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Show your mom she's not a 'regular mom' with these 30 cool Mother's Day gifts

From kid-proof wine glasses to preserved bouquets, these gifts for mom are as cool as she is.
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Whether or not someone is a "cool mom" can be considered subjective. But the truth is, most of the moms we know are pretty cool people — strong, funny women who work hard to raise little people to be kind humans. And they all deserve Mother's Day gifts that are just as cool as them.

So, these gift ideas are for the cool mamas. Whether they're coffee lovers or nap takers, we've rounded up some amazing gifts that say, "Thanks for being cool, Mom."

Best cool gifts for Mother's Day

Paine's Log Cabin Incense and Burner

How adorable is this log cabin incense burner? The "chimney" releases swirls of scented smoke as you burn one of the ten included incense sticks. It makes a fun alternative to candles and room sprays that smells warm and inviting while looking oh-so-cute.

Blue Q Woven Dish Towel

She may be thinking it, but this wine glass justifies a glass (or two) of wine after dinner. "Maybe just a little bit," is written on the towel, and whether she shares that same mindset or not, pair this with her favorite bottle of wine and share a glass.

Poncho Towel

Perfect for a day at the beach or pool, these cute wearable poncho towels from pull double duty as a swimsuit cover-up and a beach towel.

Tosnail Reusable Tote Bags

If your cool mom is passionate about preserving the environment, she'll love these reusable totes. They are a perfect way to carry groceries, yard sale finds and other treasures.

Ekouaer Chemise Nightgown

Hormones can make even the coolest moms hot sometimes. This highly-rated nightgown on Amazon will cool your mom down with its lightweight fabric and sleeveless design. Goodbye, night sweats.

Swig Wine Tumbler

Say "cheers" to Mom with these travel wine tumblers from Swig. The stainless steel material keeps wine chilled for hours, and the top is nearly kid-proof, making these colorful cups a great companion for pool days or park play dates.

Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

As any mom will tell you, there's nothing cooler than a good night's sleep. Nodpod's weighted sleep masks promote deep, restful sleep and reduced anxiety, helping Mom sleep soundly and wake up rested.

Keds Renaissance Sneaker

Even moms will love these "dad shoes" that have made a comeback recently. Keep her up to date on all the current trends with these everyday sneakers that come in multiple colorways. To make it even better, they're currently on sale on the brand's website.

Baggu Packing Cube Set

One large and one small packing cube make up this set, that ensures her luggage is as cool as she is. With four different designs to choose from, including solids to Sanrio, these cubes are also machine-washable, making them post-vacation cleaning that much easier.

Brown & White Retro Polka Dot Ava Apron

This bright and cheery polka dot print apron by Jessie Steele is sure to make Mom feel cool in the kitchen. Steele's prints and aprons have been featured on several television shows, making them a trendy way to say "Happy Mother's Day!"

Emma Pills The OG Earrings

Ever heard the expression “take a chill pill?” These dainty, pill-shaped hoop earrings are a subtle physical imagination of that phrase, perfect for the chillest of moms — or a reminder to relax for the moms that need it! These internet-famous, under-$50 earrings are made of 14K gold and coated in a glossy enamel that comes in every color of the rainbow, plus classic gold and silver.

Shop Riff Raff "I'm a Cool Mom" Crew Neck

She can wear the motto on her sleeve (or sweatshirt) thanks to this pastel-colored one from Shop Riff Raff. The same motto can also be found on a travel cup and a corded sweatshirt, part of their Mini + Me collection, that features outfits for children as well.

Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank

This garden fish tank from Back to the Roots features a "closed-loop ecosystem." The herbs planted up top keep the water clean for the fish, and the fish fertilize the plants with waste. This decorative year-round garden sounds like a cool Mother's Day gift to us. (Or if she's really a cool mom with a green thumb, these garden kits are sure to please.)

P.J. Salvage Puppy Love Pajama Pants

She'll be ready for summer with these 'puppy love' pajama pants that feature furry friends sporting swimsuits, inner tubes and lounging in hammocks near palm trees.

Brightland The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Does Mom love to cook? Then she’ll appreciate these extra cool olive oils from buzzy pantry essentials company Brightland. According to the brand, this bestseller is a duo of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils designed for sautéing and roasting (Awake) and drizzling and dipping (Alive). Yum!

Farmgirl Flowers Win or Rouge

Cool moms deserve flowers, too. This lovely bouquet includes ready-to-display stems in a chic blush vase. Plus, since the arrangement consists of preserved flowers and foliage, it will last forever.

Parachute Linen Robe

For the cool mom who keeps it current, this new robe from popular bedding brand Parachute is the perfect accessory for spring and summer. The lightweight linen will help her stay cool whether she’s sipping her morning coffee or just enjoying a lazy Sunday (when she's able to have one).

Spicewalla Kitchen Essentials Spice Kit

Refresh or update her spice collection with this 18-pack from Spicewalla (there's also 3-, 6- and 10-pack kits available, as well). Included in this one is everything she could ever need, from basil and black pepper to Sicilian sea salt and smoked paprika.

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Cool moms usually have a revolving door of guests and spend their days playing host to any and everyone. Keep her reputation tight with this personalized swivel cheese board that will make her feel special and keep her guests fascinated.

Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player

The coolest moms always have the best taste in music, and there's nothing like listening to your favorite songs on vinyl. This high quality — yet surprisingly affordable — record player is perfect for the audiophile moms who'd appreciate the resurgence of this nostalgic home decor and music trend. Bonus points if you gift this paired with a vinyl record of her favorite album!

Ninja Hot & Iced Coffee Maker

With this coffee brewing system from Ninja, Mom can get her favorite hot and iced drinks without a trip to the coffee shop. For days when she needs an entire pot of coffee, the system includes a carafe.

Papershoot Paper Camera

Moms are notorious for wanting to capture every moment from the very moment you were born. Throw away her old-school point-and-shoot camera from the early aughts and help her put down the smart phone that she can't ever seem to figure out with this sustainable option from Papershoot. These battery-operated cameras feature a washable paper strap, interchangeable paper case, the camera board itself, brass fasteners and a micro USB cable. Insert your own SD card to save all images and easily access them later on. It can even take videos and apply four filters.

Tinggly Superwoman Gift Box

If more "stuff" isn't on your adventurous mom's wish list this Mother's Day, this is the thing for her. This experience-based gift is redeemable for over 1,650 amazing exploits all over the world, from food tours to bungee jumping. She’s sure to find something new to try on her next big adventure.

Verloop Stripe Knit Throw

Fun moms deserve fun throw blankets, too! Available in various prints, including '70s flowers and checkerboard patterns, these blankets are using repurposed yarn.

iRobot Roomba 675 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Buying Mom a vacuum for Mother's Day may not sound very cool, but the amount of time she'll save by using this robotic vacuum makes it pretty cool. This robotic vacuum spends the day cleaning up cracker crumbs and pet hair so Mom doesn't have to.


Think your mom already has everything? Think again. This incredibly cool gadget is a sign that can display — in real time — everything she could want to check in on like the big game, the song that’s playing on Spotify, the weather outside and so much more.

Ecudane Southwestern Blanket

Soft and snuggly, these blankets by Ecudane are artisan made and perfect for camping, the beach or a night by the fire. And, it's a gift that gives back — Ecudane donates portions of their proceeds to artisan communities and charities in Ecuador.

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill

She may be cool, but chances are, Mom still has to wrangle her crew for weeknight dinners. This five-in-one cooking system from Ninja roasts, air fries, grills, bakes and even dehydrates.

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

If your cool mom loves to rock out, these wireless headphones by Beats are perfect. They pair with any Bluetooth device, come in three sophisticated shades and they’re noise-canceling, so she can stream her favorite podcasts or music without outside interruption.

Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete

If you really want to spoil her this year, treat Mom to the complete Dyson Airwrap styler set. It comes with the base tool and eight interchangeable heads to do everything from dry the hair pre-styling to curling the hair without excessive heat to create salon-worthy styles right at home.