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13 winter candles to make your home cozy and warm

With your favorite scent, it can be the holidays all year round!
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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good candle? If you’re anything like me, you probably buy more than you can burn at once. And when the holidays roll around, there’s no holds barred. As soon as the holiday decorations come out, so do the matching candles.

There’s nothing like walking into a room that smells like pine trees or hot cocoa to immediately make you feel at ease and get you into the holiday spirit. If you’re looking to grow your collection or just get it started, we rounded up new and top-rated home scents that can easily become your new favorite.

Winter candles that are perfect for the holidays

Yankee Candle Home For The Holidays

Everyone has probably had at least one Yankee Candle product burning in their house before. The classic brand has been helping homes smell good for over four decades. With roots in Christmas, it's only right to share some of their top-rated holiday scents like this one. Comprised of a mix of cinnamon, clove, cedarwood and balsam, this woody fragrance can help you set the scene for your ideal holiday.

White Barn Fresh Balsam 3-Wick Candle

Bath & Body Works and White Barn are known for their signature scents all year long, but especially around the holidays. This balsam-scented candle has an impressive five-star average rating. “I love the way this candle makes the whole house smell like a Christmas tree,” one reviewer shared.

Nest Holiday Scented Candle

This top-rated, limited-edition holiday candle gets its scent from pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and amber. Basically, it smells like Christmas!

All I Want For Christmas Is You Candle

All anyone wants for Christmas is a sweet-smelling candle that will transport them away. You can choose from four different scents ranging from sweet options like mango guava to more traditional holiday scents like spices and evergreen.

Homesick Holiday Stroll Candle

Homesick's candles are made with a natural soy wax blend and should burn for 60 to 80 hours, according to the brand. Most known for their state candles, they've also gotten in on the holiday festivities with this Holiday Stroll candle. It has three layers of scents: red currants and sugar plums on the top layer; wild ivy, blackberries and lemon on the mid layer; and winter rose and sandalwood on the base layer.

Sand + Fog Frazier Fir

Described by the brand as a "refreshing seasonal scent that recalls a winter's evening," this candle is sure to make you feel like you’re in a little Christmas village (cue the Hallmark movie music).

snif Old Saint Wick

Fresh Christmas trees and apple pie are two scents that are synonymous with the holidays. They come together in this candle to make your new go-to favorite holiday candle. According to the brand, it burns for up to 60 hours.

Bath & Body Works Hot Cocoa & Cream 3-Wick Candle

The smell of hot cocoa always transports me back to holidays as a kid that were spent drinking steaming mugs of the stuff topped with jumbo marshmallows. Unlock your inner child with this candle that one five-star reviewer called “the best chocolate smelling candle you will ever have!”

Otherland Adorned Dessert First Candle

If you really want to lean into a sweet scent, this candle — adequately named Dessert First — releases notes of gingersnap, black cardamom and milky tea to give you that traditional Christmas baking experience (without any of the burnt treats).

Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar Candle

Trees, trees and more trees! Aside from the obvious, fragrance notes on this candle include red berry, vanilla, warm amber, and crisp citrus. The brand's website says this candle has a (very impressive) burn time of 110 to 150 hours, so you can be sure that it will last you through the entire holiday season.

White Barn 'Tis The Season 3-Wick Candle

With notes of red apple, sweet cinnamon, cedarwood and natural essential oils, light this candle when you’re ready to relax after a long day and get into the holiday spirit.

Prosecco Vert Deco Holiday Edition Candle

The holidays are a time to drink and be merry. This Prosecco-scented candle will make everyday a celebration without having to raise a glass. The wax is hand-poured into an emerald green matte glass that can be repurposed once that candle is completely burned out.

Christmas Candles Set of Four

This adorable set of Christmas candles is perfect for gifting to someone else (or yourself) this holiday season. Each candle has a different fragrance: lavender, fir, Christmas cookie or apple and cinnamon. "Each candle is uniquely scented. The candle holders look stunning; very well made," wrote one verified five-star reviewer.

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