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This stick-on drawer maximized my kitchen storage space — and it's under $17

This handy product created great additional storage for my small kitchen.
Split Image of a hand opening the CupboardStore Under-shelf drawer
Courtesy Kara Quill

About a year ago I did the seemingly impossible — I found the perfect apartment in Manhattan. It had a beautiful bathroom, was in my desired neighborhood and, more importantly, my price range. Between the high ceilings and parquet floors I thought I had it made. But nothing could be that easy, right?

In my excitement over finding a needle in a New York City haystack, I had overlooked one very important part in the apartment. The entire place only had one small drawer kitchen. While unpacking my stuff in my new home I quickly realized that having only one would not work.

It was time to go on the hunt for space savers. That's when I happened upon these handy drawers that attach to the underside of your cabinet shelving. I ordered one and decided to try it out.

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Under-Shelf Pull Out Drawer

Installation takes under five minutes

When I say installing this drawer was one of the simplest home improvement tasks I've ever done, I mean it. All I had to do was take the drawer out of the packaging, remove the paper on the adhesive strip and clip the drawer into place using the built-in tabs on the front of the product.

Overhead Image of the CupboardStore Under-shelf drawer
Courtesy Kara Quill

Once I held it in place for a bit, pushing upward to make sure it sticks, the drawer felt nice and secure. The plastic hooks at the top of the drawer neatly fit over my shelf and put to bed any potential worries I had about it crashing down in the middle of the night.

Once installed, I pulled out the drawer and learned it comes out at a downward angle, which I appreciated because you can see everything easily and I did not feel that anything was in danger of slipping out because of the drawer's depth.

It frees up so much cabinet space

Image of a hand opening the CupboardStore Under-shelf drawer
Courtesy Kara Quill

I used the drawer to house some of my tea collection, but it's deep enough to work for any other kitchen overflow you may have.

I was impressed with how deep the drawers were, plus by adding this drawer to my cabinet, I also freed up cabinet space underneath it. The more storage in my tiny New York City apartment, the better!

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