. That's why Goodman loves these shallow and colorful drawer bins. She says they're great for the kitchen, office or any drawer that could use some tidying up. They're even stackable!

Plus TODAY viewers can receive 20% off sitewide on the Three by Three website using code TODAY.

Muji Acrylic Eyeglasses Stand

You'll be able to get your glasses out of their carrying case and find them more easily with this clear storage stand, says Goodman. It holds up to four pairs of glasses (or other small items) and can be placed vertically or horizontally, says the brand.

Organizing products for your closet

Ashley Jones Hatcher, an organization and design expert from Neat Method, suggests tackling the smaller spots in your home first. She previously stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna to share her tips and tricks for tidying up two places that can probably benefit from some TLC: your laundry room and your closet.

The Container Store 2-Shelf Shoe Stacker

Put your shoe collection on display with these stacking shelves. Organize each level with a different kind of shoe or put your go-to options on top for easy access. The space between tiers measures five inches so you can even store high heels.

Simply Essential Clear Shelf Dividers (Set of 2)

These clear shelf dividers are a great way to organize stacked items on cabinet shelves. The slender design helps to save space and create seamless sections. The shelves are also easy to install, according to the brand.

Stock Your Home Retractable Clothes Rack

Maximize your closet space with these easy-to-install clothing racks. The set comes with two retractable racks, a steel rod and mounting hardware. The steel bar can hold up to 60 pounds of weight at a time.

Organizing products for your laundry room

Miracle Fold Laundry Folder

Laundry day just got easier with this handy folding board. To use this hack, place clothing, towels, duvet covers, sheets and anything else you want to fold on the board to create crisp and easy laundry stacks.

The Container Store Utility Mesh Closet Over The Door Rack

This utility door and wall system has hooks and bins to provide extra space for storage. Whether you use it to organize jewelry, handbags, accessories and more, this storage device is a great space-saver.

MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Purpose Caddy with Handle

This bamboo caddy can help you carry and store spray bottles, sponges, brushes, scrubbers and more as you go about your spring cleaning. The caddy has multiple compartments to keep everything sorted and organized as well.

Rustic Wooden Laundry Sign

Keep track of your missing socks with this adorable laundry sign. The decor adds a warm, homey feel to your living room, but also functions as a lost-and-found for your single socks. The sign is made from thick, wood material that is both study and durable, according to the brand.

More organizing products for your home

Yahoo Contributing Editor Chassie Post previously shared her favorite organizing products on TODAY for your kitchen, office and car. Her picks include everything from shelving solutions to a cutlery tray.

DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Pan Organizer

Pans can be awkward to store. They're bulky so they need a solid amount of space, but they also need to be easily accessible, since they're a frequently used item. If you struggle to find a place for yours, you'll appreciate this organizer. The multifunctional tool can be placed vertically or horizontally in your drawer or cabinet, or mounted on the wall using the included screws. It can hold up to five pans, so avid chefs with a large collection of cookware might want to consider grabbing two.

The Container Store Large Expand-A-Shelf

Tired of taking everything out of the cabinet just to find that one can of beans? This three-tiered shelf has raised platforms for items, so things in the back are much easier to spot. It comes in two sizes: The small one is great for spices, while the larger option is perfect for holding cans and jars.

YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer

Even though they're small, lids seem to take up a whole lot of space in your drawers. This affordable solution will keep everything in place, and make it easier to find the right lid to match your Tupperware. It includes five adjustable dividers so you can group like lids together. And it will fit in any standard cabinet or deep drawer.

Marie Kondo Narrow 2-Tier Bamboo Flatware Tray

Marie Kondo is an organizing guru, so it's not surprising her home line, made in collaboration with The Container Store, is filled with tools that will help you keep your space in order. This flatware tray will provide a home for silverware, spatulas, serving spoons and more. It has two tiers, so you can fit forks, spoons, knives or chopsticks on top and store larger cooking utensils below. The beautiful handmade design also adds to the appeal.

Marie Kondo Narrow In-Drawer Knife Organizer

Keep your counters clear and store knives in a drawer with the help of this organizer. It can hold up to 12 knives and has a divider at the bottom, which slides out to accommodate longer handles. The bamboo dividers will protect each knife to keep them sharp, according to the brand.

Jokari Erasable Food Labels

These erasable labels stick to glass, plastic and ceramic so they can be used to label leftovers, bulk food jars and everything in between. The labels are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, and can be erased often without any damage to the label, so they're built to last.

Chasing Paper Peel-and-Stick Message Boards

It can sometimes be hard to keep track of what everyone in your family has going on. These peel-and-stick message boards will make it easier to make sure you're on top of everyone's schedules. They'll stick to your fridge or wall and won't leave any holes or marks. Choose from a variety of templates, including a chore chart, school schedule or a meal planner.

Kikkerland Bedside Felt Caddy Pocket

This handy caddy is another great solution for those who like to work from the couch or bedroom. You can keep all your essentials, like glasses, headphones or important documents nearby with this pocket, which can be hung from your couch or beside your mattress.

LapGear Home Office Pro Lap Desk

Work from the comfort of your couch or bed with this lap desk. It has a large work surface that can accommodate a laptop up to 15.6 inches, a built-in mousepad, a slot to fit your phone and a cushioned wrist rest. It also has a reinforced carrying handle, so you can easily switch up your workspace throughout the day.

Reserwa Car Backseat Organizer

If your kids are always dropping their toys and snacks beneath the seat, save yourself the hassle of cleaning and get this organizer. It attaches to the back of your seats and has a section for an iPad and four pockets, to hold snacks and assorted items. It's waterproof, too, so it's great for messy little ones.

Surdoca Car Trunk Organizer

Headed out for a road trip? Make space for smaller items in the trunk of your car with this organizer. It's easy to install and remove. And it's connected by stable straps, which will hold your stuff in place when the car is in motion.