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Megababe's Le Tush is the best butt mask of 2021

It leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s…well, you know….
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For my 32nd birthday, I unwrapped a tub of Megababe’s Le Tush that my friend had sent as part of a birthday package. The label read ‘Clarifying Butt Mask’ and I wondered if this is what I had to look forward to in my thirties, but I was intrigued.

Did my glutes need a glow-up?

Claiming to rid the backside of everything from buttne (yes, that’s butt acne) to itchy skin, this facial-grade mask promises glowing skin after just three minutes.

“Megababe is all about tackling issues that are often experienced, but not often spoken about,” Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe, told Shop TODAY. “We created Le Tush because buttne is something a lot of us deal with, and we wanted to create a solution for it.”

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kim Nichols told us butt breakouts are folliculitis, a common condition marked by inflammation, irritation or infection of the hair follicles themselves.

“These breakouts look like acne with numerous small red bumps and pustules, but they can also be itchy, tender, and even painful in more severe cases,” she said. “It is most commonly brought on by occlusion and friction caused by extended wearing of a wet swimsuit, sweaty workout pants or in the case of babies, wet diapers.”

While I wouldn’t diagnose myself with butt breakouts, I do live in Hawaii. I’m an avid runner, which means I spend a considerable amount of time in sweaty workout clothes and, of course, swimwear at the beach.

Stuffing your skin into spandex in 80-degree temperatures isn’t exactly a recipe for glowing skin, so I was determined to see if Le Tush was the real deal.

Kait Hanson / TODAY

The ingredients list contains the word acid, which admittedly made me a little nervous, so I patch tested a small portion of my upper thigh.

I experienced an immediate cooling sensation, but the mask didn’t burn or itch, so I applied a coating of the cream to my backside before getting in a hot shower. The mask had to stay on for three minutes, so I flossed and brushed my teeth to pass the time.

“Le Tush includes a blend of hard working acids — glycolic, malic and azelaic — to exfoliate and resurface,” Sturino said of her product.

In the shower, I rinsed off the mask and showered as usual. I could already tell my skin was smoother while I was drying off with my towel. For only three minutes, I was impressed.

Curious about how the mask would treat parts of my body exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis, I reached out to Le Tush again a few days later, this time using it on both my backside and shoulders.

Just like before, my skin felt immediately smoother all over, but on my shoulders, the blackheads from sweat build-up looked markedly cleaner.

Kait Hanson / TODAY

“Skin is the largest organ in our body, so whether it is exposed or not, it is crucial that we take care of it,” Nichols shared. “With regards to the butt area specifically, it is important to treat and prevent folliculitis because if left untreated, folliculitis bumps can fester and become large painful boils that could spread infection throughout the body.”

Sturino told us she uses Le Tush as a face mask a couple of times per week, and has had people share that it has been an effective solution for keratosis pilaris.

Personally, I love that Le Tush provides what the label promises — soft, smooth and radiant skin — and all in under three minutes per use. At just $22, you can likely get at least eight to 10 uses per container, which makes each mask less than $3.

As it turns out, this butt mask was one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received.

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