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Meet the new brand that will make household chores a breeze this holiday season

Meet the retailer that will make household chores a breeze this holiday season
TODAY Illustration / Groove Collaborative

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When it comes to doing chores, we wish we could wave a magic wand to get them done in a snap. While that’s not possible, there is a brand that aims to make the whole process a little bit easier, with eco-friendly products at affordable prices.

Meet Grove, a new brand that helps shoppers find quality home cleaning and personal care products, and ships them straight to your door on a regular basis. Gone are the days of filling up the dishwasher only to find you need more detergent! From cleaning and laundry essentials to chic candles and hand soap, Grove is a game-changer for any home, especially with the holiday season upon us.

Ready to make household chores a lot easier? Shop our picks below!

Jeremiah Brent x Grove Co. Washing Up Bundle

Grove teamed up with interior designer Jeremiah Brent for a line of household essentials that look just as beautiful as they are efficacious. With the amount we all wash their hands nowadays, many of us have run through more hand soap than ever before. He designed a refillable set of glass hand soap, dish soap and hand sanitizer dispensers that are the perfect addition to any home.

Grove Co. All Purpose Cleaner and Bottle

Instead of buying new bottles of all-purpose cleaner every time you run out, try this reusable bottle. It cuts down on the amount of plastic you’ll use at home, and the limited-edition Merida scent of the cleaner will give your space a uniquely fresh smell with hints of coriander and black pepper.

Grove Co. Limited Edition Chef’s Essentials Bundle

Spending extra time in the kitchen? Made from certified organic cotton, this bundle features a simple-but-gorgeous apron, oven mitt and kitchen towel. It’s perfect for the home chef who’s taking on Thanksgiving and holiday dinners this season.

Grove Co. Happy Home Set

Looking for a giftable set for the holidays? With a nice, sleek bottle of hand soap, hand sanitizer, a soy candle, and a marble tray, this bundle is a welcome upgrade for a few popular home essentials.

Careye’s Soy Candle - Sweet Mandarin and Cinnamon

Nothing says cozy like a warm fall or winter candle. Inspired by a Mexican village and featuring notes of mandarin, cinnamon, this might be the perfect candle to light while cuddled up with a good book.

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become an almost weekly purchase for many of us. Why not use a sanitizer with natural, plant-based ingredients and a warm scent? It kills 99% of bacteria in 30 seconds and leaves hands smelling lovely.

Grove Co. House Apron

Between food prep and cleaning the house, anyone who hosts frequently knows it can get a little messy. An apron is a must.

Marble Sink Side Tray

Having a designated spot to place dish soap, a sponge or hand soap next to the sink makes it much easier to keep countertops clutter free. This marble sink side tray makes for a pretty place to organize your sink essentials.