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I tried Amazon's bestselling facial steamer — now my skin is glowing

It even doubles as a towel warmer!
woman using facial steamer
Casey DelBasso / TODAY

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When you wear a full face of makeup every day (like me), keeping your pores clear and unclogged is a challenge. I’ve tried the traditional three-step systems and every brand of facial wipes on the market. While those methods seem to be effective on the surface, my pores would beg to differ.

After a search for a different technology that would help deeply clean my skin, I discovered the Pure Daily Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temperature Control. With over 28,000 Amazon reviews, a 4.6-star rating and an under $40 price tag, this machine got my attention.

Pure Daily Care Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with Precise Temperature Control

In case you were wondering what makes this little spa treatment unique, it generates nano-ionic steam which combines with an "ultrasonic vaporizer" to produce negatively charged ionic particles. This combination is meant to be up to 10 times more effective at penetrating the skin and cleaning deep within your pores. I never thought much about ions and my skin before — but now I can attest to their power!

How I use the steamer

Before starting, I’ve discovered that it is best to prep my skin by cleansing with my usual face wash. Once my face is clean, I simply fill the small plastic water reservoir with distilled or filtered water. The steamer takes a few minutes to warm up — and then I have an at-home spa treatment without the bill to match!

woman using facial steamer
My skin has never looked better after trying this at-home face steamer.Casey DelBasso / TODAY

I typically use it for about 10 minutes. The steam is very warm, so I recommend holding your head back a bit from the steamer nozzle. When you keep a short distance, it is incredibly effective and relaxing. As recommended, I wrap a towel around my head to help the steam stay focused around my face as I absorb the very comforting process.

After using the steamer even just one time, I was amazed at how much gunk was hiding below the surface of my skin. Using the steamer provided clear evidence that even if you wash your face daily, you are probably going to have leftover products hiding in your skin. Yuck! It also shows you that even high-end cleansing products aren't always effective if you are not removing them properly. This steamer gave me a perfect, glowy complexion that is silky smooth from the inside out!

It's a three-in-one device

Not only does this device provide steam, but it also works as a humidifier and towel warmer. In the past, the only time I’ve ever had my towels warmed was while visiting a professional spa. I was able to use the towel warmer portion of the steamer by twisting the top section off and placing my towel over the small grid inside. I live in a small apartment and keep the air conditioning blasting, so the wrap of warmth was certainly a welcome comfort (without the expensive spa bill).

An added bonus: The steamer comes with a five-piece stainless steel blackhead extractor kit. The included tools are great for removing blemishes after the steam has unclogged my pores.

Would I recommend it?

This device has been a complete game changer for my skin. It opens my pores to loosen up any dirt, makeup, trapped sebum or acne-causing bacteria. It also prepares my skin to better absorb products that I apply after the steam session and increases the circulation of my skin to reveal that perfect glowing complexion we all dream about. Who knew steam could do so much?

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This article was originally published on Sept. 11, 2020.