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Chewy extended their summer pet sale — here's what to buy before it's over

Summer pet playtime just got a lot more fun!
Chewy; Getty Images

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Summertime hopefully means more time outdoors (or indoors) with our animal best friends. So, it’s the perfect time to spoil them with some fun new toys.

When we saw the “buy 3 get 1 free” pet toy sale at OUR SPONSOR Chewy, one of the top online pet stores, we couldn’t resist rounding up some of our favorites. From a cute rainbow mermaid cat toy to a ball launcher that’s just as much fun for a dog owner as for your favorite pup, here are the pet toys we’re eyeing from Chewy’s big summer sale.

Plus, you get free shipping for orders $49 and over -- an excuse to really spoil any furbaby … or be practical and stock up on essentials.

1. Frisco Mythical Mates Mermaid Krinkle Kicker Cat Toy

Infused with catnip and made with a crinkly interior and soft exterior, this toy is perfect both for chasing and catnaps. Plus, it’s just so darned cute.

2. Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball (3-Pack)

How many tennis balls get lost every summer in bushes, over fences or in the woods? If you expect to be playing a lot of fetch this summer, it's always a good idea to stock up with a few. And, these are colorful enough that you’ll be able to spot them from far away.

3. Frisco Ball Launcher

Sometimes our arms get tired or we feel like we just can’t throw a tennis ball far enough to keep our pups entertained. That’s okay! This ball launcher is a game changer for any fetch sessions.

4. Frisco Tweet n’ Swat Chirping Pineapple Catnip Cat Toy

Cats tend to love feathers. Cat parents tend to love cute things. This little catnip-infused toy is a win-win. The feathers keep kitties engaged, and the cute pineapple shape reminds cat owners of summer fun.

5. Frisco Meowgic Wands (3-pack)

No matter a kitty’s age, chances are they love to chase around feather wands. They love playing this game so much that feather wands tend to get destroyed in the process. So, if you have a raggedy feather toy laying around that looks like it could use a replacement (I’m guilty!), now’s the time!

6. Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Rocket Ship Puzzle Dog Toy

NASA recently launched a new spaceship to the moon. So, this adorable rocket ship puzzle dog toy caught our eye immediately. It’s cute, and keeps pups engaged as they try to figure out how to put the astronaut in the spaceship.

7. Frisco Fur Really Real Squirrel Dog Toy

Have you already caught your pup trying to run off his leash one too many times after squirrels in trees this summer? Your pup might just need this little squirrel toy.

8. All Kind Nesting Cat Scratcher Toy

With three different sizes nested inside one another, this cat scratcher helps promote positive cat scratching behavior. Plus, the geometric design makes it less of an eyesore than a regular corrugated cardboard box!

9. Frisco 35-in Foldable Play Tunnel

Spend some time playing hide-and-seek with your kittie this summer. With a little window to peak out of, and a hanging ball to swat at, cats will love this tunnel. Then, once playtime is over, they can use the comfy suede space to nap. If not, the spring loaded frame allows you to store this play tunnel once playtime is over.

10. Frisco Birthday Bone Dog Toy

Make your pup’s birthday one to remember! This adorable rubber bone is large enough for medium/large dog breeds, and the “happy birthday” print makes for some cute pictures of playtime.